Outside of His Presence

Outside of His Presence 2


Life outside of His presence is a graveyard,

an empty shallow pit amongst a wasteland of forgotten carcasses,

whose forgotten dreams, vain accomplishments and ill-gotten gain

rot away with the bones that no longer support

the movement of a living soul.

Deliver me from the pit, Oh LORD.

Deliver me from this wasteland that I somehow chose over You!

My soul wastes away, but yet You live.

The God of the Living can redeem the dying soul,

as long as it still clings to life.

I cling to You, and You lift me out of my dark place.

Now breathe new Life into me. Restore my divine nature.

Cleanse me of this death, and we shall be one, in this life

and in the life to come…



~Laneen “Dr. Intimacy” Haniah~

   November 17, 2013

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