Grace vs Truth pt. 2


GRACE vs. TRUTH pt. 2
When Pastors become Predators
Date: 01-25-17
Time: 9pm-11pm cst
Special Guest: George E. Baker III
Call-in: (214) 431-5062

Last week’s show was epic, as we addressed sexual perversion in the church, referencing #KimBurrell and Eddie Long. Since the show, one of the firsthand victims of the #EddieLongScandalhas reached out to #DrIntimacy and told his story. On part 2 of this topic, the focus will shift from the grace that should be extended when we don’t know the truth about what happened, to how you handle it when accusations are confirmed! There was too much to say and not enough time, so step into the room again #NoSocks, on the next broadcast of #InspiredIntimacy, and join part 2 of this very #NakedDiscussion, on what to do When Pastors Become Predators!

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