From The Strip Club To The Pulpit


From The Strip Club To The Pulpit

Date: April 27, 2016
Time: 9pm-11pm CST
Call in: 214-431-5062
Listen in:

How do you transition from a life of sexual addiction to a life of ministry? What happens to all of the lustful passions that once controlled you? How do you deal with the flashbacks, temptations and the strain of a single and sexless life? This week on Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio, Dr. Intimacy along with special guest Robert Burale, visiting all the way from Nairobi, Kenya, will share the Naked Truth about the challenges of transitioning from the strip club to the pulpit! Call in and join the conversation!

Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio is LIVE on the air every Wednesday night from 9pm-11pm CST, with Creator and Host Dr. Intimacy & Co-Producer J. Revival. Join us as we explore the naked truth about Love, Life & Intimacy!

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By PHONE: 214-431-5062.
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If you already MISSED THE SHOW no worries! Check out all the archives on our SoundCloud page.

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