Remorse vs. Repentance: Start Your Year Off Right!!!

Feeling sorry for the outcome, does not equate taking accountability for the actions that caused it. The countdown to the new year has passed, and the excitement of that first moment is fading. Whether or not crossing the threshold into 2014 is going to also mean crossing the threshold into a new season, is completely predicated on the depth of your repentance (complete turning away) from all of your rebellion in 2013.

Happy New Year and Happy New Life to all of you determined to lay aside every weight and sin that so easily beset you in 2013: To those of you who deleted numbers from your phone, got rid of bad habits, overcame addictions, moved away from dead activities and dead relationships, took control of your desires, pulled out all roots of bitterness, and completely committed yourself to the Will of YHWH God for your life!

To the rest of you, all I can say is, “I wouldn’t want to be you!” because I can’t wish a Happy New Year to someone who has already decided to be miserable by default! The wages of sin is death, and death brings mourning. Thus, to choose rebellion and stubbornness, is to choose misery.  I’m not sugar-coating it because I hope this dose of truth is enough to get you to take care of what you need to take care of in the first days of 2014 (not months, or weeks, but DAYS), in order to start, not just a New Year, but also a NEW SEASON!!!

If you don’t like the results you got in 2013, remember that to get different results in 2014, means taking different actions!

Same actions, Same results — New actions, New season!


Apostolic Blessings and Favor to all of those who have properly positioned themselves for 2014 to be the year of Dreams!!!

~ Insights from Dr. Intimacy ~ © 01/01/2014

3 thoughts on “Remorse vs. Repentance: Start Your Year Off Right!!!

  1. I am about to be 19….and I’ve struggled with masturbation for three years. It started when I was 16. It was an addiction then. Oh I’m a girl by the way. But now it’s not an addiction. I just enjoy it. I feel like God is making me miss out on pleasure by surrendering fully to Him. I don’t want to get married either, so I can’t hold onto that promise of “sex being fulfilled in marriage”. I simply don’t want a boyfriend or a husband.
    I also help lead worship at church every Sunday, so I know I need to repent. God told me two things regarding this sin— “Do not forfeit Me.” And “When you sin, you hurt Me; you hurt My heart.” It’s just… When I repent, eventually I get dissatisfied, bored, super lonely (no friends), discouraged, stressed, and God will be silent. I use to get physical pleasure from God (not sexual), and it was amazing. I would feel His love and overwhelming hug…but slowly that was taken away. I haven’t felt His love or a hug from Him in over a year. So I also doubt His love for me quite often. I have struggled with depression, anxiety and panic attacks for a while. I feel like God doesn’t desire me. I feel like no one desires to be around me, especially if they really knew the real ME. I pretend to be happy and outgoing…but again, I struggle with depression and I have no friends. I can’t even drive myself to college. My parents have to drive me because of my anxiety. I don’t believe in medication, so I stay away from it. Anyway, I don’t feel remorse over my sin. I even recently had phone sex for the first time with a boy from church, and I don’t feel guilty. He was really hurt because I was the instigator and he thought it meant I liked him…but I didn’t… I still don’t feel guilty. When I do feel guilty over sin (masturbation), it’s only the worldly grief. “I hate myself. I always mess up. Etc.” One* time I felt godly grief, but that was about a year ago… I was listening to “Arms Wide Open” by Misty Edwards, and I envisioned Jesus on the cross, being crucified looking at me …I was bawling my eyes out, feeling so sorry I sinned against Him. But…within a couple weeks, I fell into sin again. So…my question is, since I don’t feel sorrow over my sin, and I haven’t in a while, is God still expecting me to repent? Or does He want me to wait on Him to eventually give me godly sorrow, so I can repent one day? Or has He already done everything He should have to lead me to godly sorrow?
    I don’t know… It’s so hard for me to give this sin up. Please see what you can hear from God for me on this. Write back. 🙂
    Also, that time I was bawling over my sin, was that godly sorrow? If it was, I thought godly sorrow meant true repentance? But I ended up sinning again… Why?
    Write back ASAP please. 🙂

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Hey Rainbows,

      I totally understand what you are going through!!! I was so there at one point in my life with masturbation, but more importantly with the hardened, unrepentant heart that I was totally aware of and yet trapped within. This happens when we harden our hearts against The Spirit of Truth or “quench The Spirit”. The Bible says, “the day you hear my voice, harden not your heart”. The very day we first hear him, that is when we are supposed to obey. When we don’t, our hearts become calloused. A callous does not develop in a day. It develops over time as constant friction, keeps rubbing the same spot. In order to protect that area of skin from the pain of the friction, we grow hard, calloused skin. The war between the flesh and the spirit is like that friction from a bad pair of shoes. We should just take the shoes off, but they are so cute we keep wearing them anyway. We should stop sinning, but it feels so good, we keep doing it anyway. Eventually we grow hard ugly skin on our feet to protect us from the pain of the shoe. The sad thing is, that the callous prevents the feeling of pain but does not prevent damage. So it is the same with sin, when we harden our hearts against the painful conviction of The Spirit, it stops us from feeling the pain, but does not prevent the damage of sin!

      Rainbow, you need to confess your sins (most importantly, your rebellion), receive forgiveness and then apologize to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to fill your heart again and to allow you to feel His conviction again. Then, you have to respond to that conviction when it comes. Addictions don’t usually break in a night. Even after the conviction returns, you will continue to fall. But you can’t ever try to stop yourself from feeling the pain of conviction. You have to be broken and remorseful everytime. It will take some time, but eventually true repentance will come to fullness in you. Lastly, just know that repentance is a process. It doesn’t happen all at once. It is a “turning away from” something and “turning to” something else. The fullness of repentance will happen as you turn. You may turn fast or you may turn slow, but don’t ever turn counter-clockwise!!!

      In His Love,
      Dr. Intimacy

  2. Also, added to my comment above— I have tried to repent about a thousand times! I’ve tried everything. I even have two accountability partners…and they didn’t really keep me accountable. And it’s not like I have friends to keep me accountable…. But I just wanted you to know, that I have tried to repent so much. Even when I didn’t feel like repenting at all.

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