I AM MORE Than Your Labels

I am more

Some people bind a label on you and then categorize you in their minds based on that label. Based on their own ill perception of you, which is produced by false and condescending judgement of your past behaviors — no matter how much you change, how anointed you are, or how many other people respect and honor you, those certain people will always relate to you according to their own off perception of who you are.

It is time for you, as an Anointed vessel of the Kingdom, to discern people’s innermost thoughts concerning you and accept the fact that those labels are permanently (or at least indefinitely) established in their hearts.  Stop wasting your precious energy trying to change how people see you. More importantly, stop defining yourself based on their perception of you! Unfortunately, most often times, these negative people are family members and long-term acquaintances that have seen you go through your transitioning process. They are so focused on what you have been through, that they can’t see where you are on your way to. They are so caught up into who you were that they can’t see who you are becoming!

 Rub yourself on the back and tell yourself that it’s OK! People like that will never give you a new label, unless Holy Spirit deals with their hearts, but it’s OK. Them reminding you of who you were, will ensure that you never forget your testimony, so it’s OK!
Therefore, stop trying to change how they see you. Just accept it, but without ever allowing it to affect how you see yourself. Discern their true thoughts concerning you, and then adjust the parameters of your relationship based on their limited sight. Stop trying to get close to people who are deliberately putting distance between you and them! Stop trying to convince family members, and spouses, and co-workers and schoolmates, and church leaders that you are somebody special. Just KNOW that you are somebody special in Christ and walk in it!
Don’t slow down for doubters, haters and naysayers. Instead run on and dare them to catch up to you! Perhaps they will eventually come up to your level, but if they never do, look down at them (not down on them) and be grateful that you no longer dwell in that low place that they choose to inhabit. The truth of the matter is, anyone trying to hold you to your past, is simply because they are stuck there themselves!
This year, limit your interaction with old friends and family members that still treat you like “back in the day”. Don’t go where you are tolerated, but instead where you are celebrated. Those old familiar spirits speaking through them will surely say that you are full of yourself and that you think you are “all that”….
…because you will be!
Full of the God in yourself and all that you can be in Him!
In 2014, don’t sweat it, strut it!!!! 

#KnowWhoYouAre #WalkInIt #BeCelebratedNotTolerated

In the Power of Love,

Dr. Intimacy

Prolific Author and Speaker Specializing in Sex, Intimacy and Worship from a Holistic Perspective –

Crushing the bonds of sexual perversion and healing the bonds of heart-2-heart love & intimacy.


Copyright © 2013 by Laneen A. Haniah “Dr. Intimacy”. All rights reserved. Please see full copyright and legal notices on this page.

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