ABOUT TO BE LIVE: Breaking Negative Relationship Cycles

Breaking Negative Relationship Cycles

Date: July 20, 2016

Time: 9pm-11pm CST / 10pm-12am EST

Call in: 214-431-5062 (Question/Comments)

Listen in: http://www.InspiredIntimacyTalkRadio.com
Do you feel like you are in a never-ending-cycle of bad relationships? Do you escape one destructive relationship only to find yourself in the exact same type of relationship with a new person? Different day, same _____… Well, you know the saying! It’s time to stop repeating destructive patterns. Dr. Intimacy and guest Wanda Scott, Author of I Can Relate, will share the keys to breaking the negative relationship cycle for good. Learn how to identify the four elements of entrapment and finally find the relationship that you want and deserve, next on Inspired Intimacy!
Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio is LIVE on the air every Wednesday night from 9pm-11pm CST, with Creator and Host Dr. Intimacy & Co-Producer J. Revival. Join us as we explore the naked truth about Love, Life & Intimacy!
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By PHONE: 214-431-5062.

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