He Will Restore the Years

I just realized that it was one month ago today that I started posting again. I was in so much pain in the last season of my life that I couldn’t think about anything other than trying to make it through the day without longing for death. Sorry if that is too weak for some of y’all deep folk, but that’s real talk!

However, last month on the 16th of November, the chains of oppression were broken over me, and my joy and strength returned to me with incredible fervor! Once healed and converted, I wanted to immediately “come back and strengthen my brothers and sisters”! The Word of life began to flow out of me again, and I can’t believe that is has only been one month! I am walking in such wholeness and in such a new place, I can barely remember where I was in that dark season. It feels as if it were months and even years ago!

Wow, YHWH truly will “restore the years” that have been eaten by the worms of life. Don’t fret over lost time. Just focus on making it out of the darkness and being available to spread His Glory once you come into the Light. He will restore time on your behalf!!!

#ItsHappnengSoFastNow #Grateful #ThankYouAbba

~ Insights from Dr. Intimacy ~ © 12/18/2013

2 thoughts on “He Will Restore the Years

  1. ninjia7star says:

    I’m one who surely not that deep. I certainly had my share of troubles; many of those troubles were of my own making. But thank God in heaven for Jesus. Thank you for the encouragement of the Lord restoring all that was lost. I feel this message was place here – “just for me.” God bless..

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