#1 Rule of “sin-free” dating: TIME, PLACE, & SPACE.

TIME: While dating, even if engaged, avoid spending excessive time together. The dating period is a time to get to know each other and soberly evaluate whether or not there is potential for a long-term future. Becoming intoxicated with one another’s presence will interfere with your judgement. Once engaged, the engagement period is a time to prepare for a successful marriage. If you spend every waking moment together, what is the point of putting off the wedding?

PLACE: When you do spend time together, stay in well-lit and/or busy, public places. If you do want to engage in an activity at a more private location, such as a person’s house, be sure that someone that will hold you accountable to sexual integrity is there too. When your accountability covering leaves or goes to bed, you and/or your date must leave too!

SPACE: Keep a safe respectable distance between you and your date. Sit across from the table, as opposed to on a booth side by side. Avoid foot rubs, massages, and other stimulating physical contact that could lower your defenses. Don’t lay on one another (such as placing your feet on their lap, or your head.) If you want to share a little closeness in a public place, it is OK, but even in public, too much physical contact may lead to the temptation to go off and be alone. Lastly, if you want to share a kiss, only do so at the end of a date, outside of the house or car, and don’t let it linger past a minute. There is no need for this, or use for it.

If you are spending a lot of enjoyable time with a person, and get into a private place, and fail to keep enough space between you and the person – a fall into sexual immorality is INEVITABLE. So if you want to stay pure until marriage, remember these important principles…

~Daily Insights from Dr. Intimacy~ © 11/20/2012

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One thought on “#1 Rule of “sin-free” dating: TIME, PLACE, & SPACE.

  1. Joshua says:

    Delilah was able to draw Samson into intimacy without sexual contact laying his head in her lap because he had a soul tie with her a connection was established and he was in Love with her (Judges 16) And the familiarity clouded the righteous judgement.
    Don’t pray for a saved woman/man pray for one who has been delivered, Marriage is ministry and if the Kingdom is not the agenda then any other reason will allow us to lose focus. Courting is so to be conducted by the Spirit of GOD marriage is taking your piece of the puzzle and His/Her and making a picture because what each brings to the table completes the other.
    Many blood wash believers break up over doctrinal/denominational issues and infidelity, however if we allow GOD to do the choosing we will not fall victim to those points.
    Courting to me is to recognize this person is royalty in the priesthood of GOD and If I want this person to be my other half then me and the other will have to turn our plates upside down till the Man of GOD hears from GOD and then the Spirit of GOD that is in that Woman of GOD bears witness to what the Spirit is saying to the Church the bride (Ephesians 5:23-33)
    You are right about the touching because as a five fold minister #1 transfer of Spirits #2 We are not of the natural man ( 1 Corinthian 2:14)
    the natural mind set wants to fuel only that side of us however if its a potential spouse we must build on the solid foundation which is Christ .

    We have to prepare for marriage we prepare more for a drivers license test then for marriage PREPARE so we won’t be IMPAIRED.

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