From Victim to Victor


From Victim to Victor
When the mighty fall and the fallen rise!
Date: 02-01-17
Time: 9pm-11pm cst
Special Guest: Anthony Boyd
Call-in: (214) 431-5062

After years of trying to find his way back, former private security guard for the late Bishop Eddie Long, Anthony Boyd, is ready to break his silence and share his experiences. What was it really like serving alongside Eddie Long? How did the public scrutiny impact him personally? In the aftermath of Eddie Long’s death, what is Anthony’s next move and his plans to help others find the right path for their lives? From victim to victor — the fallen rise even after the mighty fall! Step into the room #NoSocks, on the next broadcast of Inspired Intimacy, and join our Naked Discussion, on how to recover when you’ve been misled by leadership!

Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio — Naked Discussions About Love, Life & Intimacy… #NoSocks LIVE on FBRN every Wednesday night from 9pm-11pm cst, with Creator and Host #DrIntimacy & Co-Producer #JRevival. Listen on mobile or online and CALL IN LIVE to ask a question or make a comment!

If you already MISSED THE SHOW no worries. Check out all the archives on our website or SoundCloud.

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