The Untold Story of the Real You

The Untold Story of the Real You

The Untold Story of the REAL You!
Reinventing and revealing your authentic self
Date: 07-19-2017
Time: 9pm-11pm cst
Host: Dr. Intimacy (Laneen A. Haniah)
Special Guest: George Baker, III
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If I asked you, “Who are you”, what would you say? If you are like most people, you’d list off a number of accomplishments, titles, affiliations and indoctrinated ideals. Because the truth of the matter is at some point in life, we lose the connection with our authentic selves, and become a mosaic of other people’s expectations and societal norms. The real you is trapped in a maze of other people’s opinions. You have failed to discover yourself, while struggling to master conformity. Philosopher George Baker III, will join Dr. Intimacy for this Naked Discussion on reinventing and revealing your authentic self. Next Inspired Intimacy, #NoSocks! Join us!

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