Replay of How To Make A Woman Submit

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Wow, tonight’s show was one for the record books!!! Missed the show? No worries, here is the replay in the link at the bottom which leads to our SoundCloud page! Laneen DrIntimacy Haniahand her special guest Donald Graham Jr. shared the naked truth about How To Make A Woman Submit. This topic was needed to be discussed greatly. Many callers called in tonight thanking us for touching on this topic and that they were being tremendously blessed by listening to the radio show tonight. Dr. Intimacy was definitely in the zone and took us swimming into an endless ocean of truth and love! She broke down the naked truth on this topic like you have never heard before and made everything so clear to all the listeners so that we all would be transformed.
Also, we at Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio were so thankful and honored forMinister Donald Graham Jr. to join us on the show tonight! He is such a professional, intelligent, loving, passionate, and respectful man who is not afraid to share the truth. We LOVED having him on the show! He shared great insight and revelations on the topic that made even Dr. Intimacy amazed! Donald and his amazing wife Precious has a passion to see marriages all over the world come into the fullness of their purpose and destiny. To know more about Minister Donald Graham and his ministry, go to his website

Again, be sure to listen to the replay of tonight’s show! You will not regret listening!! Be blessed!…/how-to-make-a-woman-submit



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