STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons

STDs 2013 4I want to school you on STDs – no, not “sexually transmitted diseases”. I’m talking about spiritual STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons! Did you know that demonic spirits can be transferred to you during sex and/or sexual activity? Did you ever notice how people change once they begin to have sex? You probably have taken note of it in a friend or relative in the past, but never equated it to sexual activity. Just think about it, your cousin Quan’teeka starts dating Bone Thug from the block and after a couple of weeks you say to her,“Girl, you’ve changed.” Or maybe even in your own life, you took on a new love and your friends and family kept telling you that you changed, even though you couldn’t see the changes!

You probably relate to what I am saying, but probably have always equated such changes just to the new relationship itself and not the reality of STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons. Every demon has a nature and specific corresponding characteristics. That is why groups of people who have no connection to each other but that are infested with the same type of demonic spirit, behave in very similar ways. We call them “stereotypes” but they are nothing less than “familiar spirits” that shape the character and personality of those that they influence. Hmmm… that’s something to think about, isn’t it?

When two people have sex, those two people become one. The same way that the physical bodies of the man and woman lock together and become one interlocked unit, so do their soul and spirit bodies. Every human being consists of three distinct bodies — spirit, soul and flesh – that function in unity with one another, as one unit. Each of those bodies operate in a different realm and each impacts the interactions of your entire human experience. Sexual activity causes two people to connect and become one in all three realms, thus allowing for the transmission of demonic spirits from one person to the other – the same way that sexual activity allows for the transmission of venereal diseases, such as chlamydia, herpes and HIV, from one person to another.

What I am trying to get you to understand is that those changes that take place in your life after you get into a sexual relationship with someone are not a coincidence! They are a direct result of sexually transmitted demons. Have you ever done or said something that you found very uncharacteristic for yourself and thought, “Where in the world did that come from?”This happens as a result of different demonic spirits that  you pick up, usually through sex. The unfortunate thing about it is that most people are completely oblivious to the reality of spiritual STDs, and even once they do become aware of them; it is often too little, too late.

You may think that you can pick up a sexually transmitted demon and just go to the spiritual free clinic (church), and get a dose of spiritual antibiotics (prayer) and go on about your business, unaffected by what you’ve done. But this is not so. Just as there are some sexually transmitted diseases that there are no cure for, there are some sexually transmitted demons that will stay with you indefinitely. Some venereal diseases cause permanent damage to the body such as impotence, erectile dysfunction, uterine pain, cervical and prostate cancer and worst of all – sterility (not being able to produce offspring)! Sexually transmitted demons can have the same impact on your destiny and purpose in the spirit realm!!!

I really want you to think about this carefully. We often take sex so frivolously, regarding it as just a physical act. But I assure you that sex is much more spiritual than it is physical and even if you can use a condom to prevent the transmission of natural STDs, there is no condom to protect yourself from the transmission of spiritual STDs. Abstinence is the only way – preserving sex for the confines of Holy Matrimony.

If you want to know more about sexually transmitted demons, you need to pick up my book. It is entitled, “STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons”. Find out how to buy it on this page:  STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons, 2013 Edition.

In the Power of Love,

Dr. Intimacy

Prolific Author and Speaker Specializing in Sex, Intimacy and Relationships from a Holistic Perspective – Spirit, Soul & Body

Copyright © 2011 by Laneen A. Haniah “Dr. Intimacy”. All rights reserved. Please see full copyright notice on front page for more info.

49 thoughts on “STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons

  1. lakesha mclean says:

    Excellent Post I do agree that when one has sex with someone they become one in the flesh. By the Woman being the lifegiver receiveing the impartation of the seed of man she takes on the life that he inserts inside of her. Not all the time do we just become physically pregnant, we also become pregnant in the spiritual realm as well. I can remember this from my past as a younger woman, not having the knowledge of when I was dating a man that was selling drugs, my attitude went to acting like a street girl and my desires literally became his. Or when even someone who was dating a person dealing with sexual immoralit and or struggling with pornargraphy you may find yourself all of sudden craving to watch it, or indulge. It’s the open door that cause that demon to be transferred through your consent. I have experienced this personally and saw it with others. We take on traits, mentalities, attitudes, and characteristics. And when we come to Christ we find ourselves not only dealing with or being stripped from things we were already struglling with, but also foreign habits that we don’t know how to handle we find ourselves dealing with these struggles and God having to deliver us and expose what that seed is while the stripping is taking place. I love this post also. God Bless You Indeed!

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      wow! What a powerful comment. I experienced the same thing in terms of dating a drug dealer. Street life was so far out of character for me that even my white friends called me a “white girl” lol. But when I started dating this dealer I began living the street life and selling drugs. I love your comment. Thanks for your openness on the subject.

  2. lakesha mclean says:

    Amen! God Bless You Indeed my sister I love your Blog page!

  3. Queeny says:

    Wow that was a very powerful and well understood paragragh…That’s a better and plain way to put it, so proud of you on how the LORD is truly raising you up as a women of GOD, keep trucking for the LORD cuz really in all that is what GOD’s people really need to know,and it’s taking over the world…Love you so much…GOD BLESS!

  4. Moriah says:

    interesting ….

  5. Connaa says:

    Very interesting, the book on STD’s, also the relationship thing
    Thank you

  6. Essomba Joseph Elie says:

    Thanks so much for that message. God bless you!

  7. Olympia Sherron says:

    This is soooo amazing & the information is right on time because a few days ago I was thinking to myself “someone needs to write a book about what REALLY happens to people SPIRITUALLY during sex” and now look how God & his Holy Spirit has led me to YOU! Thank you sister for writing this book. I am going to buy it and read it ASAP. I have a personal question for you. Can I eMail you directly?

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Sure Olympia. My email address is However, if you have some matter that you’d like advice on please post it on the advice page for the benefit of other readers. If it is something of a sensitive nature you can post your comment as a guest and no one will know your name. Thanks for the response.

      • Duncan says:

        Quick question here. Thanks for your post. Just wondering if my wife has been delivered by me through prayer…can my having intimacy with her transfer any STDs to her by a spiritual connection? The deeper question relating to this is: If two become one spiritually through marriage-just like there is a trinity of God, does deliverance of one’s spouse result in deliverance of the other as a result of the spiritual connection? Or should both still undergo deliverance-just to make sure?

        • Dr. Intimacy says:

          Duncan very good question! Firstly, understand that no one can be “delivered” through prayer alone. Prayer is a powerful catalyst to initiate the deliverance process, but it is a process that requires other steps. Secondly, yes indeed, you can infect your wife with an std through your spiritual connection and vice versa. Although a spouse’s deliverance can in fact yield deliverance in their partner, it is not likely. It would take a deliberate and vigilant effort with understanding and awareness of what one is doing to implement this. It is like swimming upstream. It goes against the natural flow of the flesh for a clean thing to make something that is dirty pure. It is the natural process that clean things are contaminated by dirty things, not the other way around. When it is possible, it is best for you and your wife to go through a thorough deliverance process at the same time and refrain from intercourse during that time.

          thanks for the great question,

          • 15gen says:

            In other words, if my husband had affairs it is completely possible for the other women (demons or spirits perhaps) to torment me when my husband and I have sex now (even though my husband has repented and received forgiveness for his adultery)? I’m not crazy and he really may have passed evil spirits on to me? (Oh and by the way – he really did give me an incurable STD (disease).
            I know I’ll never get him to go through deliverance (that is “out there” to him), so does that mean I’m stuck with these women for the rest of my life???

  8. Mike Cain says:

    you need to think before you act

  9. lol funny site says:

    I like your post. This was very nice to read.
    I wonder how come I didn’t find this blog before.
    Sharing is said to be a virtue, and a lot more readers should see this post.
    I will try to share. Some of my twitter friends will appreciate it.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  10. Beverly says:

    very interesting…I didn’t know that there was a thing called christian sexuality…are you saying if you are married no demons will be transmitted? I have observed that the “saints” may not dance or drink…but they do have babies!They cry the whole nine months…have the baby…and continue on with their hypocricy….I’m just saying…

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Demons can be transmitted whether you are married or not! The difference is because matrimony, the marital covenant, is ordained Holy by The Lord, it gives you the authority to bind the transference of demons from your spouse. You cannot take authority over a demon that you are willingly participating with. What I mean by this is that in the case of fornication you have willingly submitted to the authority of sin and therefore cannot usurp that authority. In marriage you have the upper-hand, if you honor God with your marriage, because your motives are pure and you are not in agreement with any demon that may be afflicting your spouse. Even so, you have to be aware of that demon’s presence and take authority over it. And I do agree with you that there is plenty of perversion amongst those that claim to be Believers.

  11. Terri says:

    I agree with you 100% about sexually transmitted demons but I will have to disagree with you on there are some that are permanent. If God can deliver you from cancer and AIDS why would a sexually transmitted demon be any different. I am not justifying sleeping around and thinking you can just come to the altar and use God like a free clinic but what I am saying is that if a person has repented and turned away from that behavior why wouldn’t God deliver?

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Terri thank you for your insight. There are some diseases that are by nature, incurable. Does that mean that God cannot perform a miracle in your body and cure that disease? Of course not! However let’s consider the probability and unlikelihood that a person ever get healed of any medically incurable ailment… It is the exception, not the rule. This is the same point that I am making about spiritual STDs. Can God heal you from the effects and consequences of even the strongest demons? Sure He can. Will He? Certainly not.

      God shall not be mocked, for whatever a man sow, that shall he also reap. The wages of sin is death.

      Jesus didn’t heal every sick person that he encountered and the Holy Spirit is not going to heal us of every wage that we earn in our sins. For instance, if you murder someone and get sentenced to a 25 year prison term and then truly repent, will God spare you going to prison or bust you out of jail? Not likely! Consequences are consequences and we can’t make it God’s responsibility to “rescue” us from our bad choices when He fully equipped us to avoid those pitfalls in the first place. Hey, all I can say is “better safe than sorry” on this one!

  12. Cornerstone says:

    What you said is true. I am a christiam who onc met a man in Atlanta. I make copper jewelry, so does he. I thought we’d make a great pair of busines partners. But I picked up on him that he had a familia spirit and left him alone. A couple weeks later I find he dating a witch. Two years after I move back home, I began having all these sexual dreams of him and my love life went bezerk. So I call him to emotionally rescue me and he takes a bus down here. Three weeks later I suffer a personality change and I become enslaved to him. Instead of going home, he moves to New York, picks up more spirits then comes back to me, but I rejected him. He became enraged now he looking for other women to have sex (transfer spirits) to. The floodgates are open and I wish I never invited him here. I will never let this creature in my life again.

  13. Daphney says:

    Never hear of this but it makes good sense.

  14. Naomi says:

    I just purchased Dr. Intimacy’s book today because I heard a sermon last night and the pastor used the words “sexually transmitted demons” and it was the first time I had ever heard this phrase. As a 49 year old woman, I have to tell you that fornication has been one of the demons that almost destroyed my life. I wasn’t introduced to sex in a healthy or spiritual way. I was molested at 13, not even realizing what was happening because I was so trusting of men. I have been the object of attention because I had a large bottom at a young age – and didn’t like the comments or the looks. I still don’t. I thought having sex was just a part of life and the only reason I didn’t sleep around a lot was I had a fear of pregnancy. My sin eventually caught up with me and I had children, STDs, abortions and a handful of men who I enabled. Being abandoned by my biological father, I looked for love, worked hard for it, and now I know God only wanted the best for me which is why He kept me alive and protected even when I fell so many times. I wish I had known God better, I had the opportunities, but I continued to rely on myself and others. I had female friends who claimed Christianity and we shared stories of lust, adultery and fornication, even laughed and joked about the men and our stupidity. I have no friends now, and I haven’t felt more free, more blessed in my life….as if I am walking into a new life and destiny. For all you “old heads” out there who think you’re too old to stop “sleeping around”, afraid one day you won’t have the ability to, or find excuses to date and have intercourse with anyone you choose, I’m here to tell you that the consequences will catch up with you. It seems so much easier to walk the path of unrighteousness, until you have to deal with the end result of your bad choices. Walk with God. He has so much to give you. So many blessings. I was tired of living crazy, full of anxiety and fear, fighting to maintain relationships that were nothing but sinful situations. It’s never too late to turn your life around. Never.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Naomi, there are not too many comments that having me saying “wow” and then saying it backwards! Your testimony and comment really touched my heart. I felt the power of freedom in your words. Thank you so much for ordering the book and give yourself a pat on the back for taking that step. I really believe that the book is going to change your life. After you finish reading the book you ordered, please order “The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Handbook”. This book gives an extensive breakdown on 11 different spirits of sexual perversion: Fornication, Masturbation, Adultery, Incest, Homosexuality, Prostitution, Sexual Fantasy (Pornography), Rape (Molestation), Bestiality, Sexual Lust (Lascisviousness) and Promiscuity. I am certain that You have never read anything like it. It is God’s curriculum on sex education, the Kingdom way. This book thoroughly prepare you for marriage or singlehood, whichever you choose. By the way, I would love to know what pastor used the term “Sexually transmitted demons”. I hope you will let me know. God bless.

  15. destined2soar says:

    Dr. Intimacy, thank you so much for this blog. I understand the process of STDs completely. My issue is hard to for me to share here. I have been battling for far too long. Now I hope I can get understanding, clarity and remove some this guilt and shame I have been carrying. I think this all began many years ago. I have a vague memory of someone molesting me at a very early age maybe 2 or 3 years old. As a preschooler I was acting out the behavior on other little girls. I remember that i lusted for them even though I did not understand what I was feeling at 4 years old. It was an insatiable urge. I don’t even remember when I started masturbating because it seemed that I had always done it as a child. It was always fantasy induced which I still can not comprehend where the fantasy started. As a child I dreamed about having sexual contact with a plus sized woman. I battled the desire for sex with women all of my life.This came up again later in my adulthood. I began placing ads on the internet to have sexual encounters with plus sized women. Even though i felt the spirit in side of me beckoning me to not go with the women another part of me over was so much stronger. I needed to have the experience more than anything at that moment. To rewind a bit, At the age of 12 years old my father began molesting me regularly until I was 14. I suspect he was the person who molested me as a toddler but I can not be certain. He was also molested as a child.
    I have forgiven and moved on from the molestations but I am concerned that there may have been demons sexually transmitted to me as a child to give me unnatural dreams and desires for women. Recently, I prayed and asked God to deliver me from these urges and desires and I have not had fantasies or masturbated for several weeks. I am concerned that I may need further deliverance.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      It is so good that you reached out for help destined2soar. I can totally relate to so much of what you said. I was molested at the same age by a male and a female. Your father is not the one who molested you as a baby. It was someone else, a cousin is what I’m hearing in my spirit. It is not as important as you think though, knowing I mean. Sometimes if we knew all of what really happened to us we really couldn’t handle it. It is only useful for us to know if we are called to minister to others who experience the same thing. Other than that it is better to receive deliverance without being burdened by painful memories that will plague you for the rest of your life at random times. You definitely need more deliverance and God will give it to you. I know you ordered the book so start with that and please keep me updated on your progress. Also, the attraction to plus sized women has to do with the spirit of sloth (laziness). This spirit is responsible for overall feelings of lethargy, apathy, fatigue, poor eating habits, lack of discipline, sickness. God revealed it to me many years ago. I could never get up in the morning and just lacked ambition. He showed me a vision of very obese woman sitting on top of me moving in a sexual way. I was trapped under her. He told me this was the stronghold of slothfulness and how it affects people. The only way for me to break this stronghold in my life was to take all out massive action toward self-control, eating habits, exercise, rising early, no TV, disciplined prayer life… I have not been the same since I broke this stronghold off of my life but any lack of discipline invites it back in and it certainly inclines itself toward masturbation which is an effortless act and one in which you are being sexually turned on by your own female body, causing you to be attracted to the female anatomy…. oh my people perish for lack of knowledge. There is so much we don’t know sister. Keep seeking truth and God will fill you to overflowing!

      • Exalted Dirt says:

        Wow! I had a dream a few years back in which my wife was lying at the feet of a huge fat woman, covered with wounds that the demon said I was putting on her. I was trying to attack the demon with a hatchet, and the wounds on my wife’s body looked more like sharp knife cuts. It broke my heart, and I told my wife, “I’m sorry.” I kept saying, “Be healed, in Jesus’ name,’ but she insisted on being unresponsive, because I’d wounded her too many times. At least, that’s what it looked like.

        • Dr. Intimacy says:

          Exalted dirt,

          Loving that name! LOL… Are you aware that you have prophetic dreams? You have a powerful call on your life. I would like to communicate with you more sometime. I plan to have a chat night soon. I would love for you to be there.

        • Dr. Intimacy says:

          Exalted Dirt,

          Prophetic dream! Only YHWH can help someone when they have become that wounded. Most marriages won’t survive this, certainly not thrive. If you intend to stay married, you need professional help and/or an anointed intecessor to talk and pray with you two.

  16. destined2soar says:

    Thank you.

  17. destined2soar says:

    Laneen, I’m back again! In response to your comments above. On the Spirit of Slothfulness or Lazy Spirit: Its amazing you identify this because during my 20s and 30s I suffered from depression, had no get up and go, spent a lot of time lying in bed and fantasizing about women or being sexually abused which always led to masturbating. It was a never ending cycle. Today I hate laying around in bed. I don’t feel right when I lay around. I get up early and get busy doing something. I have started back incorporating daily time with the Lord through praise, worship, prayer and bible study AND I very rarely look at TV. It feels so good to be in control but and a big big but there are days, when the urge comes upon me to be sexually intimate with a woman. It happened yesterday. For almost an hour, I wrestled in my mind with two thoughts. 1. How pleasurable it would be to just do one more time 2. No but if I backslid I would be letting God down, grieving the Holy Spirit and once again holding up what He is trying to do in me. #2 one this time. Pray for me Laneen to be strengthened in these moments. I really don’t want to go back.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Destined I feel you! I’m praying for you! I know what you are going through. I had so hoped to get the segment on soul ties up on my youtube channel today but I am out of town. This desire that you have for women is related to a strong soul tie. I had this same experience as a married woman who enjoyed having sex with my husband. Even though I enjoyed him I would still struggle with the desire for women. I would love to share the entire revelation but it will have to wait. I am still traveling. I have questions though. Are there any particular women that you are around right now that you desire? Is there anyone from ur past in particular that you fantasize about?

  18. destined2soar says:

    There isnt any particular women around me that I desire at all. I don’t think about women like that when Im arround them. When I was actively engaging in sex with women all the time I did look at women.
    However, when this war begins within me, the woman that I first engaged in sex with is usually who I desire. I feel the need to contact her but most recently I prayed until my spirit man won. I don’t want to ever engage in any of the acts again but when this war begins withiin the urge is so strong. I don’t feel it all the time only when I am lacking intimacy or when God is beginning to take me to a higher place in Him. If I give in and sow to my flesh by giving it what it is demanding I will become spiritually bankrupt. I choose Life.

  19. Chimes says:

    Interesting.. there is some more genuine information that may be in line with this that you may also like to look at- about how to truly make physical love, get rid of demons (anger, negative emotions, sexual possession etc.) & have healthier relationships at this website (removed) the man is dead now but his teaching is greatly needed for men & women in a world which lacks love in sex. Love you all.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      I appreciate your comment. I checked out that weblink you posted about the incubi and all I can is WOW. Unblievable that people would actually promote sex with demons. I will check out the other website too. If I believe the information will be helpful to readers I will post the link. I have to check it out first before I allow the link to be seen here on the site though. Thanks so much though. I am process of writing my next book and it about sex and marriage. I am excited about it and the more I learn the more I can share with my readers. Again, thanks for the taking the time to post a comment.

  20. Morris says:

    Do you mind me asking what your religious beliefs are, are you a seventh-day Adventist?

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      @ Morris,

      I am not a Seven Day Adventist or of any particular denomination. My beliefs are best described as a variety of the best of the best of the beliefs from all major Christian denominations. I believe in the full account of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, He is fully God and fully man, born of a virgin, lived on the earth, died willingly on the cross for our sins, rose on the 3rd day for our redemption and I can be saved from judgement by believing in him. I refer to the FAther and The Son by the original Hebrew names in my personal prayer time and often in my teachings, YHWH and Yeshua. I honor some of the Jewish customs but not out of duty or to “avoid sinning”, I just find them enriching in my relationship with YHWH. I am fully charasmatic, I speak in tongues and believe in the in-filling of the Holy Spirit, believe in water baptism, don’t celebrate pagan holidays such as Christmas, Easter, etc…

      So on and so forth… Like a said, a variety of all that I find to be biblically sound and useful for the growth of my personal relationship with YH and my ability to minister effectively to the people I need to reach.

      Thanks for asking!

      • exalteddirt says:

        I’ve come to understand the importance of planting myself with a body of believers and submitting myself to such authority as is present there. Certainly you must have at least a group of individuals you try to be accountable to, yes? I don’t think anybody here needs to know names, for the sake of avoiding labels, but it’s important to have people you can submit yourself to. Isolation is a big tool of the enemy.

        • Dr. Intimacy says:

          Yes I go to a church regularly and am very active there. I also have an apolstolic mentor that lives in France. I have a prophetic covering that lives in OK. Since I am a single woman, I also have a spiritual brother that keeps me in check in matters of dating and the opposite sex and I have a sister that is my prayer partner that I am accountable to. All mentioned are non-denominational like myself. I am adamantly against denominations. They will be done away with in the true Body of Messiah before His return.

  21. Dersh says:

    So I just got through reading this book…found it on my moms dresser and I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!!!> I have so much test to study for but I could not stop…All I can say that this has definitely been one of the best books I read…As a virgin this really encouraged me to keep my head up and stay focused on God. You need to come talk to some of the kids a mentor…Im young myself, 20, but God has called me to stand out among my peers and to share his light with them….I was truly blessed by the book and I hope God can allow me the proper funds because I truly want to get a book for all my friends or atleast for the kids in the ministries I am with!!!! True healing in your words!!! The whole time I was reading I was like , man I bet this woman lives so far away it would be impossible to get in touch with her, then I turned to the last page, and saw that you were in DALLAS!!! My mouth dropped!!! Im in dallas, so I speak divine connection to us!!! I really want others to hear this! My generation deeply struggles from this, and the only way to reach out to them is by keepin it real, like you did!! Much love

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Wow I am so touched and blessed by your letter. Tears are in my eyes, especially knowing that you are a virgin. Sometimes it seems that only people with a past like mine could relate, but it is so good to know that a virgin now understands why she needs to keep holding on! Thanks so much. I would love to speak to your group. Let’s talk about it more! 🙂

  22. havana says:

    Good day! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m
    definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

  23. rixsta says:

    So much truth in this, and have direct experiance of it and am spending ever day trying to lesson the grips of the entities that attached….Pick your sexual partner wisely! that’s all ill say!

  24. Good post for Jewish woman who are not observant we must know the danger so to all Jewish lady’s of any age who are single or not married but wondering about the dating that evil things explained in this article above have a heavy teaching that can help you and anyone of us woman …
    If things try to go any other way than what HaShem wish for your life REPENT that moment walk away from yicehora / evil inclination and walk pure clean life with HaShem and as it is written in Torah ! TO THE JEWISH WOMAN PLEASE NOTE WE DONT TALK TO MAN OTHER THEN HUSBAND IF MARRIED OR YOUR RABBI / Healthy safe teaching and reed PIRKEI AVOT IN YOUR SIDDUR TEHILLAT HASHEM FROM THE PAGES 271 -296 BH ! BE SAFE MAY YOU BE PROTECTED AND CLEAN as you let the HaShem L-rd S-vior hold your load for you !

  25. Jake Wojo says:

    Does the same rule apply for same-sex sessions?

    • Indeed, often to an even worse degree because of the wide open gate for the entrance of the enemy. In other words, LOVE can act as a filter purifying some of the contaminants in sexual sin. Not to say LOVE can’t be a factor in homosexuality, because it can. But we must understand
      that the more sin factors are involved with acts of sexual perversion, the greater the risk for stds (naturally and spiritually).

      Thanks for the question. Please be sure to tune into my weekly radio broadcast for more great insights and live questions. Find out more at

      With Love,
      Dr. Intimacy

    • Indeed, often to an even worse degree because of the wide open gate for the entrance of the enemy. In other words LOVE can act as a filter purifybing some of the contaminants in sexual sin. Not to say LOVE can’t be a factor in homosexuality, because it can. But we must understand
      that the more sin factors are involved with acts of sexual perversion, the greater the risk for stds (naturally and spiritually).

      Thanks for the question. Please be sure to tune into my weekly radio broadcast for more great insights and live questions. Find out more at

      With Love,
      Dr. Intimacy

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