How Women Ruin Relationships

How women ruin Relationships


How Women Ruin Relationships
The worse things women do to push away the men they love
Date: 02-21-2018
Time: 9pm-11pm CT
Host: Dr. Intimacy (Laneen A. Haniah)
Crew: Tinika “Southern Bell”, Bryan “Beezy” Wright & Desmond “Mr. Motion” Patterson
Featured Guest: Kaylon McFadden and Louis Medford
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There are so many unhappy men in relationships. On the flip side, there are a lot of dissatisfied single men that would rather remain alone than deal with the drama of a relationship. This may even be contributing to the “sex doll epidemic” that is going on right now! Are women really so bad that a man would rather have a blow-up doll than a real woman? Apparently so for some men. Others “tolerate” their woman but doesn’t feel she deserves monogamy. Then you have those that have stood the test of time but refuse to marry her. And there are those that struggle relentlessly to get it right, with frustrating results. Men, tonight you get to tell the ladies what we can do to improve the chances of “happily ever after” with that special someone. A lot of you are hurting – tonight we give you a voice. Join Dr. Intimacy and the #NoSocks Crew – Southern Bell, Beezy and Mr. Motion – along with our special guest, Musician, Writer, Artist and Record label owner K-Lon and co-host of 411 Sports Talk Radio, Louis Medford, as we delve into this#NakedDiscussion about the things women do to push men away and ruin the relationship! For grown folks only, strip all the way down, #NoSocks… Next on Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio!

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