Branding is a very important term in our world today. What is really important to understand about “branding” is why it is different from “marketing”.  Branding is, simply put, “the emotional impact that you strive to make on your audience”. Marketing is “promoting your brand, to gain the trust or support of those that are targeted”. This in turns leads to advertising, which is “an attempt to sell a specific product or service that is connected to your brand”. The end objective of these three tasks is that people will eventually give you their hard-earned money, in exchange for your product or service, and that they will do so repeatedly.

This is pretty simple to grasp when it comes to business. However, this concept factors into your everyday life in a very significant, and often unnoticed, way. Keep reading…

I once learned from Earl Nightingale that “everyone is always selling something”. Whether as a parent, friend, lover, employee, CEO, or etc. – you are selling your authority, dreams, relationship status, workplace value, and so on. But if you are always selling something, then you must first be advertising it. And, if you are advertising it, you must have first marketed it. And, to market it, there has to be an “it” to market, which means at some point in time, you had to create “it”. So, what exactly is “it” that we’re marketing? Our brand!

But wait, what brand? I’m so confused… LOL

As a professional Brand Consultant, one of the most important things that I have learned is that YOU ARE ALWAYS BUILDING YOUR BRAND! Whether intentionally or unintentionally, every word you speak, every hairstyle, every outfit, the way you carry yourself, who you associate with, and every keystroke that you publish anywhere online is building your brand. This is not only true in business; it is also true in life. This is what I refer to as Life-Branding,  the (usually unintentional) branding of who you are in this world; the emotional impact you make on the people you encounter from day-to-day.” 

The truth of the matter is, all day, every day, you are subconsciously marketing your “life-brand”. In other words, “you are promoting the way you make people feel about who you are, in order to gain their trust and cause them to believe in you. This is what I call Quality-of-Life-Marketing“. So, what is the purpose of this kind of branding and marketing? It’s the same purpose as any other kind, to get to advertising of course! See, along with life-branding and quality-of-life-marketing, you are “Day-to-Day-Advertising” as well. Which means, “on a daily basis, you are attempting to sell yourself”.

So, let’s put that all in perspective…

We now know that everyone is always selling something. But we’re not talking about a retail store, or service. We are talking about the business of life. In the case of life-branding, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT of your own life! What you are branding, marketing and advertising to sell is yourself. And what every seller needs to achieve success, is a buyer. The seller’s end objective is to make a profit (increase in value). The buyer’s end objective is to improve the quality of their own life through the purchase (increase in happiness).

In this business of life, we must make decisions daily about who we will “buy life” from. The “life-currency” we use is our time, emotion, energy and ingenuity. These are the natural resources of human life and we spend them daily. We spend them on what others are selling and we are usually very choosy about where we spend it and how much we spend! We evaluate, judge and reject whether to make the purchase. We subconsciously ask ourselves, thousands of times a day, “Will this increase my happiness?” Because, who wants to spend money – life-currency – on something worthless? We get that, right? But did you ever realize other people are making the same decision about you every day too?


See, the tricky thing about life-branding is that we do it unintentionally. Most people don’t deliberately put effort into shaping how others see and receive them; being intentional about the emotional impact that is made and overall impression that is left. MOST people do not take the time to create a quality-of-life-marketing campaign, to get people to believe in who they are and build trust as a worthy and valuable human. And although we all day-to-day-advertise, hoping in the end that people will spend their natural resources on what we are selling, we do it without thoughtfulness or any real goal markers for success. We seldom stop to think about the end objective of the buyer in this “business of life transaction”, which is to improve the quality of their own life and progress toward happiness.

The unintentional nature of life-branding causes it to differ from corporate branding, in a most detrimental way. Companies and corporations intentionally shape how you see and receive them, based on what they need you to believe, thereby increasing the likelihood of closing the deal, turning a profit, and increasing in value. But in life, we build our own life-brand based on how we currently see ourselves, not on how we want others to see us. We market based on what we currently believe about ourselves, not what we want others to believe about us. Essentially, a marketing campaign is supposed to convince the audience that your brand will give them a better quality of life. But the marketing we do to promote our life-brand, is based on the quality of life WE THINK WE DESERVE, which is not necessarily the one we DESIRE (or one anyone else would desire either). That is why I call it “quality-of-life-marketing”.

The message is this…

Moving forward, I want you to remember what you’ve learned today. You are always “Life-Branding“, making an emotional impact on the people you encounter. You are always,Quality-of-Life-Marketing“, promoting your life-brand to make the people you encounter believe in you, and your ability to give them the same quality of life that you think you deserve (whether for or for bad). Lastly, you are always, “Day-to-Day-Advertising”, attempting to sell yourself in exchange for the natural resources of other humans, to increase in personal value.  As a friend, lover, parent, child, sibling, employee, boss, consumer, entrepreneur, worshiper, and most importantly, as who you are to yourself – this cycle of branding, marketing and advertising, ensues 24/7.

So please, BE INTENTIONAL ABOUT IT! At the end of the day, (literally and figuratively) the hope is that you have impacted people emotionally, to the degree that you make the right connection. You want to cause people to believe in your campaign, and be willing to give you their life-currency, in exchange for what you are selling of yourself that day. The end objective for everyone involved is that YOU PROFIT, AND THEY BENEFIT. Don’t ever forget that you are always making an emotional impression on those you encounter, promoting an image of who you are, and attempting to get people to buy how you make them feel. If they don’t believe what you are selling is going to improve the quality of their life, you will not close the deal. Even worse, they may pay you with counterfeit currency, or charge you emotionally for wasting their life-currency!

I’m just going to let that last sentence sit; take it in slowly, process the metaphoric implications of that statement…

 In conclusion my friends, the objective of this post is to sell you on this concept. I want you to buy it, improve the quality of your life, and progress toward your happiness. My advertised price is your positive emotional reaction to this concept, paid for with a like, a comment and a share. You’ve just been pitched on Life-Branding, make the purchase and spread the wealth!

Empowered by love, Inspired by intimacy
Laneen a. Haniah
~Dr. Intimacy, The Surgeon for Your Soul~


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The Power of Self-Love – when sex is NOT your god!

The Power of Self Love3x

The Power of Self-Love – when sex is NOT your god!
Date: 02-14-2018
Time: 9pm-11pm CT
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National Loneliness Day… uh… er… um… I mean Valentine’s Day, is here once again. If you are lucky enough to be in a good relationship, you’re probably looking forward to this day. But for millions of single people, this is a dreaded time of year. Valentine’s Day has become a symbol of love. However, it’s not just any kind of love we honor on this day; it is the MOST INTIMATE kind of love we celebrate. Aside from the love of GOD, Self-love is the greatest and most important love of all. It should also be the most intimate love you experience, but many people have confused sex with intimacy and lost the ability to truly love themselves. Join Dr. Intimacy and the #NoSocks Crew – Southern Bell, Beezy and Mr. Motion – along with our special guest, Musician, Writer, Artist and Record label owner Kaylon McFadden, as we delve into this #NakedDiscussion about THE POWER OF SELF-LOVE – overcoming the god of sex, to experience true intimacy with yourself! For grown folks only, strip all the way down, #NoSocks… Next on Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio!

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The Lord is dealing with me this morning. I woke up around 4am and could not go back to sleep. That is unusual for me. I knew I needed to pray.

A heavy burden came over me as I prayed worshipped and praised. I kept hearing the word, “ACTIVATE” and that became the cry of intercession…

“Activate us LORD. Activate the Kingdom in us. Activate Your will. Activate Your Purpose. Activate the Mind of Christ. Activate Your Manifested Presence. Activate our health. Activate our finances. Activate Your favor. Activate our gifts. Etc…

Tie up loose ends. Take care of unfinished business. Propel us forward in the stuck places. Bring us to the expected end of old things and activate new things in our lives! HALLELUJAH, ACTIVATE US YUDHEHVAVHEH!”

And as with all prophetic unctions of blessing, this one too came with instructions. Anything that needs to be “activated” always has coinciding instructions on how to accomplish that. The instruction this morning was simple – renounce the “support system” I had put myself in bondage too! I had become an indentured servant to my own insecurity, and in turn soul-tied my success to help I didn’t need, from people that were only meant to give me a boost – not tow me to the destination!

WOW! The Spirit played a recording of me saying to people in the past, things like, “I couldn’t make it without you.” “I need you.” “My life wouldn’t be the same without you.” “I never could have done this without you.”

I could literally hear myself saying these damning words, to undeserving people – all of whom were no longer in my life. I had essentially doomed myself to failure because I had tied my success and effectiveness to their presence in my life! Not only was this damaging to me, it was burdensome to them, and worst if all dishonoring to GOD!!!

So this morning I renounced all of those words of false accolades and undeserved honor that I bestowed on mere human beings – words that belonged only to My Heavenly Father. He is the only one I need and I am ALL SUFFICIENT IN HIM. I freed myself from the bondage of the soul-ties I had created; in fear and insecurity having made my success about who was here helping me, as opposed to HE WHO HAS CALLED AND EQUIPPED ME!

I renounced all of those declarations today, and I released all of those people. I asked YAH to bless whatever they did from a pure heart, and cursed all that was false. I feel so free and so light!And now,


and now I’ve made room for divine and supernatural help.

What I used to depend on feeble people for, GOD has released a labor force of heavenly ministering servants to help me with!

I am sharing this because this WORD is not just for me. It is also yours to receive and implement.

Release and then RECEIVE!

Deactivate inadequate human ties and be ACTIVATED into the SUPERNATURAL EFFECTIVENESS!

Watch what happens next!

Empowerd by Love & Inspired by Intimacy

Laneen A. Haniah

“Dr. Intimacy ~

The Surgeon for Your Soul”

Ask Dr. Intimacy – Oral sex, sex demons, common law marriage and more!

Ask Dr. Intimacy 2-3-16

Dr. Intimacy is known for bringing the raw truth that liberates people from the chains that bind them. Thousands all around the world would love to sit down and ask her a question about a personal situation. Tonight, take a trip to the spiritual ER and allow Dr. Intimacy to go inside and heal you, as she tackles some of the most common questions asked of her by people from around the globe. One of your personal questions will probably be answered too! Please tune in, you do not want to miss this life changing show!

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Intimate Confession: Unconditonal Forgiveness


Intimate Confessions: “But when I said we would be friends for life and I let you into my heart, I meant it. When I said I Love You For Eternity, I meant it. And along with the word LOVE must come unconditional forgiveness. The two have to go hand in hand. A person who you won’t forgive is a person that becomes your enemy. An unforgiven person is a condemned and unloved person…”

Tip: It is impossible to fully LOVE someone and yet hold unforgiveness in your heart toward them. And guess what? Partial and/or conditional forgiveness is NOT forgiveness at all. You don’t forgive someone in “degrees” as they earn it. You forgive them fully and unconditionally, even BEFORE they ask for it, simply because that is what LOVE does… Selah.

~Insights from Dr. Intimacy~ © 2015, Laneen DrIntimacy Haniah

Reason, Season or Lifetime?

Judas Iscariot was chosen by Yahshuwah (Jesus) Himself, and yet betrayed Him to death. Not everyone that God sends into your life will bless you; some will propel you to purpose through persecution. Persecution doesn’t mean that someone was not sent, it’s simply proof they were never meant to stay.

“Sent by God, but used by satan — Understand People’s Purpose In Your Life!”


~ Insights from Dr. Intimacy ~ © 03/29/2014

Bible Insights, Matthew Chapter 5:23-24

Matthew Chapter 5:23-24 

 “23 So if you are offering your gift at the Temple altar and you remember there that your brother has something against you, 24 leave your gift where it is by the altar, and go, make peace with your brother. Then come back and offer your gift.”

The burden of reconciliation and peace IS ON YOU, when you are made aware of something that someone has against you! It is by NO coincidence that reconciliation is directly linked to your giving. While it is true that not everyone will respond favorably to your efforts to make peace with them, your tithes and offerings are as worthless as ashes if you DO NOT MAKE EVERY EFFORT to seek the forgiveness of those you have offended!

OUCH, that gives me a totally different perspective on financial prosperity! Of course, there is always the option to pursue material wealth through the world’s system, in which case reconciliation is not a requirement. However, if we are going to seek to INHERIT wealth from The Kingdom of Heaven, we must give tithes and offerings, which we learn through this scripture, are null and void without appropriate steps taken toward reconciliation. And the most important part of this scripture is the clause that says, “if a brother has something against you“. This text is not about you “passively forgiving” someone who has hurt you. This is about you going to SEEK OUT those that you have offended or sinned against, when you have knowledge that they have not forgiven you, and you have never authentically and fully attempted to make it right. This is a very deliberate and calculated decision to face the rejection and/or persecution of someone who you know has an issue with you and perhaps even a hatred for you. THIS IS SOOO HEAVY!!!


~ Bible Insights from Dr. Intimacy ~ © 01/03/2014

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I AM MORE Than Your Labels

I am more

Some people bind a label on you and then categorize you in their minds based on that label. Based on their own ill perception of you, which is produced by false and condescending judgement of your past behaviors — no matter how much you change, how anointed you are, or how many other people respect and honor you, those certain people will always relate to you according to their own off perception of who you are.

It is time for you, as an Anointed vessel of the Kingdom, to discern people’s innermost thoughts concerning you and accept the fact that those labels are permanently (or at least indefinitely) established in their hearts.  Stop wasting your precious energy trying to change how people see you. More importantly, stop defining yourself based on their perception of you! Unfortunately, most often times, these negative people are family members and long-term acquaintances that have seen you go through your transitioning process. They are so focused on what you have been through, that they can’t see where you are on your way to. They are so caught up into who you were that they can’t see who you are becoming!

 Rub yourself on the back and tell yourself that it’s OK! People like that will never give you a new label, unless Holy Spirit deals with their hearts, but it’s OK. Them reminding you of who you were, will ensure that you never forget your testimony, so it’s OK!
Therefore, stop trying to change how they see you. Just accept it, but without ever allowing it to affect how you see yourself. Discern their true thoughts concerning you, and then adjust the parameters of your relationship based on their limited sight. Stop trying to get close to people who are deliberately putting distance between you and them! Stop trying to convince family members, and spouses, and co-workers and schoolmates, and church leaders that you are somebody special. Just KNOW that you are somebody special in Christ and walk in it!
Don’t slow down for doubters, haters and naysayers. Instead run on and dare them to catch up to you! Perhaps they will eventually come up to your level, but if they never do, look down at them (not down on them) and be grateful that you no longer dwell in that low place that they choose to inhabit. The truth of the matter is, anyone trying to hold you to your past, is simply because they are stuck there themselves!
This year, limit your interaction with old friends and family members that still treat you like “back in the day”. Don’t go where you are tolerated, but instead where you are celebrated. Those old familiar spirits speaking through them will surely say that you are full of yourself and that you think you are “all that”….
…because you will be!
Full of the God in yourself and all that you can be in Him!
In 2014, don’t sweat it, strut it!!!! 

#KnowWhoYouAre #WalkInIt #BeCelebratedNotTolerated

In the Power of Love,

Dr. Intimacy

Prolific Author and Speaker Specializing in Sex, Intimacy and Worship from a Holistic Perspective –

Crushing the bonds of sexual perversion and healing the bonds of heart-2-heart love & intimacy.

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Higher Education is Optional: Do You Want To Be an Amateur Or a Professional?

The Word of YHWH came to me this morning in prayer. He said that we need to stop perceiving every test/trial/difficulty as an attack of the enemy, while trying to pray it away! As with the Mind of Messiah, we need to perceive and understand that many of our tests and trials are being assigned by Abba and administered by His Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), so that we can go through the necessary learning and training to earn our spiritual degree in His Kingdom University! In every profession, there is training criteria that must be met, in order to be CERTIFIED to practice that profession. Without the proper licensing or degree, we may practice in the same field, but we’re only practicing as amateur! Earning a degree increases earning potential, gives you license to perform special duties, and affords you access to certain elite organizations that only professionals have the privilege to enjoy.

No university will accept just any applicant, and the more difficult it is to gain acceptance to a school, the more of an honor and a privilege we perceive it to be. Yet, how do you regard your acceptance to YKU (Yah’s Kingdom University)? My brothers and sisters, just know this: higher education is optional! Your Father is trying to take you some place higher. He wants to lead you into new degrees of Anointing, understanding, power, blessing, privilege, rewards, increase and intimacy with Him. But no one is REQUIRED to go to college. If you keep praying away your tests and trials, thereby rejecting your acceptance to YKU and aborting your training, you are never going to earn the degree that will grant you access to the higher, deeper and more elite things of YHWH’s Kingdom! You will grow stagnant in the a,b,c’s and 1,2,3’s of the faith; never becoming a proficient and skilled professional in your area of calling; and you will always perform as an amateur!

Let’s stop running away from school and embrace our next level. And to whoever receives and applies The Word of YHWH today, He says, “YOU WILL BE HIS GRADUATING CLASS OF 2014”!!!

#ReceiveHisWord #GiveUsTheStrengthToFinishThisCourse

~The Word of The Living God YHWH through Dr. Intimacy ~ © 12/20/13

The Thief Must Repay, No Matter What!

Man-Getting-Arrested-psd21902A thief was walking along a deserted sidewalk, planning his next heist, when he happened upon what seemed to be a gift handed right to him. Although all of the stores were closed for the evening, the front door to a major jeweler had been left wide open. Without a second thought and with no effort at all, he walked into the store. No alarm sounded, there were no onlookers and no one inside to attend the store. Seizing the opportunity at hand, he greedily took all that he desired, which was everything!

As it turns out, earlier that day during a medical crisis, the store manager was rushed from the store, by ambulance, to a hospital. The medical personnel who attended to him did not realize that he was the only one in the store and that he was responsible for locking up. The store had been left in that vulnerable position for many hours. Many patrons came and went, not understanding why the door was open and why no one was available to help them. Yet, no one dared to take anything because they knew that the store and all of its possessions belonged to someone.

When the owner came to the store the next day, he was very angry about the burglary. The thief had taken everything of value in the entire building.  He was disheartened because, since the door was left open, insurance would not cover the loss. There was no way for him to recover the jewelry, or acquire its monetary value. He would have to close his doors forever. He lost everything and the thief was long gone, enjoying his dishonest gain.

Just as the business owner was packing up all of his things, preparing to close his business, he received notice from the company CEO. You see, his store was a franchised store – part of a large corporation – and the corporation owned the building itself.  What the owner did not realize is that the CEO had installed an undetectable security system in all of his buildings. The system had captured the thief’s identity and tracked him to his very location. The authorities were notified and the thief arrested.

When told that he was being arrested for burglarizing the jewelry store, he protested vehemently, saying, “I didn’t break in. The door was wide open! I had every right to walk into a public building whose door was left open!!!”

To which the authorities replied, “You are correct. You had the right to walk through an open door, but no right to take anything! The items you took did not belong to you!”

At his court hearing, because all of the jewelry had already been sold and could not be retrieved, the thief was ordered to repay the business owner out of his own assets. The repayment was seven times more than the actual value of the jewelry!

The moral of the story is this:

  • No matter how many caretakers fall short in properly covering you
  • No matter how foolish a mistake you make
  • No matter how many doors you leave wide open
  • No matter how much it seems your losses are your fault
  • No matter who says you can’t recover what’s been lost
  • No matter how ignorant you are to the protection you have

YOU BELONG TO YHWH GOD, AND the devil HAS NO RIGHT TO YOU OR ANYTHING THAT BELONGS TO YOU!!! He is a thief and he must repay you sevenfold! It is not the time to throw in the towel and close shop. It’s time to go to your CEO, (Creator & Everlasting Owner), and let Him know that you have been robbed and want to be paid restitution. The eyes of Abba Father are watching everything concerning you, even when it seems He’s not looking. He knows how to find your enemy and how to exact justice against him!!!

In the Power of Love,

Dr. Intimacy

Prolific Author and Speaker Specializing in Sex, Intimacy and Worship from a Holistic Perspective –

Crushing the bonds of sexual perversion and healing the bonds of heart-2-heart love & intimacy.

Copyright © 2013 by Laneen A. Haniah “Dr. Intimacy”. All rights reserved. Please see full copyright and legal notices on this page.

You Can’t Cast Out Love: Part 1 – Fornication and Forbidden Love


This article has been in my belly growing and developing for quite some time now. It feels long overdue, but finally I am in labor to give birth to a revelation that I believe may save some lives and some destinies… and maybe some potentially good relationships that would have otherwise been cast into the fire. So here it goes and I do hope I get some insightful feedback on this one…

“Another day lying on the bed in emotional agony; pain stabbing me in the chest as if a finely sharpened pitch fork is being plunged into my heart over and over again. I feel hollow inside, as if a vortex of nothingness has sucked my spirit into an abyss of blackness. There is no light anywhere around me, there is no joy, there is no comfort, there is no peace, there is no hope… There is nothing except endless, painful, agonizing torture every day.

They told me that it is a spirit of depression, so they prayed to break its hold over me – but it didn’t work. They told me that it was a soul tie, so they prayed to cut it – but it didn’t work. They told me to recite Psalm 23, three times a day for 30 days – but it didn’t work. They told me that it was a spirit of lust trying to draw me into sin and that I must fight against it – repent, bind it, and renounce it, and I shall be free – but that didn’t work either. They all had their explanations, but to no avail. Not one of their methods, prescriptions, remedies, prayers, or scriptures brought relief to the insane ache that constantly resonated throughout my being…”

Have you ever experienced this kind of pain? I know that I certainly have. It is the pain and agony that many experience as a relationship ends. It is the type of pain that is indescribable. It is the type of feeling that only those who have felt it can relate to. I can recall one particularly sudden break-up that left me in this type of pain. The first night after the break-up, I was lying on my bed in the dark, barely able to breathe. Sharp pains pierced my heart with every beat. I was fading in and out of consciousness, as dizziness swirled around in my head. I was sweating and feverish. I could not stand up because my legs would not work. I could not eat, as every part of my body rejected the notion of taking in life-sustaining food, when death lived inside of me. There was the constant taste of metal and blood in my mouth, and bitterness in my stomach.

I was dying – I was literally dying, and it was the first time that I knew someone could really die of a broken heart. I longed for death at that moment. I wanted to die and I could not ever see myself whole again at that time. Thinking of my family, I knew that I had to somehow hold on. In order to make it through the night, I asked a friend to come and stay with me. I knew at the very least, I wouldn’t die there in my home alone. It was a rough night for her though. Every 30 minutes or so, I let out a piercing scream into the atmosphere, without explanation. She didn’t know what was wrong with me, and I didn’t know how to explain it. She asked me if I needed to go to the hospital. But, what would have been the point of that – Can a broken heart be fixed in the ER?

They of church and religion have for too long, erroneously attempted to rectify this type of pain through ineffective methods that often times lead to great frustration for the one suffering. Me being a preacher, I have been guilty of this error in times past. It was not until I had to walk through it that I understood the error in how I had mishandled people who had come to me in this type of pain. I repeated to those seeking my help all of the things that had been said to me, “You need to pray; you need to fast; you don’t need him anyway; God has better things in store for you…” These were all truthful sayings, but they acted as band aids on bullet wounds. The so-called doctors of the faith had misdiagnosed my affliction and prescribed the wrong medicine, based on their wrong diagnosis.

What I have now learned through experience and revelation of the scriptures is that relationships forged in sin, are not necessarily absent of LOVE. Before my fall, I gave way to the common perception of the church. That common perception is this: relationships that do not glorify GOD can have absolutely no element of genuine LOVE. The case with most preachers is that they believe they must immediately disqualify, without further review, any relationship that has even the slightest trace of sinful origins. I believed the same. Being a married preacher of the Gospel at that time of my life, safely within the confines of a “loving marriage”, I could not comprehend how two people could claim to be in LOVE and yet put each other’s mortal souls in danger. I know that I am not the only one who has heard the saying, “real love waits”.

What is “real LOVE” though? Who really knows, and how many of us actually walk in it? If the truth be told, many husbands and wives do not walk in LOVE with one another. Many parents do not walk in LOVE with their children. Many shepherds do not walk in LOVE with their flock. Many Believers do not walk in LOVE with their Savior. And yet, as is so often the case with the spirit of religion, the church society has SINGLED OUT “unmarried couples” to put on display as the ultimate example of a loveless relationship. While conveniently overlooking the hatred, bitterness, rebellion, jealousy, anger, depression, etcetera…, in their own homes and churches, they pick at the splinter in the eye of those that have found a measure of LOVE in some unaccepted or unconventional way. And why are these “unmarried couples” the castaways of the church-world, relationship ethics committee? It is because they are classified as fornicators.

In actuality, most people do not even know what the word ‘fornication’ means. What answer pops into your head when I ask, “What is the meaning of fornication?” If you are like most people, your answer is, “sex outside of marriage”. BANNNNHHHH! Wrong answer!!! Fornication’s literal translation is “illicit sexual activity”. Fornication is the spirit behind masturbation, pornography, adultery, molestation – and also, sex prior to publicly exchanging wedding vows (what many mistakenly refer to as “premarital sex”). However, by that definition, how much fornication is going on in so many marriages? If we apply the same blanket generalization to ALL instances of sexual perversion – that generalization being that in the presence of fornication there is the absence of LOVE – then even many married couples would join the castaway club!

One of the most powerful statements in the bible for me is found in 1 John 4:8, “…GOD is LOVE”. Yahweh GOD and LOVE are actually made equal in this scripture, without prejudice or distinction! Another of my favorites is found in 1 Peter 4:8, “Above all, LOVE each other deeply, because LOVE covers over a multitude of sins.” You see the truth of the matter is LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe because LOVE is the very essence of The Father’s nature.  John 3:16 says, “For GOD so LOVED the world…” The Father sent His son to die for our sins out of the pure LOVE of His essence. Aren’t we all made in the likeness and image of this same GOD who is called LOVE? Yes, certainly we are! Therefore every human being is born with the capacity to LOVE. LOVE is as natural to us as breathing. The capability to LOVE is a part of the standard makeup of every living soul.

There is no one that has become perfectly like The Creator. We are all striving to be like HIM. We are all born with a measure of LOVE, a measure of GOD’s Nature that develops according to how it is nurtured. It is that measure that enables even atheists, skin heads and murders to love those closest to their hearts. Although hard to admit, most of us know these things to be true and have personally witnessed a measure of LOVE being released through someone we would deem totally wicked. That being the case, why is it so hard for some Christians to believe that even though a relationship is forged in sin, there is yet LOVE in the midst of it?  Two homosexuals can be in love; two teenagers can be in love; a mistress can be in love with her married man, and a married man his mistress; a john can be in love with his hooker and a hooker her pimp! And while it is certainly right and proper for a couple to remain sexually pure until they officially unite in matrimony (when that is a righteously appropriate option), we know in this world it very seldom happens that way. Therefore, if we are truly going to help couples that have fallen into this tar pit of fornication escape its grips; we are going to have to start by acknowledging the genuine LOVE that these people share. By attempting to dis-validate their experience of love, we push them into isolation and shut ourselves off from the revelatory insight that can truly set them free.

The bible reads in John 8:32, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” We as church leaders need to be set free by the truth before we can set anyone else free with it. The truth that we need to know in regards to sinful relationships is that these couples do fall in LOVE, and their LOVE covers over the sin of their fornication. The conviction may be in their hearts, but it gives way to the LOVE that consumes them. Pease let no one misunderstand me! I clearly and emphatically declare that pre-wedding-ceremony-sex is sinful; IT IS FORNICATION. Homosexuality is a sin; adultery is a sin; teenage sexual love affairs are a sin. The fornication that is birthed out of these relationships is not a product of LOVE, it is a product of lust. Yet simultaneously, I am also clearly and emphatically acknowledging that there is still genuine LOVE in these relationships that is expressed through sexuality.

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In the Power of  HIS Love,

Dr. Intimacy

Breaking the bonds of sexual perversion ~ Healing the bonds of heart-2-heart intimacy…

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The Devil Wants to Steal Your Worship!

the devil

The two foundational and most critical revelations that I teach are:

1) Yahweh wants to share spiritual intimacy with us in the same way He designed for couples to experience physical intimacy in marriage;

2) The devil’s only agenda in sexual perversion is to steal your worship!

If you get a firm and insightful understanding of these two important truths, your battle with sexual perversion is already half over. So let’s explore the real reason satan is so after your worship, by taking a look at some scriptures in Job.

8“Then the Lord said to Satan, “Have you considered My servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who fears God and shuns evil?”  9Satan answered the Lord and said, “Does Job fear God for nothing? 10Have You not made a hedge around him, around his household, and around all that he has on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land. 11But now, stretch out Your hand and touch all that he has, and he will surely curse You to Your face!” (Job 1: 8-11, NKJV)”

I have heard this text preached many times and in many ways, but I never heard it presented the way the Holy Spirit showed it to me one day, as I was preparing for a conference. He opened up the eyes of my understanding so I could see that this entire story is really about worship. The way the text is translated makes it appear as if The LORD invited satan to attack Job, but this was actually not the case. The context clues of Job chapter 1 make it apparent that the LORD and satan were engaged in a dialogue about satan’s activity on the earth. As satan was being true to his nature, probably bringing heinous accusations against the earth  and boasting about the legal right he had to cause destruction due to people’s sins; Yahweh responded by defending His creation through the example of Job and pointed out to the accuser that His Righteousness was still exalted on the earth. It seems that the conversation probably was something to this effect.

So looking at verse 8 where it reads, “have you considered”, in a different translation of the Hebrew that phrase could mean “have you violently laid a hand upon”. Then when you look at the word “fear” in that same verse that word can also be translated “worship”. So if we read the text again with these different translated meanings, it would read as follows: “’Then the Lord said to satan ‘have you violently laid a hand upon my servant job, there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who worships me and shuns evil?’” This was a taunting dialogue for the enemy because the point that God was making, which is made clear through examining satan’s response, is that Job was under divine protection due to his lifestyle of consistent worship and righteousness.

In chapter 1, The Father lifts His divine protection from Job’s life and gives the enemy liberty to afflict all that he owns. Satan destroys everything in Job’s life, but is not permitted to afflict Job’s physical body. Satan then returns to converse with God and this is what is said in chapter 2:3-5 (using revealed translation) 3Then the Lord said to Satan, “Have you violently laid a hand upon My servant Job, there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who worships God and shuns evil? And still he holds fast to his integrity, although you incited Me against him, to destroy him without cause.” 4So Satan answered the Lord and said, “Skin for skin! Yes, all that a man has he will give for his life. 5But stretch out Your hand now, and touch his bone and his flesh, and he will surely curse You to Your face!”

For many years the book of Job disturbed me because of this phrase in verse 3, “although you incited Me against him, to destroy him without cause”. I asked myself, “Why would Yahweh deliberately stir up satan’s wrath against a blameless and upright man?” It was in searching for an answer to this question that the revelation was made clear. What The God of All Wisdom was really saying is, “You dared me to challenge the worship of Job, my servant. You challenged me to prove to you satan that his intimacy with me means more than all that he has! You provoked me to prove to you that I can allow you to take away all that I have given him and he will still worship me!”

When the Holy Spirit showed me this, I was blown away. Job had experienced the richness of worship and intimacy with The Creator and because of that nothing else mattered to him. Although his possessions were valuable, HIS WORSHIP WAS PRICELESS. That is why even when his wife came against him, he still would not curse God; when Job’s marital intimacy stopped, he still had his worship intimacy with Yahweh. What satan was really after was not Job’s possessions. Satan has access to every earthly possession and wealth imaginable. What he wanted was Job’s worship. He despised, with green envy, the intimacy between Job and the LORD.

Look at all that the enemy did to Job, and yet Job never cursed – or attempted to break his covenant – with The Father. The devil knows this to be the nature of the heart of all TRUE worshippers. Once satan loses you to intimacy with Your Creator, it is unlikely that he will ever retrieve you! He doesn’t care if you have a gift; or work in ministry; or sow large offerings; or fast and pray for long periods in pursuit of selfish ambitions, but he never wants you to experience the fullness of worship and intimacy!  

This is why he so desperately wants to keep you locked into sexual perversion. If you win the battle over sexual sin, you will be transformed into a beautiful and holy vessel of pure worship. And the enemy knows that in that kind of pure worship, there is the release of everything else that Yahweh has for you. Everything is hidden in your intimacy with Him. Satan wants to steal your worship. He wants to steal your blessing, he wants to steal your destiny. In Job 29 we see an even clearer picture of what Job’s worship gave birth to in his life:

2“Oh, that I were as in months past, As in the days when God watched over me; 3When His lamp shone upon my head, And when by His light I walked through darkness; 4Just as I was in the days of my prime, When the friendly counsel of God was over my tent; 5When the Almighty was yet with me, When my children were around me; 6When my steps were bathed with cream, And the rock poured out rivers of oil for me!”

In these verses, as Job reminisces on the way life was before his affliction, notice that he does not mention his possessions. He paints a picture of divine protection, divine favor, divine guidance, divine prosperity, divine wisdom, divine fellowship, divine multiplication, divine ease of living, and a consistent flow of The Anointing! Wow, WOW, W-O-W!!!

There is so much more than just your sexual purity that the enemy wants to take away from you when he sets himself to afflict you with sexual perversion. What he is really after is your worship because all of the blessings that Job enjoyed are connected to your worship. Furthermore, worship is required for The Anointing to flow in your life. So the very next time you are tempted to masturbate, have illicit sex, watch porn, cheat on your spouse, lay with the same sex, be sexually inappropriate with a relative, sell your body for sex, violate a child, molest an animal or lust in your heart – please hear these words ringing loudly in your spirit: THE DEVIL WANTS TO STEAL YOUR WORSHIP! As a matter of fact, say it out loud to yourself three times as loud as you can:




And then, DON’T LET HIM!!!

In the Power of Love,

Dr. Intimacy

Breaking the bonds of sexual perversion ~ Healing the bonds of heart-2-heart intimacy

Copyright © 2013 by Laneen A. Haniah “Dr. Intimacy”. All rights reserved. Please see full copyright and legal notices on this page.

The Conception of Dr. Intimacy – The Powerful Testimony of My Conversion

Wow it blew me away recording the powerful testimony of my life and conversion! Let us never forget where He has brought us from!

~Dr. Intimacy~

Prophecy: The BEST year of your life, or the WORST year of your life…

And thus says YHWH The LORD concerning 2013:


NOW IS THE TIME to position yourself to choose which category you will be in! This WORD is especially applicable to leaders. For your complacency in pursuing the fullness of your purpose has become a stumbling block to those that have been assigned to follow after you. For until you move, your followers cannot move; until you get free, they cannot get free; until you elevate, they cannot elevate.

For those that do make the proper preparation, 2013 will be a year of mind-blowing, over-taking blessings and favor in every area of your life. You will cry from amazement at the goodness of YHWH God. But for those that continue to dwell comfortably in complacency, refusing to fight for destiny, 2013 will be a year of such pressing devastation that many WILL NOT LIVE TO SEE THE END OF IT. In 2013, people will die unexpectedly and will shock those around them. Leaders that are in the way, those that have been a stumbling block due to allowing themselves to REMAIN STUCK, will be moved out of the way!!!

Be not distracted by the holidays. We use the birth of Christ as an excuse every year to indulge in selfish ambitions and the pursuit of worldly gain. The Christ was not born in December. Christmas, correctly called “Xmas”, is a ploy of the enemy to distract people from properly preparing to transition into the new year. The focus on this false celebration to a fake God completely consumes the thoughts of man, woman, boy and girl until almost the very last day of the year – Xing out preparation, Xing out consecration, Xing out gratefulness and thanksgiving, Xing out the ability to quietly hear the direction of The Spirit for your next assignment and how to get there! Yes it is correctly called “Xmas”.

Go ahead and enjoy your family and friends, buy gifts for your loved ones and those less fortunate, but don’t lose focus on the urgency of the hour. How you end your year is how the new year will begin. Why do you think this celebration takes place on the 25th day of the month? It leaves us only 6 days until the beginning of the new year – 6 – the number of the fall of man, the number of the beast, the number that represents his reign of terror in your life yet one more year!

BE NOT DECIEVED PEOPLE OF THE MOST HIGH GOD! 2013 can be either the BEST year of your life so far, or the WORST year of your life so far. It is your actions that will decide. CONSECRATE YOURSELF LIKE NEVER BEFORE.  Don’t wait until the holidays are over. DO IT NOW! Fast, weep, repent: cut off every distraction, lay aside every weight and sin that so easily besets you. Clean up your house, clean up your relationships, clean up your finances, clean out your hearts of greed, lust, bitterness, unforgiveness, covetousness, strife, arguments, pride, gluttony, deception, rebellion, gossip and all manner of evil! Overcome your sinful struggles, you have the victory! Correct every area of disobedience in your life. Complete or take up those neglected assignments that have lain dormant (books, magazines, albums, churches, etc…) This is a sober and solemn time for you to consecrate yourself to prepare for The LORD to do wonders in your life in 2013!!! While the world wastes away in the revelry of the holidays, we must prepare to reign as sons and daughters of The King of Kings in 2013!

The BEST year of your life, or the WORST year of your life… YOU DECIDE TODAY!

~Prophetic Insights from Dr. Intimacy~ © 11/30/2012

Update: New Teachings on My Website

If you are looking for a word for 2013, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS the rhema word delivered and uploaded today on my website. It is about an hour long so get in a quiet place and get ready for a breakthrough.

Also, if you have really been wanting to press in to praise and worship but are struggling to tap in, you definitely want to listen to Pure Worship. No teaching, prophesying or singing just pure praise that you use to usher in the anointing that will help you break through.

I will be uploading more teachings soon. Get the word out.