Say ‘Yes’!

In prayer today I started shouting out, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” And I heard the Heavens respond back, “YES, YES, YES!” Then YHWH God said to me,

“I only want you to say ‘Yes’ to me, so that I may in return say ‘Yes’ to you!”

#Hallelujah! #YesLordYes!!!

~The Word of The Living God YHWH through Dr. Intimacy ~ © 05/08/14

4 thoughts on “Say ‘Yes’!

  1. I’m really struggling here with the concept of religion . After finding out the Niv bible has been edited and published by the same publisher who publishes the satanic bible. I also am finding out and feel terrible about the typical pegan holidays a lot of us are ignorant too. I have heard or the Hebrew Israelite movement , but there information is a little contradicting to me . I just want salvation the right way and want to live right . Can you please email me. .

  2. I need advice with true salvation, I don’t know if my comment posted. I was ignorant to the pegan holidays and the publishing of the new translations of the bible and just want to seek the truth .

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