I Think I Married the Wrong Person

I Think I Married the Wrong Person!@3x-100
I Think I Married the Wrong Person
When nothing seems to work…
Date: 07-12-2017
Time: 9pm-11pm cst
Special Guest: Joshua Brown (Faith Walker)
Listen on mobile at: http://www.InspiredIntimacy.com
CALL-IN: (214) 431-5062
Is it possible to marry the wrong person? Is that really a thing or is it just an excuse to quit on your commitment when the going gets tough? The notion that “someone else is out there” that you should’ve married can be torture and can sabotage any effort made by your partner to secure your marriage. But then again, maybe there is someone else out there that you should have married, and if so, can your current marriage ever really work? Tonight, Preacher and Rapper Joshua Brown aka Faith Walker Lazarus, will join Dr. Intimacy for this Naked Discussion that addresses what to do if you find yourself in this situation. Next on Inspired Intimacy, #NoSocks!
Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio — Naked Discussions About Love, Life & Intimacy… #NoSocks — is LIVE on FBRN every Wednesday night from 9pm-11pm CST, with Creator and Host Dr. Intimacy. Listen on mobile or online and CALL IN LIVE to ask a question or make a comment!

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