Move Away from Shallow Relationships

In order for authentic intimacy and closeness to exist in any relationship (parents, marriage, friendship), both parties have to be willing to confront the issues that threaten the wholeness and peace of the relationship. When you have one person that doesn’t want to “deal with all that stuff”, who then forces the other person to pretend that all is well, the relationship eventually becomes shallow, fruitless and burdensome.

As much as is possible, try to face and resolve all offense in your important relationships. But if the person is unwilling to go through the process, forgive them, release them and distance yourself from them. Such people become perfect tools in the hands of the enemy to impede the fulfillment of your purpose. So don’t allow such people in your intimate space; and definitely don’t be that person in someone else’s life!

It’s time for us to take off our masks and unveil the truth of who we are! If you don’t like the image behind the mask, go find another that pleases you, but please don’t ask me to play make believe with you anymore!!!

#HypocrisyMustBePutToDeath #NoFigLeavesIn2014

~ Insights from Dr. Intimacy ~ © 12/27/2013

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