Inspiring Intimacy’s First Show

Wow, what a first show! It was awesome that they were actually going to have their own radio show, but it’s even greater that the first show was a success! If you don’t know, I am Ms Laneen “Dr. Intimacy” Haniah’s armor bearer and she just was able to have her own show called Inspiring Intimacy with Co-host Casey Inspires. The show is all about helping people to achieve true intimacy in their life whether that is with God, marriage, friendships, or family, and inspiring you to Live your best life NOW.

The first show accomplished EXACTLY what the mission of the show is. It’s already rare to see that happen on any show, yet even more rare on the first show! I’m not surprised at all though, these are two magnificent unique gems on the earth and they have been divinely connected. Also, I’ve known Dr. Intimacy for 2 years now and I have not seen her disappoint at anything major that she had to do. It’s really cool that she never messes up when it’s “prime time” and I know that is because she yields herself to God and allows Him to take control.

Many people thought the show was very funny, which it definitely was. It was hilarious how Dr. Intimacy and Casey Inspires had played off their newness to the radio show and not knowing how to work the controls. But to go along with all the humor, the show was VERY powerful and impacting. I wanted to cry so much because it was very convicting, enlightening, and motivating. The mission of the show truly did get accomplished yesterday as I am inspired to achieve intimacy and to live my best life NOW. I was very enlightened and convicted because I realized how many opportunities for intimacy I have missed out on because of fear. I’ve been hurt a lot before in the past and I never wanted to give anyone an opportunity to experience intimacy with me. Whenever I would be myself, “friends” would make fun of me. When I would be completely honest about things, “friends” walked away. Whenever I would do what I want, I would get yelled at. So I’ve been living this wrapped up life, not fully living, all because of FEAR. I have tried to conform to be like others so that they would accept me but with that nothing in the friendship is genuine or enjoyable. I have been scared of being hurt by others emotionally so much that I would not allow anyone to get to know the real me. I’ve been scared that if I really exposed who I am that I’d be rejected, yelled at, made fun of, or gossiped about. But that very fear has prevented me from achieving any real greatness in my life. In one of Dr. Intimacy’s audio teachings, she says that “Intimacy causes conception.” Which is true because it takes at least two to achieve anything in life. Just like sex(an expression of intimacy) will cause you to give birth to a baby, intimacy with a friend can give birth to so much greatness.

While observing how Dr. Intimacy and Ms. Casey looks and talks to each other, I feel in my spirit genuine intimacy, which is something I haven’t had in my life with any person. It provoked a Godly jealousy in me, motivating me to deny all my wimpy fears and step out on Faith. Their is just so much greatness between them that it is admiring, and I’d leave anything in this world just to have intimacy with someone. Although they get upset at each other sometimes, they stick together. They expose their faults to one another, yet don’t condemn or gossip about each other.They are fully themselves around one another, yet still accept one another. They have attacked every area that I have been so terrified to ever enter, yet have achieved greatness.

The amazing this is that they just met only 3 weeks ago, yet through their intimacy they have achieved more than some friendships do in a lifetime. I’m literally seeing before my eyes the cultivation of intimacy and I want that in my life desperately. Matter a fact, I will have it because I make the decision today to become a person of intimacy. I will allow those close to me to see the depths of who I really am and put myself in a position that intimacy can be attained. Intimacy is one of the greatest things on the face of the earth and I am so blessed to get to see the manifestation of it and also receive revelation/wisdom about intimacy at such a early age through Dr. Intimacy and Ms Casey’s lives. I honor and thank them so much.

I will become a person of intimacy and live my best life NOW! I’m very excited about the greatness that will come about through intimacy in my personal life. 🙂

Inspiring Intimacy is a Radio Show on Fishbowl Radio Network(FBRN) in the Blue Bowl on Wednesday Nights at 9pm-11pm CST.

-Jeremiah A. Revival

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