Has Your Public Image Had Plastic Surgery?

Somebody just said something to me that provoked a thought. I publicly shared something that others felt made me “look bad” and this friend called to tell me what was said about me. I was a little taken aback but replied to the person,“I don’t care what people think about me.” And the person’s response was, “Well you should, you want to have a good image.” And this was my provocative thought and response,

“I want to be authentic! My image is a reflection of who I truly am. If there is something about my spirit or soul or life that is jacked up, I want to fix what is actually jacked up not the image that covers it!”

So my question to you is: Why work on perfecting “your image”, when you can actually walk through the self development and deliverance that is necessary to actually be good and not just look good? 

If you work on perfecting who you truly are, your public image will reflect the beauty of your inner man – WITHOUT ANY NEED FOR PLASTIC SURGERY!!!


~Daily Insights from Dr. Intimacy~ © 11/18/2012

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2 thoughts on “Has Your Public Image Had Plastic Surgery?

  1. Joshua says:

    Woman of GOD because you speak out the mouth of GOD you are sent unto a rebellious house a stiff necked people who walk in the natural and cannot discern the deep things of GOD. How many of the called folks are catering the truth of GOD into ear tickling messages all because they wanna be liked or image? The image we should be concerned about is the image of GOD being regenerated bone of his bone flesh of his flesh. Your Prophetic journey will get lonely and is a very lonely walk because you walked with GOD this is why the Prophet Enoch had this testimony that he pleased GOD(Hebrew 11:5).
    What did the Apostles say in Acts 5:29) We ought to obey GOD rather than man, so when you do that you bound to upset the masses.
    The problem is not a lot of people are spending time with the Lord so there discernment is now borderline witchcraft.
    Jesus never said we would be loved he said ye shall be hated of all nations for MY NAME SAKE. folks are not going in the name of the Lord there going in the spirit of themselves so of course they are going to be liked. this situation is like the story of the prodigal son the story was more about spiritually the brother who harbored bitterness then the actual runaway brother.
    This blog say more spiritually…. about the friend then your image.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      My Brother Joshua,

      Wow this was really powerful and penetrated my spirit. It ministered to me. Thank you for taking the time to share it. I read every word and give it heavy regard.

      May YHWH bless you mightily as His bold vessel. May your voice be heard and your name be known for Him.

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