Let Good Happen To You!

Encouraging Word of the Day:

You can still have a good thing, do a good thing, and be a good thing even in a bad place and a bad situation….

Joseph was in a bad place and in a bad situation but he still had a good thing, he had the privilege of being in charge. He did a good thing, he helped the other prisoners. And he was a good thing, he was true to the purpose and call of God on his life. Don’t reject good in the mist of bad. Enjoy what ever there is to be enjoyed, while it can be enjoyed no matter where you are or what you’ re going through!

3 thoughts on “Let Good Happen To You!

  1. So very relevant,to someone situation. especially mine. if previous relationships I have been in, would have know they still would have been a around. they had a good man that was in a bad situation.

  2. Araba says:

    Thank you so much for your insightful and spiritual teachings. Since i came back from church today , i have done nothing but go through your blog page by page and i must say am being blessed all the way.
    I thank God for your life and what he is using you for.
    God bless you my sister!

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