How Do Soul Ties Form?

“The more sexual intercourse you have with a person, the more you connect not only in spirit, but also in soul. When your soul bonds with someone else’s soul, a fusing together of souls happens. When this happens, it is called a soul tie. Sex is not necessary for a soul tie to occur, but it is practically a given that a soul tie will be developed when you have sex with a person.

Your soul is considered your mind, your will and your emotions – your intellect, your desires and your feelings. You can be soul-tied to a person, place or thing and even to a demon. In other words, you can be mentally, emotionally and/or willfully bonded. A soul tie occurs when you have some type of void in your life. You try to fill this void by tying your soul to someone or something.

Soul ties can happen as a result of having sex with someone, or they can be the reason that you have sex with someone. A soul tie can trick you into thinking that you are “in love” with a person – making you want to tie together physically, in the same way that you are tied together in soul. Soul ties often lead people into sexual (and even homosexual) relations between friends. They often cause two people to get married for the wrong reasons. These marriages are miserable and empty and usually end in divorce. But my main point is that soul ties allow for the transference of demons.

Basically, anytime you are connected to a person: physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually – you are soul-tied to that person. That connection allows for the transfer of demons.”

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~Insights from Dr. Intimacy~ © 2013

One thought on “How Do Soul Ties Form?

  1. Obviously, sexual contact is not just a physical act.

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