God Won’t Change Your Decision into His Design!

There are those imperfect people, places and things that we “decide” for our lives, and those perfect people, places and things that God “designs” for our lives. God’s design was for Moses to speak directly to the people on His behalf, but Moses’ decision was to use a representative. God’s design was for David to be King, but the people’s decision was Saul. God’s design was to use the seed of Sarah’s womb as Abraham’s air, but Abraham’s decision was to use the son of a slave girl. In each one of these cases, the decision never measured up to the design. Ishmael, the slaves girl’s son, was unruly. Saul was a dishonorable king, who died in disgrace. Moses’ affiliation with Aaron, his representative, cost him the privilege of entering the promised land!

Do you have situations in your life today that are truly perplexing you? Have you prayed and prayed for God’s perfect will in a situation only to experience more chaos? Understand that just because God blesses you in your decision, it doesn’t mean He has changed His designed destiny for your life! Often, your decision has to die and/or be completely removed from your life, in order for your destiny to come forth. Saul had to die, Aaron had to die, Ishamael had to go away…

Stop praying for change in a decision that God never designed for your life. Divorce your decision and move into God’s perfect will, because if you don’t remove yourself from your decision, it will remove you from your destiny.

~Daily Insights from Dr. Intimacy~ © 11/09/2012

3 thoughts on “God Won’t Change Your Decision into His Design!

  1. exalteddirt says:

    A hard statement that has brought forth terrible legal struggles for me.

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