Let Him Have Control

The leading and guiding of The Spirit of God amazes me. I started and completed something today that was not even in my plans until today! I love His voice!

The steps of a just person are ordered by the Lord. Stay in control of my life Ruach HaKodesh. You never lead me wrong…

~ Insights from Dr. Intimacy ~ © 12/29/2013

His Dream In You Lives!

In prayer this morning, The Spirit of The Living God, Who Restores and Fulfills All Things, said that 2014 shall be the year of dreams. The fulfillment of old dreams, the restoration of broken dreams and the birthing of new dreams — YES, THE YEAR OF DREAMS!

If you receive it for your life, give HIM a praise right now and declare that He is the Designer and Fulfiller of your dreams! HalleluuuuuuYAH!!!!!

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#ReceiveHisWord #DreamsFulfilled

~The Word of The Living God YHWH through Dr. Intimacy ~ © 12/28/13

Move Away from Shallow Relationships

In order for authentic intimacy and closeness to exist in any relationship (parents, marriage, friendship), both parties have to be willing to confront the issues that threaten the wholeness and peace of the relationship. When you have one person that doesn’t want to “deal with all that stuff”, who then forces the other person to pretend that all is well, the relationship eventually becomes shallow, fruitless and burdensome.

As much as is possible, try to face and resolve all offense in your important relationships. But if the person is unwilling to go through the process, forgive them, release them and distance yourself from them. Such people become perfect tools in the hands of the enemy to impede the fulfillment of your purpose. So don’t allow such people in your intimate space; and definitely don’t be that person in someone else’s life!

It’s time for us to take off our masks and unveil the truth of who we are! If you don’t like the image behind the mask, go find another that pleases you, but please don’t ask me to play make believe with you anymore!!!

#HypocrisyMustBePutToDeath #NoFigLeavesIn2014

~ Insights from Dr. Intimacy ~ © 12/27/2013

I AM MORE Than Your Labels

I am more

Some people bind a label on you and then categorize you in their minds based on that label. Based on their own ill perception of you, which is produced by false and condescending judgement of your past behaviors — no matter how much you change, how anointed you are, or how many other people respect and honor you, those certain people will always relate to you according to their own off perception of who you are.

It is time for you, as an Anointed vessel of the Kingdom, to discern people’s innermost thoughts concerning you and accept the fact that those labels are permanently (or at least indefinitely) established in their hearts.  Stop wasting your precious energy trying to change how people see you. More importantly, stop defining yourself based on their perception of you! Unfortunately, most often times, these negative people are family members and long-term acquaintances that have seen you go through your transitioning process. They are so focused on what you have been through, that they can’t see where you are on your way to. They are so caught up into who you were that they can’t see who you are becoming!

 Rub yourself on the back and tell yourself that it’s OK! People like that will never give you a new label, unless Holy Spirit deals with their hearts, but it’s OK. Them reminding you of who you were, will ensure that you never forget your testimony, so it’s OK!
Therefore, stop trying to change how they see you. Just accept it, but without ever allowing it to affect how you see yourself. Discern their true thoughts concerning you, and then adjust the parameters of your relationship based on their limited sight. Stop trying to get close to people who are deliberately putting distance between you and them! Stop trying to convince family members, and spouses, and co-workers and schoolmates, and church leaders that you are somebody special. Just KNOW that you are somebody special in Christ and walk in it!
Don’t slow down for doubters, haters and naysayers. Instead run on and dare them to catch up to you! Perhaps they will eventually come up to your level, but if they never do, look down at them (not down on them) and be grateful that you no longer dwell in that low place that they choose to inhabit. The truth of the matter is, anyone trying to hold you to your past, is simply because they are stuck there themselves!
This year, limit your interaction with old friends and family members that still treat you like “back in the day”. Don’t go where you are tolerated, but instead where you are celebrated. Those old familiar spirits speaking through them will surely say that you are full of yourself and that you think you are “all that”….
…because you will be!
Full of the God in yourself and all that you can be in Him!
In 2014, don’t sweat it, strut it!!!! 

#KnowWhoYouAre #WalkInIt #BeCelebratedNotTolerated

In the Power of Love,

Dr. Intimacy

Prolific Author and Speaker Specializing in Sex, Intimacy and Worship from a Holistic Perspective –

Crushing the bonds of sexual perversion and healing the bonds of heart-2-heart love & intimacy.


Copyright © 2013 by Laneen A. Haniah “Dr. Intimacy”. All rights reserved. Please see full copyright and legal notices on this page.

Higher Education is Optional: Do You Want To Be an Amateur Or a Professional?

The Word of YHWH came to me this morning in prayer. He said that we need to stop perceiving every test/trial/difficulty as an attack of the enemy, while trying to pray it away! As with the Mind of Messiah, we need to perceive and understand that many of our tests and trials are being assigned by Abba and administered by His Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), so that we can go through the necessary learning and training to earn our spiritual degree in His Kingdom University! In every profession, there is training criteria that must be met, in order to be CERTIFIED to practice that profession. Without the proper licensing or degree, we may practice in the same field, but we’re only practicing as amateur! Earning a degree increases earning potential, gives you license to perform special duties, and affords you access to certain elite organizations that only professionals have the privilege to enjoy.

No university will accept just any applicant, and the more difficult it is to gain acceptance to a school, the more of an honor and a privilege we perceive it to be. Yet, how do you regard your acceptance to YKU (Yah’s Kingdom University)? My brothers and sisters, just know this: higher education is optional! Your Father is trying to take you some place higher. He wants to lead you into new degrees of Anointing, understanding, power, blessing, privilege, rewards, increase and intimacy with Him. But no one is REQUIRED to go to college. If you keep praying away your tests and trials, thereby rejecting your acceptance to YKU and aborting your training, you are never going to earn the degree that will grant you access to the higher, deeper and more elite things of YHWH’s Kingdom! You will grow stagnant in the a,b,c’s and 1,2,3’s of the faith; never becoming a proficient and skilled professional in your area of calling; and you will always perform as an amateur!

Let’s stop running away from school and embrace our next level. And to whoever receives and applies The Word of YHWH today, He says, “YOU WILL BE HIS GRADUATING CLASS OF 2014”!!!

#ReceiveHisWord #GiveUsTheStrengthToFinishThisCourse

~The Word of The Living God YHWH through Dr. Intimacy ~ © 12/20/13

He Will Restore the Years

I just realized that it was one month ago today that I started posting again. I was in so much pain in the last season of my life that I couldn’t think about anything other than trying to make it through the day without longing for death. Sorry if that is too weak for some of y’all deep folk, but that’s real talk!

However, last month on the 16th of November, the chains of oppression were broken over me, and my joy and strength returned to me with incredible fervor! Once healed and converted, I wanted to immediately “come back and strengthen my brothers and sisters”! The Word of life began to flow out of me again, and I can’t believe that is has only been one month! I am walking in such wholeness and in such a new place, I can barely remember where I was in that dark season. It feels as if it were months and even years ago!

Wow, YHWH truly will “restore the years” that have been eaten by the worms of life. Don’t fret over lost time. Just focus on making it out of the darkness and being available to spread His Glory once you come into the Light. He will restore time on your behalf!!!

#ItsHappnengSoFastNow #Grateful #ThankYouAbba

~ Insights from Dr. Intimacy ~ © 12/18/2013

The Thief Must Repay, No Matter What!

Man-Getting-Arrested-psd21902A thief was walking along a deserted sidewalk, planning his next heist, when he happened upon what seemed to be a gift handed right to him. Although all of the stores were closed for the evening, the front door to a major jeweler had been left wide open. Without a second thought and with no effort at all, he walked into the store. No alarm sounded, there were no onlookers and no one inside to attend the store. Seizing the opportunity at hand, he greedily took all that he desired, which was everything!

As it turns out, earlier that day during a medical crisis, the store manager was rushed from the store, by ambulance, to a hospital. The medical personnel who attended to him did not realize that he was the only one in the store and that he was responsible for locking up. The store had been left in that vulnerable position for many hours. Many patrons came and went, not understanding why the door was open and why no one was available to help them. Yet, no one dared to take anything because they knew that the store and all of its possessions belonged to someone.

When the owner came to the store the next day, he was very angry about the burglary. The thief had taken everything of value in the entire building.  He was disheartened because, since the door was left open, insurance would not cover the loss. There was no way for him to recover the jewelry, or acquire its monetary value. He would have to close his doors forever. He lost everything and the thief was long gone, enjoying his dishonest gain.

Just as the business owner was packing up all of his things, preparing to close his business, he received notice from the company CEO. You see, his store was a franchised store – part of a large corporation – and the corporation owned the building itself.  What the owner did not realize is that the CEO had installed an undetectable security system in all of his buildings. The system had captured the thief’s identity and tracked him to his very location. The authorities were notified and the thief arrested.

When told that he was being arrested for burglarizing the jewelry store, he protested vehemently, saying, “I didn’t break in. The door was wide open! I had every right to walk into a public building whose door was left open!!!”

To which the authorities replied, “You are correct. You had the right to walk through an open door, but no right to take anything! The items you took did not belong to you!”

At his court hearing, because all of the jewelry had already been sold and could not be retrieved, the thief was ordered to repay the business owner out of his own assets. The repayment was seven times more than the actual value of the jewelry!

The moral of the story is this:

  • No matter how many caretakers fall short in properly covering you
  • No matter how foolish a mistake you make
  • No matter how many doors you leave wide open
  • No matter how much it seems your losses are your fault
  • No matter who says you can’t recover what’s been lost
  • No matter how ignorant you are to the protection you have

YOU BELONG TO YHWH GOD, AND the devil HAS NO RIGHT TO YOU OR ANYTHING THAT BELONGS TO YOU!!! He is a thief and he must repay you sevenfold! It is not the time to throw in the towel and close shop. It’s time to go to your CEO, (Creator & Everlasting Owner), and let Him know that you have been robbed and want to be paid restitution. The eyes of Abba Father are watching everything concerning you, even when it seems He’s not looking. He knows how to find your enemy and how to exact justice against him!!!

In the Power of Love,

Dr. Intimacy

Prolific Author and Speaker Specializing in Sex, Intimacy and Worship from a Holistic Perspective –

Crushing the bonds of sexual perversion and healing the bonds of heart-2-heart love & intimacy.


Copyright © 2013 by Laneen A. Haniah “Dr. Intimacy”. All rights reserved. Please see full copyright and legal notices on this page.

Get A Life!

I said, “Self.”

Self said, “Huh?”

I said, “Get a life.”

Self said, “Okay.”

So then we went and got one!

Don’t wait for some future “great happening” to live your life. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST NOW!!! To everyone who thought you weren’t worth their time, to those who thought you weren’t good enough, to the ones who took you for granted for years — while you continually lowered your standard to accommodate their low opinion of you; while you continually lived outside of your glory to make their demeaning belittlement of you justifiable — Say to them, “I finally got a life! So if you think about coming to look for me now, tell yourself to go get one too!!!”

I’m speaking from experience, and I’m telling you — it feels great to be free of those who were hindering my progressive living! Get a life, make it count and don’t let anyone stop you from doing what matters to you!

#LovingMe #LovingThisLifeGodGaveMe #JoyInexplicable

~ Insights from Dr. Intimacy ~ © 12/15/2013

WORD of the LORD 12/11/2013

The Word of the LORD is, “I want to bring you into MY bed chamber and make you Mine. Like Esther, you must go through the necessary purification to enter into My bed chamber. Come to me, and We will be One; come to the door of My bed chamber in purity, and I will let you in at YOUR will.”


~The Living God YHWH~ 12/11/13

Experience His Peace

HIS PRESENCE is peace – DIVINE PEACE that surpasses all understanding. It transcends lack, debt, foreclosure, pain, sickness, betrayal, persecution, adultery, divorce, joblessness, homelessness, loneliness, depression, tragedies and disappointments of every kind… If you don’t LIVE in this peace, you’re NOT alive at all!!!

#PeaceWithoutHimIsChaos #Heb4:10EnterHisRest

~ Insights from Dr. Intimacy ~ © 12/10/2013

Cherish Love Now

Once you FORCE her to prove to herself that she can live without you, it’s likely that she always will. If you love a woman and you have her heart, don’t be fool enough to lose it; you will probably never find it again…

#Don’tTakeHerForGranted #Don’tWaitTilItsTooLate

~ Insights from Dr. Intimacy ~ © 12/09/2013