How Did I End Up Here?

How Did I End Up Here?
Date: 12-28-16
Time: 9pm-11pm CST
Listen at:
Call-in: (214) 431-5062


Like most people, you’re probably evaluating your life as the year comes to a close. And you’re not alone if you find yourself asking, “How did I end up here?” Maybe “here” represents a dead-end relationship you’re stuck in; a stressful job that you hate; a health crisis that could’ve been avoided; a body image that causes insecurity; an addiction that you need to break; living arrangements that are making you unhappy; a family crisis; or debt and lack that you just cannot believe you are still dealing with at your age. No matter what “here” means to you, it’s time to ditch your current situation for the one you really want! Find out how on the next broadcast of Inspired Intimacy. Step into the room #NoSocks and join the Naked Discussion, with Dr. Intimacy, and special guest Wanda L. Scott!

Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio — Naked Discussions About Love, Life & Intimacy… #NoSocks — is LIVE on FBRN every Wednesday night from 9pm-11pm CST, with Creator and Host Dr. Intimacy & Co-Producer J. Revival. Listen on mobile or online and CALL IN LIVE to ask a question or make a comment!

If you already MISSED THE SHOW no worries. Check out all the archives on our website and SoundCloud player.

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