Replay of The Difference Between a Sperm-Donor and a Father

Rap Artist Harmini is privileged to be a single father to his beautiful, ten-year-old son. As his son continues to bring unending joy to his life and the music he writes, Harmini continues to commit his life to raising a legacy in his son, and using his testimony to help produce godly change in the lives of others. Born, Dominic Bonsignore, Gospel Rap Artist, Harmini, became addicted to drugs at age ten and for 12 years ran the streets with local thugs, gang bangers, and drug users. He was hospitalized more than a dozen times for drug overdoses and suicide attempts. Two weeks before being released from prison, Dominic lost his mother to cancer. He was released into the care of his older brother, who was helpless in effecting change in his little brother’s life, but what family, rehab and probation couldn’t do, Jesus Christ was able to accomplish! After a spiritual encounter in 2005, Harmini was set free from drugs and crime and dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel that had transformed his life. In that same year, Harmini received the most delightful and meaningful gift of his life – FATHERHOOD. This week Dr. Intimacy will talk with Harmini about the joys and challenges of single fatherhood, as Inspired Intimacy honors all dedicated fathers for what they do!

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