37 Years of “BUT GOD” Outcomes to Celebrate This Thanksgiving… HalleluYAH!

Over the next 24 hours, I want to dedicate my praise and thanksgiving to the top 37 “BUT GOD” outcomes in my life. I challenge you to make your own “BUT GOD” thanksgiving list according to the years of your life. It may humble and amaze you when you really sit back to meditate on all of the significant challenges and circumstances The Father has delivered you from. It makes the small stuff fade into insignificance and even the big mountains will begin to look like mole hills!!!

  1. My mother almost aborted me… BUT GOD!
  2. My daddy was a pimp that almost stayed around to infect — uh, I mean — “rasie” me… BUT GOD!
  3. The two people who molested and raped me when I was two could have killed me when they were finished with me… BUT GOD!
  4. The car that stopped an inch away from my body almost killed me when I was three… BUT GOD!
  5. The KKK almost caught me when I five, as they chased me down with ropes and knives in hand… BUT GOD!
  6. My sister was almost too afraid to tell Momma that the step daddy that I loved so much raped her, and he could have stayed around to do the same thing to me and my baby sister… BUT GOD!
  7. The fever of almost 109° almost killed me or left me brain dead just like “they” said it would… BUT GOD!
  8. I almost spent my life in a wheel chair from crippling Lupus pain… BUT GOD!
  9. I could have stayed in that mental institution for the rest of my life… BUT GOD!
  10.  After being raped and molested as a child, I could have been promiscuous at a much younger age… BUT GOD!
  11. I almost married my soul to satan in the practice of witchcraft that I was introduced to as a child… BUT GOD!
  12. I could have become a victim of human trafficking or a hardcore drug addict when I left home at 16… BUT GOD!
  13. I could have died, and very much wanted to, when I abruptly stopped taking the medications at 17 that had kept me alive for nine years… BUT GOD!
  14.  Any of the three separate times a gun was held to my held head, the trigger could have been pulled… BUT GOD!
  15.  One of the jealous girlfriends or wives of the men I gave my body to could have killed or maimed me… BUT GOD!
  16. I could have been killed on the streets by the rival drug gang who took out many of my crew… BUT GOD!
  17. I could almost spent 10 to 20 years in prison when busted in a major federal drug sting at 18 years old… BUT GOD!
  18. I almost never gave birth as a teenage mother to the son that got me off the streets… BUT GOD!
  19. I could have been raped and killed by a serial killer in my days of stripping and prostitution… BUT GOD!
  20. I almost went away to become a Vegas strip prostitute with the friend who ended up with AIDS… BUT GOD!
  21. When the domestic abuser that I allowed into my home crushed my soul and broke my bones, he could have killed me… BUT GOD!
  22. I could have stayed in a situation of domestic abuse for 10 years like my mother… BUT GOD!
  23. I almost committed the murder-suicide of me and my toddler son, just like I was planning to do… BUT GOD!
  24. I could have never cried out to Jesus (YAHashua) to save me… BUT GOD!
  25. All of the contaminated vessels of perversion that molested and mishandled me in the church almost scared me away from ministry forever… BUT GOD!
  26. I almost backslid forever and never came back after falling… BUT GOD!
  27. I could’ve been pregnant by him… BUT GOD!
  28. After a life full of sexual sin and promiscuity, I could have and should have contracted HIV and other incurable diseases… BUT GOD!
  29.  I almost married him instead of the man that became the father of my seven children… BUT GOD!
  30. I could have died giving birth to anyone of my children, just like “they” said I could… BUT GOD! “They” also said I would never be able to have children… double BUT GOD!
  31. My suicide attempt was almost successful… BUT GOD!
  32. The witch doctor that paid thousands of dollars on spells to have me killed almost danced on my grave… BUT GOD!
  33. I almost lost my mind from the weight of poverty and becoming homeless with five young children while pregnant… BUT GOD!
  34. Anyone of my children could have been deformed, maimed, sick, in a major accident, diagnosed with and defeated by major illness, etc… BUT GOD!
  35. I could have blamed God and cursed Him when I found out 4 of my 7 seven children had been sexually molested… BUT GOD!
  36. I could have stayed trapped in a marriage where I wasn’t loved or never recovered from the divorce… BUT GOD!
  37. I could have died in my sins, never receiving the grace and work of the cross… BUT GOD… BUT JESUS… BUT YAHASHUA… NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD!

I could go on and on, but I will stop myself because my family wants to feast on Thanksgiving foods, lol. One more for you for the road though – I could be spending thanksgiving alone… BUT GOD! No matter how dysfunctional your family is, remember that you could be destitute and alone. As long as you all still have breath in your body, there is the hope of redemption and reconciliation because Yahweh loves creating “BUT GOD” outcomes that bring Him GLORYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALLELUYAH!

~Daily Insights from Dr. Intimacy~ © 11/22/2012

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