Transsexuals in the Church: From Death To Life


Transsexuals in the Church: from Death to Life

Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Time: 9pm-11pm CST / 10pm -12am EST
Listen at:

On the next broadcast of Inspired Intimacy, special guest and ex-transsexual, David Arthur, founder of I Belong, Amen! Ministries, will share his powerful testimony with Dr. Intimacy and teach us how we should address this issue in the church. His testimony says it all. Read a snippet below and get the full story on Wednesday!!!

My name is David Arthur, I spent 30+ years in the homosexual & transgender world and I’d like to share what GOD has done in my life, because HE can do the same for you, your child, friend, etc… I am 43 years old now, saved at 37 years old and into that dark homosexuality world ever since I could remember.
I am living proof that HIS Truth, in Love, can, and will, make you free!
From my death-bed in 2009, with full blown AIDS, infections in my brain & blood, virus taking over my body, immune system gone, depression, anxiety, PTSD, diabetes, osteoporosis, unable to walk without assistance and laying in a hospital bed for months just waiting to die to the very moment JESUS CHRIST intervened and rescued me from the mucky waters of this world.
Today my HIV is undetectable, no infections, immune system in full force, depression gone, anxiety removed, PTSD is history, diabetes gone, osteoporosis gone! I have been healed and saved, a Living Testimony. Amen!!

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