Intimate Confessions: Heart Search and Rescue


Intimate Confessions: “Just because I’m guarded doesn’t mean that I’m stuck-up, bitter or soured on love. It is a sign that every man that has ever had the assignment, obligation and/or privilege to love me has instead: abused, demeaned, neglected, cheated, dishonored, uncovered, trampled under foot and/or utterly crushed my heart. In one way or another relationships have hurt and diminished me, instead of build and increase me. In each  instance, I’ve lost a little more of my capacity to hope and believe in men — both their ability and willingness to love me has come under scrutiny.

So yes, I AM GUARDED! This tiny piece of hope that I now have, is all that I have left. This fraction of functionality that is left in my broken, bruised and bleeding heart is the only thing I have to work with… So I will guard these broken pieces of what remains of the treasures of my heart and the hope of my love with all tenacity and even viciousness if I must! If you come, you better come correct!”

TIP: A broken woman is like a valuable treasure buried in a field of land mines. She is worth having, but you must carefully and cautiously navigate through a field of sensitive triggers to uncover and discover her. She is not there by choice. She didn’t put the mines in the field. They are the remnants of dreams broken, wounds inflicted, and debilitating heartaches caused by others. What you need to understand is that what protects her, also confines her. She is trapped there. Although it may be dangerous to pursue her, if you reach and rescue her, she will appreciate, respect, love and honor you for all etrnity!

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~Insights from Dr. Intimacy~ © 2015, Laneen DrIntimacy Haniah

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