You Make Me Feel So Good…

You make me feel so good@3x

You Make Me Feel So Good…
Are you responsible for his/her happiness?
Date: 03-06-2018
Time: 9pm-11pm CT
Host: Dr. Intimacy (Laneen A. Haniah)
Crew: Bryan “Beezy” Wright & Desmond “Mr. Motion” Patterson
Featured Guest: Omai Kofi
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CALL-IN: (214) 431-5062

Everyone wants to feel good, and many believe that the “right” relationship will accomplish this. But, do we really enter relationships considering the happiness of our partner? If you think that the relationship should increase your happiness, don’t you realize that he or she is thinking the same thing? So, what if different and conflicting things make you each feel good? Who carries this burden? Do you both focus on only your own happiness, or do you both sacrifice to focus on each other’s happiness? Is it possible to feel good all the time in a relationship? If so, is it even healthy and beneficial? As human beings, we are created with a vast array of emotions. If the Great Designer created us with so many emotional expressions, were we not meant to experience them all? The answer to these questions may surprise you. Join Dr. Intimacy and the #NoSocks Crew – Beezy and Mr. Motion – along with our special guest, Dr. Omai Kofi of the Black Print, for this Naked Discussion about your “obligation” to your partner’s happiness. For grown folks only, strip all the way down, #NoSocks… Next on Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio!

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