Understanding Intimacy Part 5: Getting Pregnant with God’s Will

Continuing on with the Understanding Intimacy series we come to part 5. In this post I will share with you the 4th essential lesson that we can learn about our intimate relationship with God through human sexuality. This final lesson is so critical. Have you ever wondered why so many visions, dreams and prophetic words in your life have not yet come to pass? This is going to help you understand it in a way that you never have before! You have to learn how to conceive!

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4. The Creative Power of Worship

The fourth thing that sexual intimacy in the natural teaches us about worshiping God is that we have creative power when we join together with God intimately in worship. Sexual intercourse in marriage not only demands monogamy, establishes covenant and promotes intimacy, but it also gives a couple creative power. The love between a husband and wife can cause a baby to be born here on earth.

The power to create a baby does not come merely from sperm and egg. Something more powerful must first exist in order to afford conception an opportunity. In other words, before a sperm and egg can meet to form an embryo, something has to bring that man and woman together to engage in sex. Sexual intimacy in a marriage ordained by God is fueled by the love that exists between the man and the woman, and it is the power of that love that brings them together.

Let us consider that for a moment. In essence, the love between a husband and wife cannot be seen, heard, touched, tasted or smelt. To us that live in a seen and tangible world love is more of a “concept” than a “thing”. Something is only real in this realm when we can interact with it using our five senses. Yet, the intangible and unseen concept of love can be manifested, or made real here on earth when the sexual intimacy that is fostered by that love causes a living, breathing human being to be conceived and born.

Before the baby is ever born, it already exists inside of the bodies of its parents. The love that the parents share already exists too. But neither the baby nor the love can be seen with the naked eye or actually brought into manifestation, until the couple comes together in sexual intimacy and the husband deposits what is inside of him into his wife. It is as if once the baby is born you can actually “see” the love, by seeing what the physical expression of that love (sexual intimacy) has produced. Even though the existence of the love and the baby was always certain in eternity, a physical vessel was needed to create something that could be considered real here in the earth realm. Thus, the unseen love and the unseen baby, is manifested using our seen, physical vessels.

In just the same way, God’s unseen Kingdom is brought into manifestation here on earth through our seen, physical vessels. We know that Elohim is the Creator of all things and that in the beginning He created everything that we now see through that which could not be seen – the power of Christ (Gen chap 1, Heb 11:3). But after creating all things, He ordained the laws of nature and He now adheres to those laws that He Himself set in order. Therefore, in order for God to manifest things that exists in the spirit realm (the unseen world) here in the earthly realm (the seen world), He must use physical vessels.

Everything that ever has, does now or ever will exist here on this earth has always eternally existed in God’s spiritual Kingdom. Yet by His own sovereignty, the Father chose to use us as a way to get it from “there” to “here”. When we join together intimately with God in worship, we have the same creative power spiritually that an earthly husband and wife does naturally, when they join together intimately with one another in sex. When we worship Him, He makes a deposit in us. His Spirit, His power and all that He is, is implanted into us. We conceive and give birth to His Kingdom and His will and cause it to be done here on earth just as it is in heaven (Mat 6:10).

Why is it necessary though for us to have this creative power spiritually? Just because The Sovereign Lord ordained it so! It cannot be done any other way. Outside of modern medical technology, the way God originally designed it is that without sexual intercourse, a couple cannot conceive a baby – they have no natural, creative power. Without us worshiping God intimately we cannot conceive His Kingdom – we have no spiritual, creative power! The same way that babies exist in the bodies of their parents even before they are ever born, God created in us seeds of greatness. Seeds of the power, majesty, splendor, greatness and glory of His Kingdom already exist within us, but He must first enter into us and fertilize those seeds in order for them to ever become anything more – anything real. He can only fertilize what is in us when we come together with Him intimately in worship, and then we together with the Almighty Creator, can be used as vessels to manifest His creative power.

Just think about it. God could have multiplied the earth in any way that He chose. Every so often a human being could have just popped up out of the soil like a plant. So why did He chose to do it through the process of sexual intercourse and procreation? He designed it this way because He wanted us to understand our creative power when one with Him! How wonderful is our Lord to share with us His awesome power to create. Hallelujah!

In the Power of Love,

Dr. Intimacy

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