The Lord is dealing with me this morning. I woke up around 4am and could not go back to sleep. That is unusual for me. I knew I needed to pray.

A heavy burden came over me as I prayed worshipped and praised. I kept hearing the word, “ACTIVATE” and that became the cry of intercession…

“Activate us LORD. Activate the Kingdom in us. Activate Your will. Activate Your Purpose. Activate the Mind of Christ. Activate Your Manifested Presence. Activate our health. Activate our finances. Activate Your favor. Activate our gifts. Etc…

Tie up loose ends. Take care of unfinished business. Propel us forward in the stuck places. Bring us to the expected end of old things and activate new things in our lives! HALLELUJAH, ACTIVATE US YUDHEHVAVHEH!”

And as with all prophetic unctions of blessing, this one too came with instructions. Anything that needs to be “activated” always has coinciding instructions on how to accomplish that. The instruction this morning was simple – renounce the “support system” I had put myself in bondage too! I had become an indentured servant to my own insecurity, and in turn soul-tied my success to help I didn’t need, from people that were only meant to give me a boost – not tow me to the destination!

WOW! The Spirit played a recording of me saying to people in the past, things like, “I couldn’t make it without you.” “I need you.” “My life wouldn’t be the same without you.” “I never could have done this without you.”

I could literally hear myself saying these damning words, to undeserving people – all of whom were no longer in my life. I had essentially doomed myself to failure because I had tied my success and effectiveness to their presence in my life! Not only was this damaging to me, it was burdensome to them, and worst if all dishonoring to GOD!!!

So this morning I renounced all of those words of false accolades and undeserved honor that I bestowed on mere human beings – words that belonged only to My Heavenly Father. He is the only one I need and I am ALL SUFFICIENT IN HIM. I freed myself from the bondage of the soul-ties I had created; in fear and insecurity having made my success about who was here helping me, as opposed to HE WHO HAS CALLED AND EQUIPPED ME!

I renounced all of those declarations today, and I released all of those people. I asked YAH to bless whatever they did from a pure heart, and cursed all that was false. I feel so free and so light!And now,


and now I’ve made room for divine and supernatural help.

What I used to depend on feeble people for, GOD has released a labor force of heavenly ministering servants to help me with!

I am sharing this because this WORD is not just for me. It is also yours to receive and implement.

Release and then RECEIVE!

Deactivate inadequate human ties and be ACTIVATED into the SUPERNATURAL EFFECTIVENESS!

Watch what happens next!

Empowerd by Love & Inspired by Intimacy

Laneen A. Haniah

“Dr. Intimacy ~

The Surgeon for Your Soul”

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