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What promises to be our most exciting and FUNNIEST show yet, renowned comedian THE Pastor Fred, recently featured on the Kid Kraddick Show will be our special guest on The Inspiring Intimacy Talk Radio Show tommorow! Tune in on September 16, 2015 AT 9pm CST (10pm EST) at FBRN.us in the Blue Bowl! You don’t want to miss your chance to listen LIVE so you can call in with your questions and comments!!! All info for tuning in is below. LET’S SHARE LIFE!

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Talk to Dr. Intimacy LIVE on the Air Tonight on the Inspiring Intimacy Talk Radio Show!

casy and dr
It’s time for the next broadcast of the Inspiring Intimacy Talk Radio Show! You don’t want to miss the show tonight, where we will be discussing The Vital Signs of a Relationship.
  • When is a relationship healthy?
  • When is at risk?
  • When is it on life support?
  • When is it worth fighting for?
  • When is it time to put it in the grave?
These are some of the questions we will be tackling and we want to here from our audience so we can tackle these issue together. Let’s Share Life!
The Inspiring Intimacy Talk Radio Show airs TONIGHT and every Wednesday from 9pm to 11pm CST (10PM to 12am EST)!
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Intimate Confessions: Is It Jealousy or Something Else?

empty heart
Intimate Confessions: “What you call jealousy has nothing to do with me being jealous of you or your relationship with that other person. It has everything to do with a void that has been created in my life because of you taking what I have been pouring into you, and instead of pouring it back into me, pouring it into someone else. You are filling them up and leaving me empty…”
Tip: Before you are so quick to accuse someone of being jealous, stop and consider whether or not you are behaving in a way that facilitates insecurity in the relationship. Any intuitive and discerning person is going to notice and respond to warning signs! That is not jealousy, that is them protecting what they value.
~Insights from Dr. Intimacy~ (c) copyright 2015 Laneen DrIntimacy Haniah

Intimate Confessions: Always Honor a Man’s Wife!

portrait of stressed young woman with cell phone

Intimate Confessions: One of the worst mistakes I ever made in my life was… this is a tough one… not honoring a wife’s request to end my friendship with her husband! In arrogance and ignorance I smugly told her that was a discussion she should be having with her husband and not me!

What do you think happened next…

…He and I ended up having an affair. See, that wife knew her husband had affections for me that were much deeper than he or I could see and she was trying to protect everyone involved. If I had humbled myself and honored her request, I never would have fallen. It is a mistake I paid for dearly and the consequences follow me to this day. That was not my proudest moment and that wife has never forgiven me, but at least I can use the experience to help others.

So ladies listen up: No matter how special of a friendship you think you have with a man, if his girl/wife is not comfortable with it, the honorable, Godly, lady-like and wise thing to do is to respectfully back out of the friendship. That woman knows her man much better than you, and even if she seems “off in the head” and there is nothing at all going on, you should still show the same compassion you’d want in that situation and not be a stumbling block. Your presence is adding strain to the relationship and that is not something that will go unreciporcated. Take it from someone who found out first hand, the very hard and painful way. PLEASE ALWAYS HONOR A MAN’S WOMAN, EVEN IF HE DOESN’T!!!

See it on YouTube here!

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I’m a Pastor Addicted to Porn and Masturbation…


My schedule does not permit me to answer as many questions as I’d like to on this blog, but every so often, I get a post that tears at my heart, and I have to stop everything to respond to it. The following was one such post that came in on the “Ask Dr. Intimacy” page. Below is the post and then beneath that, my response. I hope it helps someone…

Dr. Intimacy,

Thank you for your obedience to God and your willingness to make your personal matters public so awareness and deliverance can take place in the life of others. I have read most of the articles you have posted and I also have purchased your book “Sexually Transmitted Demons.” My question for you is how to do I experience real deliverance from the sexual perversion in my life. I can stop masturbating for a couple of days but the urges are so strong that no matter what I do it is hard for me to resist. I watch porn and masturbate at least 4 to 5 times a day and I try to stop. I try to find other things to do but it’s like I cannot have any peace unless I watch porn and masturbate then I am good. I believe, well I know, this has cost me my pastorate and it almost cost me my marriage. About 3 years ago I resigned as pastor and nobody knew why. I was so ashamed that I even left my wife and my children for a year. My wife was a virgin when we got married and I think I have transferred this spirit to her. I asked her to watch porn with me. I asked her to have phone sex with me when I traveled. I baited her into conversations about threesomes and eventually we had one and now I think she struggles with a lesbian spirit because she always wants to have a threesome with a woman. And during sex she only has an orgasm when she calls out a female name or she will have me call out another female’s name we may know. I can see her as we have sex fantasizing about another person as she climax. We have had a threesome with a close friend of ours and she always initiates it. This spirit has overtaken my marriage and I have tried with everything in me to reel it back in and whatever I do fails. It seems like the harder I try the worst it gets. I had a growing church and helped a lot of people walk through the difficult stages of their life but I am living with this dark secret and I could not in good conscious pastor and know I was struggling with sexual perversion so I resigned. I am trying everything to stop with no success. I have read books, blogs. I have prayed and confessed. I tried playing sermons and worship music when the urges come. I have watched your youtube channel and if I may be honest I find myself lusting after you. I think to myself why am I like this? I do not want to be this way. I can help everyone else and help fix everybody else’s problems but when it comes to me I can’t experience the deliverance I preach and minister to others. I know Christ. I know the power of the Holy Spirit. I do not drink or do drugs. I am a person of integrity and influence within my community but I can’t shake this. I said this the thorn in my side but I can’t imagine God allowing this struggle that has the potential to affect and destroy so many be allowed in my life. I take my ministry seriously and the souls He has for me to care after. I would rather die than to not be able to serve God so this is literally killing me.  Thank you for any help or insight you may offer.



I put emphasis on “Pastor” because the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable until we die! Your letter really tore at my heart. You and your wife are, indeed, in a great deal of bondage and I will not pretend to make light of it. As I sat here praying about your situation and seeking a Word that could start you on the road to recovery, The Holy Spirit whispered this phrase into my ear,

 “Let guilt give way to conviction…”

That phrase illuminated my soul and I felt an immediate release as I received it. You see, that phrase concisely explains the process that I went through when getting delivered from sexual lust and masturbation, during my walk, as a Leader to The Body.

It is the worst kind of pain, when it’s the pain of self-condemnation, and that is what masturbation and porn produce. You are in the most addictive of situations because the very thing that makes you want to stop, also drives you to do it more! That thing is GUILT. Guilt is the emotion that produces remorse, which causes us to change our ways. But in the case of masturbation and porn, guilt only feeds the spirit. Guilt and self-condemnation empower the forces of masturbation and porn, making you want to do it more and more. This is because masturbation and porn are methods of escape – escape from chaos, failure, stress, sickness, disappointment, anger, GUILT… The same negative circumstances that drive any addiction, drive masturbation and porn addictions as well.

The cycle of guilt and release — condemnation and comfort – causes you to feel so hopelessly trapped. It seems to stop is as equally tormenting as it is to continue, but at least in continuing there is “some relief”. This is how it seems anyway, and I know this is hitting home! But the truth is that the pain of continuing is PERMANENT, while the pain of stopping is only temporary. That is a truth that you must CONSTANTLY KEEP BEFORE YOU. You should write that phrase on papers and post them on every wall, window, door and mirror in your home. And post it in your car and office too! You shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall make you FREE.

You have fallen into a cycle of believing lies, and the worse of those lies is that feeling guilty and self-condemned somehow serves as an act of humility and repentance that will lead to righteousness. Guilt will, to the contrary, UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEE that you stay addicted until you breathe your last breath. Guilt is the very opposite of faith, and doubt is the very worst kind of perversion. That is why Messiah says in Matthew 17:17, “O faithless and PERVERSE generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I suffer you?…” Doubt and unbelief opens the door for the strongest sexual addictions because doubt is, in and of itself, a strong form of perversion. And what good is our faith, if not for believing that we are JUSTIFIED – no matter what? “For the just shall live by faith…” Is that not what the Word has taught us my dear Brother?

So step one is to demand your soul to receive the TRUTH, the truth that you are justified not by your acts, but instead by your faith in The Risen Savior. Step two is to use that truth to bring subject every false spirit of self-condemnation and guilt that is fostering this addiction. If you are already justified, then there is nothing to feel guilty about. Which means going forward, you will not allow yourself to feel guilty when you watch porn or masturbate or have a threesome or…

WAIT! Am I saying to continue in these things? NO! I am saying that you should live in the freedom of grace and not the imprisonment of condemnation. The stress produced by guilt prevents understanding from coming forth. Therefore, by giving way to guilt, you suppress the wisdom that would yield deliverance. The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, He does not condemn us for it. With conviction comes forgiveness, cleansing andmost importantly, redirection. With guilt comes chains. Once you stop opening yourself up to the enemy’s guilt, you make room for the The Spirit’s conviction.

So my dear brother, make the very best choices that you have the strength to make each day. Plan a day of righteousness and productivity. Don’t plan sinful activities, but if in the midst of trying to live your day for God you fall, don’t let guilt come into your heart. Let guilt give way to conviction.

If you feel overwhelmed, to the extent of insanity, for the desire for porn or masturbation, know that in your flesh, it is a battle that you will never win.  Therefore, give yourself PERMISSION to live in the freedom of grace. Explore how you feel “led” at any given time. Does that mean that you are being “led” correctly? Not necessarily — sometimes demons are in the lead, sometimes the flesh is in the lead and sometimes The Holy Spirit is in the lead… But how will you know what is really in your heart, if you don’t allow it to come to the surface and allow The Spirit of the Living God to expose the dark things of your heart and wash them away. Therefore, live in the NOW of eternity, and Let guilt give way to conviction.

Calmly ask for and receive forgiveness for your short comings, and sit and talk to The Father about these things. You see, if you pray in faith for a desire for righteousness and then just believe for God to answer that prayer, you have to rest in that belief. You can’t fight to live right because then it is by works and by might. Instead, if you evaluate what you desire to do, at all times – without being anxious about if it’s right or wrong — and yet acknowledge God in all of your ways (this is key), it is then that the power of conviction begins to work. Suddenly, you become aware of how wicked your desires are. You will see firsthand how far away you are from righteousness, not just in your acts, but in your very essence. You will then LOSE the desire for what you once thought you could not live without, when you let guilt give way to conviction.

And that Pastor, is what it is really all about. It is not about stopping an act in the flesh, but being transformed at a heart level. Better for a wicked desire to be transformed into a righteous one, than to simply “overcome” and “bury” that desire. What good is using will power to overcome just the act, when your heart is still just as filthy as it always was? So when you become aware and begin to lose the desire, that is when discipline can push you to your goal – when you actually WANT to stop, as opposed to “knowing that you should, but not really wanting to”. Then, that is when you will effectively remind yourself — not out of guilt, but out of your desire to please The Father — that the pain of continuing is PERMANENT, while the pain of stopping is only temporary...

When you finally let guilt give way to conviction.”

And that is the Word of The LORD!

In the Power of His Love,

Prophetess Laneen “Dr. Intimacy” Haniah

Be blessed and be sure to order both of my books. You and your wife read them together. It will help you tremendously, but especially “The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Reference Book.” You can order them on my website, www.drintimacy.com

In the Power of Love,

Dr. Intimacy

Prolific Author and Speaker Specializing in Sex, Intimacy and Worship from a Holistic Perspective

Crushing the bonds of sexual perversion and healing the bonds of heart-2-heart love & intimacy.


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Intimate Confessions: Your Words Frame Your Relationship!


Intimate Confessoins: Don’t ever think that you can stop saying “I love you” to the one you love. The day you think you don’t have to say it anymore, is the day that you are leaving the future of your relationship to chance. In your silence, the enemy is always speaking.

Tip: If satan could talk the woman out of believing what God said, how much more can he talk your lady or guy out of believing what you have said? Don’t be foolish! Words are life and power. You frame your relationship with the words you speak: If you are not framing it with your words, it is being framed by the words of someone or something else. SPEAK LIFE EVERYDAY!

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The Inevitable Break

broken cupLast week I discovered that one of my favorite coffee mugs had a large crack across the bottom and up both sides. Although the mug had maintained its form, it was obvious that the crack would eventaully result in a break. I should have thrown the glass away at that point, but because it was one of my favorites, against my better judgement, I kept the glass and continued to use it. The first couple of times I used it, all was well. I washed it several times, and still all was well. After a while, I became confident that the glass would hold up and began to ignore the inevitable and impending break.

This morning, I opened up a brand new box of my favorite gourment instant coffee. I poured it into my favorite, but defective mug, with all confidence that I would momentarily be sipping on some deliciousness. I poured in the coffee powder and the hot water and began to stir. It was then that I heard the unmistakable, creaking sound of the glass cracking. The pressure from the heat put too much strain on the crack and it was about to break. I put the cup down and turned to run to try and get another glass, but before I could take one step, the glass exploded apart and my gourment coffee was spilling all over the place. Not only did the glass break and the coffee spill but the spilled liquid got all over my carpet, seeped under my blu-ray player, saturated a surround sound speaker and got on my clothes.

My dominating thought at the moment was, “I should have thrown this away when I first realized that the break was inevitable!” When it was all said and done, not only did I have to throw the glass out anyway, I also had to throw out the speaker and blu-ray player and spend a lot of time cleaning up the mess that was left behind.

MORAL OF THE STORY: This is how relationships are at times. The relationship is deeply cracked from the inside-out and there is no way to fix it. You can see the crack and an eventual break is inevitable, but because this person means so much to you, you continue to function as if all is well. You ignore the warning signs and keep pouring more into it, expecting to enjoy a benefit that you will never reap, not considering what you can lose or what it may cost you.  You don’t consider what may happen when the contents of the inevitable break seep into other areas of your life. When the ill effects of all of the lost emotion, time, energy and effort that you have continuously poured into the relationship begin to affect your other relationships, your job, your health, your ministry, your goals, etc., not only will it damage or destroy those things, it will cost you time to clean up the messy aftermath of the break!

Although there was no way for me to prevent the glass from breaking, once it was cracked, I could have greatly mitigated my damages by heeding the warning signs; throwing the glass out when I first knew the break was inevitable. Just like a cracked glass will eventually break under the pressure of hot liquid, so will a defective relationship inevitably break under the pressure of life’s challenges. Relationships never end without warning. Heed the warning and cut your lossess before they become even more expensive.

Never pour something valuable into something broken…

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Intimate Confessions: It’s Not You, It’s Them!

couple-arguing 2

Intimate Confessions: Often times when someone is ready to end a relationship and they don’t know how to execute the break up or have no justifiable reason to do so, they will manufacture discord and project blame onto the other party.

Tip: If someone seems to enjoy arguing with you, tends to find fault with you in every disagreement and seems to present ending the relationship as the solution for every altercation, take the hint! The person is trying to bait you into ending things because they don’t have the courage to do so themselves. Either get into counseling quickly in order to resolve the issues in the relationship or go ahead and give them the end that they want. If you don’t, you will subject yourself to continual abuse!

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Intimate Confession: Unconditonal Forgiveness


Intimate Confessions: “But when I said we would be friends for life and I let you into my heart, I meant it. When I said I Love You For Eternity, I meant it. And along with the word LOVE must come unconditional forgiveness. The two have to go hand in hand. A person who you won’t forgive is a person that becomes your enemy. An unforgiven person is a condemned and unloved person…”

Tip: It is impossible to fully LOVE someone and yet hold unforgiveness in your heart toward them. And guess what? Partial and/or conditional forgiveness is NOT forgiveness at all. You don’t forgive someone in “degrees” as they earn it. You forgive them fully and unconditionally, even BEFORE they ask for it, simply because that is what LOVE does… Selah.

~Insights from Dr. Intimacy~ © 2015, Laneen DrIntimacy Haniah

Intimate Confessions: Breaking Up


Intimate Confessions: Ending a relationship can be like death, no different than a divorce. It’s important to have some “healthy distractions” in place PRIOR to making the break up official. Give yourself a little time to grieve each day, but keep the rest of your day as full as possible.

Tip: Having some friendly fellowship with the opposite sex can be very beneficial, as long as you don’t turn it into a rebound relationship. In time, all wounds heal. Keep yourself medicated until the pain subsides, otherwise you will return to Egypt!

~Insights from Dr. Intimacy~ (c) copyright 2015 Laneen DrIntimacy Haniah

I’m LIVE Tonight on My Radio Show, Call in to Talk to Me!


I’M SO EXCITED about tonight’s show “How to Know When to Call it Quits” with special guest Gerry West!

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Look forward to talking to you on the air tonight!

Inspiring Intimacy show tonight! 7/22/15

Who’s ready for another week of Inspiring Intimacy!? I sure am!! Last week was the first week of the radio show and it was very fun yet powerful. It was hilarious watching Ms. Inspires and Dr. Intimacy learn how to work the controls in the studio, but I am excited to see how awesome the show will be now that they are more familiar with how everything works. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing this week because of the smoothness of the show and be even more enjoyable for the listeners to listen to.

This week we are having a guest and we are so excited about him coming on the show. His name is Joseph Mayberry and he is an amazing man with an amazing story. Let me share a little about him with you..

“Joseph L. Mayberry, Jr. (Mr. Mayberry) has been writing, producing, recording and performing music since 1989 as a young teen.
Known as lil Joe, he gained an underground buzz from his hard core lyrical delivery. Even though lil Joe was deep into the secular scene, he always maintained a level of knowledge and motivation in his music.
After graduating from College, he moved back to Dallas to pursue his dream and rap career. Lil Joe landed a couple of Independent record deals that fizzled because of illegal funding.
As a result of supplementing his income, he started substitute teaching and eventually became certified in Special Education. Never leaving his passion and as a result of his involvement in education; lil Joe became Mr. Mayberry.
Mr. Mayberry started using his gift to motivate students to pass classes as well as standardized test.
He and his Thick and Thin Family started going school to school motivating student bodies and educators alike.
In 2010, Mr. Mayberry suffered a neurological injury that left him temporarily paralyzed.  After months of rehabilitation he gained feeling in his body again and relearned to walk. On top of learning to walk, he coached a basketball team to the championship and won.
During this era of life, Mr. Mayberry reverted to that which he has known best; rap. The difference this time is that he has become a vessel for the LORD. Being blessed with various beats and GOD given concepts; Mr. Mayberry completed “REHAB FOR THE SOUL” http://www.cdbaby.com/m/cd/mrmayberry4
Continuing in being used as a vessel for the LORD, Mr. Mayberry is set to release his next album entitled The HIS Tape!!! A play on words and not conforming to the trend of hip hop by releasing a mix tape; Mr. Mayberry is acknowledging that GOD gave him the songs and he is giving them back to HIM and the world.”

We are so honored and grateful to have such a overcomer on the show. Not everyone can bounce back from the events that Mr. Mayberry has had to overcome. Along with Mr. Mayberry, Dr. Intimacy and Ms. Inspires have overcome plenty of dramatic events that has occurred in their life as well. With the three of them in the same room, there will be such an overcoming spirit tonight that I know without a doubt that many people who tune-in tonight with be inspired.

We also will be playing some more great music tonight so be sure to stay tuned-in for awesome inspirational songs. Join us tonight for a fun, powerful, intimate, and inspiring time.

Tune in tonight(every Wednesday) on http://www.fbrn.us/_player/blueindex.html at 9pm-11pm.

You can also tune-in on the tune-in Radio app https://appsto.re/us/_7t-y.i on your phone. After you download the app, search “fbrn” and click “blue bowl”, we’ll also be live there.

You also have the option to watch us live in the studio via ustream at https://www.ustream.tv/channel/inspiring-intimacy. The recording I’m sure will be a sight to see as everyone there is hilarious and also this would be the best way to really connect with us.

If you happen to be busy tonight and can’t watch us live, you can listen to the play back of the show at 9am Thursday morning.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed rest of your day!

Jeremiah A. Revival

Inspiring Intimacy’s First Show

Wow, what a first show! It was awesome that they were actually going to have their own radio show, but it’s even greater that the first show was a success! If you don’t know, I am Ms Laneen “Dr. Intimacy” Haniah’s armor bearer and she just was able to have her own show called Inspiring Intimacy with Co-host Casey Inspires. The show is all about helping people to achieve true intimacy in their life whether that is with God, marriage, friendships, or family, and inspiring you to Live your best life NOW.

The first show accomplished EXACTLY what the mission of the show is. It’s already rare to see that happen on any show, yet even more rare on the first show! I’m not surprised at all though, these are two magnificent unique gems on the earth and they have been divinely connected. Also, I’ve known Dr. Intimacy for 2 years now and I have not seen her disappoint at anything major that she had to do. It’s really cool that she never messes up when it’s “prime time” and I know that is because she yields herself to God and allows Him to take control.

Many people thought the show was very funny, which it definitely was. It was hilarious how Dr. Intimacy and Casey Inspires had played off their newness to the radio show and not knowing how to work the controls. But to go along with all the humor, the show was VERY powerful and impacting. I wanted to cry so much because it was very convicting, enlightening, and motivating. The mission of the show truly did get accomplished yesterday as I am inspired to achieve intimacy and to live my best life NOW. I was very enlightened and convicted because I realized how many opportunities for intimacy I have missed out on because of fear. I’ve been hurt a lot before in the past and I never wanted to give anyone an opportunity to experience intimacy with me. Whenever I would be myself, “friends” would make fun of me. When I would be completely honest about things, “friends” walked away. Whenever I would do what I want, I would get yelled at. So I’ve been living this wrapped up life, not fully living, all because of FEAR. I have tried to conform to be like others so that they would accept me but with that nothing in the friendship is genuine or enjoyable. I have been scared of being hurt by others emotionally so much that I would not allow anyone to get to know the real me. I’ve been scared that if I really exposed who I am that I’d be rejected, yelled at, made fun of, or gossiped about. But that very fear has prevented me from achieving any real greatness in my life. In one of Dr. Intimacy’s audio teachings, she says that “Intimacy causes conception.” Which is true because it takes at least two to achieve anything in life. Just like sex(an expression of intimacy) will cause you to give birth to a baby, intimacy with a friend can give birth to so much greatness.

While observing how Dr. Intimacy and Ms. Casey looks and talks to each other, I feel in my spirit genuine intimacy, which is something I haven’t had in my life with any person. It provoked a Godly jealousy in me, motivating me to deny all my wimpy fears and step out on Faith. Their is just so much greatness between them that it is admiring, and I’d leave anything in this world just to have intimacy with someone. Although they get upset at each other sometimes, they stick together. They expose their faults to one another, yet don’t condemn or gossip about each other.They are fully themselves around one another, yet still accept one another. They have attacked every area that I have been so terrified to ever enter, yet have achieved greatness.

The amazing this is that they just met only 3 weeks ago, yet through their intimacy they have achieved more than some friendships do in a lifetime. I’m literally seeing before my eyes the cultivation of intimacy and I want that in my life desperately. Matter a fact, I will have it because I make the decision today to become a person of intimacy. I will allow those close to me to see the depths of who I really am and put myself in a position that intimacy can be attained. Intimacy is one of the greatest things on the face of the earth and I am so blessed to get to see the manifestation of it and also receive revelation/wisdom about intimacy at such a early age through Dr. Intimacy and Ms Casey’s lives. I honor and thank them so much.

I will become a person of intimacy and live my best life NOW! I’m very excited about the greatness that will come about through intimacy in my personal life. :)

Inspiring Intimacy is a Radio Show on Fishbowl Radio Network(FBRN) in the Blue Bowl on Wednesday Nights at 9pm-11pm CST.

-Jeremiah A. Revival