Replay of The Importance of Your Destiny: Who’s Influencing the Outcome of Your Life

The Importance of Your Destiny: Who is Influencing the Outcome of Your Life?

Date: June 1, 2016

Have you figured out why you are really on this earth? If the answer is no, you are NOT alone. Many people wander through life without any sense of purpose. Even those that seem to know what their purpose is, still struggle to achieve it. There’s more to life, but that “more” can be hard to attain. What is the secret of purpose-driven people? Could it be their circle of influence? Next on Inspired Intimacy, Dr. Intimacy and Co-Producer, J. Revival, will reveal what they have discovered about how people shape your destiny, in both positive and negative ways. It’s time to pay attention to who is around you and the influence they are having on your destiny! Listen in and join the conversation on the next broadcast!


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