Transitioning out of the Ghetto

Starting Life Over: Learning how to transition out of the ghetto
Date: 08/31/16

We often hear terms like “turning over a new leaf”, “a new lease on life” or “moving on to the next chapter”. But these phrases are nothing more than useless clichés without the practical understanding of how to really start life over after a rough start or devastating set back. There is a lot to be said about the “opportunities” of those raised in ghettos, but have those who need those opportunities the most really been taught how to take advantage of them? What is the path to a new life? How do you go from rags to riches, from illiterate to educated, from ex-convict to entrepreneur, from dysfunctional to focused and productive? Tonight on Inspired Intimacy, Dr. Intimacy and Jerome D. Johnson will share some keys to help you transition out of the ghetto and into your new life!

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