Happy Self-Love Day!


So, National Loneliness Day… uh… er… um… I mean Valentine’s Day, is almost here once again. If you are lucky enough to be in a good relationship, you are probably looking forward to this day. But for millions of single people, this is a dreaded time of year. Let’s face it, you’re just recovering from holiday loneliness. For months you were bombarded with images of happy families and couples, and now, before you’ve even had a chance to enjoy the reprieve, it starts all over again. It seems like “love is in the air”, for everyone except you. Of course, you have the option to just ignore the day. It could just be another day for you. You don’t have to give it any regard at all. But, I have another idea – a radical notion! What if you were your own Valentine this year?

Regardless of its origins or intended meaning, Valentine’s Day has become a symbol of love. However, it’s not just any kind of love we honor on that day. It is the MOST INTIMATE kind of love we celebrate. Valentine’s is the one day a year that is set aside on the calendar, to celebrate the person that you love the most; the person that you have the deepest connection and intimacy with; the person whose presence in your life matters more than anyone else’s. Sure, it’s commercialized. Sure, Hallmark, Russell Stovers, 1-800-Flowers and Kay Jewelers are probably the driving forces behind all this “love”. But even if “love” is only pushed to the forefront as a smokescreen for a revenue increase, it’s still LOVE at the forefront. Any reason to appreciate love in your life, is a good enough reason!

That being said, why should love NOT be celebrated, just because you don’t happen to have a significant other at this time? As a matter of fact, my point precisely is that you DO have a significant other who deserves to be celebrated, and the significant other is – YOU! Who makes your coffee for you in the morning? Who supports your dreams? Who compliments you when have on a knockout outfit? Who treats you to lunch on hard days? And, who curls up on the couch with you to binge watch your favorite show? YOU DO! It’s all you.

Just think about it… Everything that a significant other will one day provide in your life, at this season of your life, you provide for yourself (hopefully with a few exceptions, lol). Aside from the love of GOD, Self-love is the greatest and most important love of all. It should also be the most intimate love you experience. When I say “intimate”, please understand that intimacy has nothing to do with sex. Intimacy at its core, is about familiarity and fondness; acceptance and support. Don’t you know yourself better than anyone else? Don’t you wake up every morning and accept yourself just as you are? Of course you do, and your love for yourself should be honored and appreciated, above any other person’s love.

So here is my radical idea: This year on Valentine’s Day, if you happen to be single currently, or in a relationship with someone who doesn’t celebrate you – CELEBRATE YOURSELF! Set the day aside to spend some quality with you. Write yourself a card. Buy yourself a gift. Take yourself out on a date. Make an occasion of it. Make you feel special on that day. Tell yourself how grateful you are for your own love, commitment and friendship. It might sound a little silly, but the truth of the matter is, you can’t do for someone else what you don’t know how to do for yourself.

If you don’t know how to celebrate yourself, you won’t know how to celebrate a significant other. If you don’t appreciate your own self-love, how can you appreciate someone else’s love? And if you happen to be the person reading this, who realized at some point during this short article that your self-love is lacking, this is your opportunity to acknowledge that and correct it. Maybe you are not being to yourself what you should be, in the absence of a significant other. Perhaps you are allowing certain areas of your life to be neglected, as you wait for that “special someone” to show up and treat you right. Well guess what? You are that special someone, and it is your obligation to treat yourself right, right now. So happy Valentine’s Day, from you, to you!

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Empowered by Love, Inspired by Intimacy
Laneen A. Haniah
~Dr. Intimacy, the Surgeon for Your Soul~

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Create the World You Want to Live In!

Create the World You Want to Live In!

Yesterday I got dressed to hang out with an old friend. Unfortunately they had to cancel, and then it began to storm furiously. All dressed with no place to go, I decided to go to the store. While on the way to the grocery store, I decided to call a new person I’ve met to say hello. I was really enjoying the conversation, so instead of rushing them off the phone to do my shopping, I parked and walked around outside, giving us time to continue to connect .

As I was walking, I looked down and saw a heart-shaped water stain on the ground, left over from the recent storm. I immediately turned on my camera and took a picture of it. There was something very beautiful about it to me — not only the heart, but also that moment in my life…

When we finished talking, over an hour later, I shopped quickly and went home. When I got home, I took my phone out and began to stare into the picture. I could see so much in it, so much beauty, so much raw potential. It was like a story waiting to be written, so I took out my S-pen and began to create the picture I wanted to see — the one that probably made you smile 🙂

I think there is a lesson to learn in all of this. A happy life is about finding the hidden beauty in your world. I could’ve stayed home and sulked because I was disappointed. I could have hid inside because it was storming. I could have rushed my new friend off of the phone because I was busy. I could’ve overlooked the dirty, wet sidewalk because we take such things for granted. I could have ignored the heart-shaped water stain because it was insignificant. But I didn’t make any of those decisions.

Life cancelled my plan, so I seized the moment and made it mine. An old friend wasn’t available, so I made myself available to make a new friend. The world gave me a storm, so I deicided that I would make something beautiful in the aftermath.

Living the life you want is all about the choices you make. Happiness is all about perspective. A lot of people are “waiting for an opportunity” when the fact of the matter is, every breath you take is an opportunity. You can create the opportunity you want. You can be an opportunity for somebody else. You can create the world you want to live in. It’s all about discovering the hidden beauty in your world, and nurturing the raw potential that is LIFE.



Empowerd by Love & Inspired by Intimacy

Laneen A. Haniah

“Dr. Intimacy ~ The Surgeon for Your Soul”



(c) 2018 ~ Laneen Dr. Intimacy Haniah ~


The Three Stages of Being in Love – LIVE on the air tonight!

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The Three Stages Of Being “IN LOVE”

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Falling in love can be wonderful, but it can also be scary and overwhelming! How do you know if you’re really falling in love? Is it really true that falling in love “just happens” or is it a choice? What happens when people fall out of love? What can you do to ensure a good outcome? This and more as Dr. Intimacy continues to teach us what being in love is really all about!

Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio is LIVE on the air every Wednesday night from 9pm-11pm CST, with Creator and Host Dr. Intimacy, Co-Host Howard J. & Co-Producer J. Revival. Join us as we explore the naked truth about Love, Life, Intimacy!

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Ask Dr. Intimacy – Relationship/Sex Questions!

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Tonight on another addition of Ask Dr. Intimacy, I will be LIVE in the studio giving expert advice on those relationship/sex questions that nag so many of us – Real questions, from real people! We still have room left for a few more questions so be sure to either leave a comment or personally inbox your question while there’s still time. Or even better, call in and ask a question. You do not want to miss this edition of Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio!
Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio is LIVE on the air every Wednesday night from 9pm-11pm CST, with Creator and Host Dr. Intimacy, Co-Hosts Howard J. and Brendon “White Chocolate” Stewart & Co-Producer J. Revival.
Join Dr. Intimacy as we explore the naked truth about Love, Life, Intimacy!
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Are Dating Standards Judgmental?


So, this past weekend I attended a community forum called, “Men vs. Women”. We all openly discussed issues of dating and relationships. One of the ladies asked a question about how to overcome being “judgmental”, stating that when she was on dates, she would immediately begin to pick out a man’s faults and disqualify him in her mind. (Not her exact words, but that was what I got from her question.) The other panelists gave her advice about not being judgmental and  offered her the old adage, “Nobody’s perfect”.
Now let me just say that the lady who asked the question was strikingly beautiful, and being someone who is very frequently told that I am exceptionally beautiful, I KNOW that pretty ladies can be stuck up at times . I admit this. I really had to work on this because pride can turn you from a princess into a frog in a flat second! But does being humble mean that I have to entertain the advances of every male that approaches me, and do so with an open heart and mind?
Something that men don’t understand about the life of an exceptionally beautiful female is that we get approached VERY FREQUENTLY. While that may sound nice, (and admittedly I do enjoy the attention :0) it can be detrimental to my focus.
Time is the most precious commodity on earth; it is more valuable than money to me. Money can be created, but time can never be refunded once spent! I have very lofty goals and never enough time, it seems, to accomplish them all. So as far as my time goes, I guard it tenaciously. As I have gotten older, (I’m 40 now), I have had to learn quick and easy ways to assess a man’s potential and keep it moving if he doesn’t meet basic qualifications. One of the ways I did this was taking the time to identify my major standards and core values. Once I identified them, I made a mental checklist and kept it handy.
The importance of standards is best explained like this. An inch is a standard unit of measurement. One dollar is a standard unit of money. A pound is a standard unit of weight. If I want to lose 20 lbs, I only know how much weight that is because I give regard to the standard and have a scale that is set to that standard to keep me on track. If I have to park within 12 inches of a parking meter to avoid getting a ticket, I only know how to measure that distance because I respect the standard unit of measurement.  If it costs $500 to pay my car note, I only know the significance of that cost because a standard unit of money exists that I understand and follow!
Knowing what you want and don’t want in a potential mate and being consciously aware of that during a meet and greet is NOT being judgmental. Boundaries are meant to keep us safe from unpleasant and/or dangerous experiences. If I, for instance, set a boundary or have a standard of only considering a non-smoker for a mate, it is not judgmental of me to use that guideline when considering a potential marriage candidate. I know how much I looovvvve to kiss. I also know how nauseating it’d be to kiss a smoker, so I already know that the quality of any relationship between me and this person would be greatly diminished.
I respect my time and his time too much to waste it for either of us, nor would I want to be misleading, so I just would not go there with him to begin with. However, I would NOT disqualify this person as a friend, or consider him to be any less valuable as a human being or as a member of the Body of Christ. If I did, that would be judgmental. But on the contrary, he would still have value to me as a person on this earth and possibly even as a friend in my life. I would just approach the continuation of the relationship with an awareness that he doesn’t have the core qualities I know I need in a man that I am going to SUBMIT TO as my Prophet, Priest and King.
One of the male panelist said that if we (us females) were to stop being judgmental and just give the brothers a chance, we might just be the woman that he changes for.
Uh… as far as him “changing for me”…
… ANGHHHHH (buzzer sound), WRONG ANSWER! LOL.
That is a HUGE mistake to make in dating ! Change is never permanent when only done to be acceptable to another human being. Anyone who changes to please you, will change back when they no longer care to please you. A person has to be truly transformed from the inside out and that is a very personal journey. Besides, if I’m sitting across the table looking at a guy saying, “Wow, he’d be a great husband if only he can change, ____, ____, and ____”… Well, now to me THAT IS BEING JUDGMENTAL!
I have to be able to unconditionally accept a man as he comes and be ready to surrender my life in dedication to him JUST THE WAY HE IS the day I meet him, so I better make darn sure that I want to do that. The truth of the matter is, he may never change or even see the need to. Who am I to want someone to live up to my personal standards? Why should he have to change for me, if he likes himself the way he is? I would not want a man to have such thoughts about me, so I cannot justify having them about someone else. He is FINE just the way he is, just not fine for me. And how how do I know that? Because I have standards to measure him by!
So sister girl, if you are being judgmental, I encourage you to humble yourself because beauty is fleeting and vain, and I can say the same things to you fellows out there. But maybe you are not judgmental after all. Perhaps you know it takes 12 inches to make a one foot ruler and you immediately recognize when it’s two inches off – hello! In other words, you have identified your standards and therefore can very easily identify anything that is outside of their measurement. That is not being judgmental or condescending or stuck-up or… any other labeled word. That is you valuing your time and respecting the other person’s time, while protecting everyone’s hearts and emotions.
Like I said Saturday though, to me the bottom line is that we really have to change the way we approach dating as a whole. It is more expedient and organic to just meet someone as a friend and learn to value them as a person, before trying to evaluate them as a mate. If you are not cool enough to be just my friend, why the heck would I want to consider spending the rest of my life with you? So before we call it a date, how about two people getting together as human beings and finding levels on which we can genuinely connect as people? Let’s practice intimate friendship, before we jump into bed and trip into marriage.
I’m just saying…

The Naked Truth About Sex – This Week LIVE on Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio w/Dr. Intimacy!

The Naked Truth About Sex 2

There are so many ideas in society about sex and relationships, but if the human body was intelligently designed by a Divine Creator then doesn’t He have a definitive purpose for creating sex? This week on Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio, Dr. Intimacy will explore the Biblical origins of human sexuality and the mind of GOD concerning it. Why did Yahweh GOD create sex? Let’s talk about it!

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Dr. intimacy LIVE on radio at 9pm CST – Call in!

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This week on Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio we will continue our discussion on surviving infidelity! Dr. Intimacy will dig deeper into the topics opened up on the last broadcast. How do you handle confronting the doer or confessing what you’ve done? How do you determine if you stay or go? What are the keys to restoring intimacy? You don’t want to miss this powerful follow-up!

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Intimate Confessions: Breaking Up


Intimate Confessions: Ending a relationship can be like death, no different than a divorce. It’s important to have some “healthy distractions” in place PRIOR to making the break up official. Give yourself a little time to grieve each day, but keep the rest of your day as full as possible.

Tip: Having some friendly fellowship with the opposite sex can be very beneficial, as long as you don’t turn it into a rebound relationship. In time, all wounds heal. Keep yourself medicated until the pain subsides, otherwise you will return to Egypt!

~Insights from Dr. Intimacy~ (c) copyright 2015 Laneen DrIntimacy Haniah

Intimate Confessions: Always Honor a Man’s Wife!

portrait of stressed young woman with cell phone

Intimate Confessions: One of the worst mistakes I ever made in my life was… this is a tough one… not honoring a wife’s request to end my friendship with her husband! In arrogance and ignorance I smugly told her that was a discussion she should be having with her husband and not me!

What do you think happened next…

…He and I ended up having an affair. See, that wife knew her husband had affections for me that were much deeper than he or I could see and she was trying to protect everyone involved. If I had humbled myself and honored her request, I never would have fallen. It is a mistake I paid for dearly and the consequences follow me to this day. That was not my proudest moment and that wife has never forgiven me, but at least I can use the experience to help others.

So ladies listen up: No matter how special of a friendship you think you have with a man, if his girl/wife is not comfortable with it, the honorable, Godly, lady-like and wise thing to do is to respectfully back out of the friendship. That woman knows her man much better than you, and even if she seems “off in the head” and there is nothing at all going on, you should still show the same compassion you’d want in that situation and not be a stumbling block. Your presence is adding strain to the relationship and that is not something that will go unreciporcated. Take it from someone who found out first hand, the very hard and painful way. PLEASE ALWAYS HONOR A MAN’S WOMAN, EVEN IF HE DOESN’T!!!

See it on YouTube here!

~Insights from Dr. Intimacy~ {c} copyright 2015, Laneen DrIntimacy Haniah

I’m LIVE Tonight on My Radio Show, Call in to Talk to Me!


I’M SO EXCITED about tonight’s show “How to Know When to Call it Quits” with special guest Gerry West!

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Inspiring Intimacy show tonight! 7/22/15

Who’s ready for another week of Inspiring Intimacy!? I sure am!! Last week was the first week of the radio show and it was very fun yet powerful. It was hilarious watching Ms. Inspires and Dr. Intimacy learn how to work the controls in the studio, but I am excited to see how awesome the show will be now that they are more familiar with how everything works. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing this week because of the smoothness of the show and be even more enjoyable for the listeners to listen to.

This week we are having a guest and we are so excited about him coming on the show. His name is Joseph Mayberry and he is an amazing man with an amazing story. Let me share a little about him with you..

“Joseph L. Mayberry, Jr. (Mr. Mayberry) has been writing, producing, recording and performing music since 1989 as a young teen.
Known as lil Joe, he gained an underground buzz from his hard core lyrical delivery. Even though lil Joe was deep into the secular scene, he always maintained a level of knowledge and motivation in his music.
After graduating from College, he moved back to Dallas to pursue his dream and rap career. Lil Joe landed a couple of Independent record deals that fizzled because of illegal funding.
As a result of supplementing his income, he started substitute teaching and eventually became certified in Special Education. Never leaving his passion and as a result of his involvement in education; lil Joe became Mr. Mayberry.
Mr. Mayberry started using his gift to motivate students to pass classes as well as standardized test.
He and his Thick and Thin Family started going school to school motivating student bodies and educators alike.
In 2010, Mr. Mayberry suffered a neurological injury that left him temporarily paralyzed.  After months of rehabilitation he gained feeling in his body again and relearned to walk. On top of learning to walk, he coached a basketball team to the championship and won.
During this era of life, Mr. Mayberry reverted to that which he has known best; rap. The difference this time is that he has become a vessel for the LORD. Being blessed with various beats and GOD given concepts; Mr. Mayberry completed “REHAB FOR THE SOUL” http://www.cdbaby.com/m/cd/mrmayberry4
Continuing in being used as a vessel for the LORD, Mr. Mayberry is set to release his next album entitled The HIS Tape!!! A play on words and not conforming to the trend of hip hop by releasing a mix tape; Mr. Mayberry is acknowledging that GOD gave him the songs and he is giving them back to HIM and the world.”

We are so honored and grateful to have such a overcomer on the show. Not everyone can bounce back from the events that Mr. Mayberry has had to overcome. Along with Mr. Mayberry, Dr. Intimacy and Ms. Inspires have overcome plenty of dramatic events that has occurred in their life as well. With the three of them in the same room, there will be such an overcoming spirit tonight that I know without a doubt that many people who tune-in tonight with be inspired.

We also will be playing some more great music tonight so be sure to stay tuned-in for awesome inspirational songs. Join us tonight for a fun, powerful, intimate, and inspiring time.

Tune in tonight(every Wednesday) on http://www.fbrn.us/_player/blueindex.html at 9pm-11pm.

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You also have the option to watch us live in the studio via ustream at https://www.ustream.tv/channel/inspiring-intimacy. The recording I’m sure will be a sight to see as everyone there is hilarious and also this would be the best way to really connect with us.

If you happen to be busy tonight and can’t watch us live, you can listen to the play back of the show at 9am Thursday morning.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed rest of your day!

Jeremiah A. Revival

Inspiring Intimacy’s First Show

Wow, what a first show! It was awesome that they were actually going to have their own radio show, but it’s even greater that the first show was a success! If you don’t know, I am Ms Laneen “Dr. Intimacy” Haniah’s armor bearer and she just was able to have her own show called Inspiring Intimacy with Co-host Casey Inspires. The show is all about helping people to achieve true intimacy in their life whether that is with God, marriage, friendships, or family, and inspiring you to Live your best life NOW.

The first show accomplished EXACTLY what the mission of the show is. It’s already rare to see that happen on any show, yet even more rare on the first show! I’m not surprised at all though, these are two magnificent unique gems on the earth and they have been divinely connected. Also, I’ve known Dr. Intimacy for 2 years now and I have not seen her disappoint at anything major that she had to do. It’s really cool that she never messes up when it’s “prime time” and I know that is because she yields herself to God and allows Him to take control.

Many people thought the show was very funny, which it definitely was. It was hilarious how Dr. Intimacy and Casey Inspires had played off their newness to the radio show and not knowing how to work the controls. But to go along with all the humor, the show was VERY powerful and impacting. I wanted to cry so much because it was very convicting, enlightening, and motivating. The mission of the show truly did get accomplished yesterday as I am inspired to achieve intimacy and to live my best life NOW. I was very enlightened and convicted because I realized how many opportunities for intimacy I have missed out on because of fear. I’ve been hurt a lot before in the past and I never wanted to give anyone an opportunity to experience intimacy with me. Whenever I would be myself, “friends” would make fun of me. When I would be completely honest about things, “friends” walked away. Whenever I would do what I want, I would get yelled at. So I’ve been living this wrapped up life, not fully living, all because of FEAR. I have tried to conform to be like others so that they would accept me but with that nothing in the friendship is genuine or enjoyable. I have been scared of being hurt by others emotionally so much that I would not allow anyone to get to know the real me. I’ve been scared that if I really exposed who I am that I’d be rejected, yelled at, made fun of, or gossiped about. But that very fear has prevented me from achieving any real greatness in my life. In one of Dr. Intimacy’s audio teachings, she says that “Intimacy causes conception.” Which is true because it takes at least two to achieve anything in life. Just like sex(an expression of intimacy) will cause you to give birth to a baby, intimacy with a friend can give birth to so much greatness.

While observing how Dr. Intimacy and Ms. Casey looks and talks to each other, I feel in my spirit genuine intimacy, which is something I haven’t had in my life with any person. It provoked a Godly jealousy in me, motivating me to deny all my wimpy fears and step out on Faith. Their is just so much greatness between them that it is admiring, and I’d leave anything in this world just to have intimacy with someone. Although they get upset at each other sometimes, they stick together. They expose their faults to one another, yet don’t condemn or gossip about each other.They are fully themselves around one another, yet still accept one another. They have attacked every area that I have been so terrified to ever enter, yet have achieved greatness.

The amazing this is that they just met only 3 weeks ago, yet through their intimacy they have achieved more than some friendships do in a lifetime. I’m literally seeing before my eyes the cultivation of intimacy and I want that in my life desperately. Matter a fact, I will have it because I make the decision today to become a person of intimacy. I will allow those close to me to see the depths of who I really am and put myself in a position that intimacy can be attained. Intimacy is one of the greatest things on the face of the earth and I am so blessed to get to see the manifestation of it and also receive revelation/wisdom about intimacy at such a early age through Dr. Intimacy and Ms Casey’s lives. I honor and thank them so much.

I will become a person of intimacy and live my best life NOW! I’m very excited about the greatness that will come about through intimacy in my personal life. 🙂

Inspiring Intimacy is a Radio Show on Fishbowl Radio Network(FBRN) in the Blue Bowl on Wednesday Nights at 9pm-11pm CST.

-Jeremiah A. Revival