2. The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Reference Book 2013 Edition

The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Reference Book 2013 front cover

The first edition of this book, published in 2004, has been read all over the world in countries such as Nigeria, London, Canada, Australia and Germany. The most unique book ever of its kind; it delves deeply into the subject matter of God-designed sexuality, sexual sin and how sex is relative to our worship of God. Thousands of church leaders and lay people have received help in getting understanding and true deliverance concerning issues of sexual perversion. Many more, including those outside of the church, have been touched and encouraged by Laneen’s transparency in sharing her powerful testimony.

The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Reference Book, 2013 Edition includes significant enhancements. Enjoy a dedicated chapter on “sex demons”, also referred to as incubus. There is a new chapter for married couples. Along with these additions, you will find 11 different spirits of sexual perversion discussed in deep and insightful detail, each in its own designated chapter. Also, enjoy powerful application revelations in a section entitled “Insights from Dr. Intimacy”. What you can count on that has not changed is Dr. Intimacy’s heart felt transparency and compassion, which encourages you every step of the way as you read God’s Handbook on Sex Education — The Encyclopedia of Christian Sexuality! Prophetess Laneen Haniah, a prolific author and lecturer better known as “Dr. Intimacy”, gives an enlightening look into the naked truth about sex, intimacy and worship from a holistic perspective.


God’s purpose for sex

• Sexual blood covenants

• Satan’s true motive for perversion

• Intimacy guidelines for marriage

• Seeing perversion when it’s not physically present

• Recognizing perversion in the church

• 12 Steps to deliverance

• Knowing how to tell when you’re free

• Fornication

• Masturbation

• Adultery

• Incest

• Homosexuality


• Prostitution

• Pornography

• Molestation

• Bestiality

• Sexual Lust

• Incubus

• Promiscuity

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16 thoughts on “2. The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Reference Book 2013 Edition

  1. Mystery Fan says:

    For anyone struggling with any kind of sexual perversion, this is a must read. It’s really well-written, and the beautiful thing is, it’s not just a book to read. It’s also a workbook to help you practically carry out the necessary steps to deliverance. I found out about this book when I was feeling at my lowest as a result of my addiction to pornography, and it was like a beacon of light shining in the darkness. Laneen (the author), gives you her back story and she doesn’t write the book with a judgemental tone, but at the same time she lets you know how dangerous any kind of sexual perversion is. I’ve been free for a couple of months now, and I thank God for delivering me through this book. If you really want to be free, get this book. You won’t regret it.

  2. Yolanda A. Wells says:

    Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!!! This book is a must read for anyone. This book helps to expose the hidden tactics of satan and how he operates. Anyone that has ever had to deal with any type of sexual sin and the struggles that it comes with will definately benefit from this book. I am currently reading and going through the deliverance part of the book currently and am experiencing a magnificant breakthrough.

  3. Dr. Yvonne Lewis says:

    In her book, “The Spirits of Sexual Perversion”, author Laneen Haniah presents various forms of dysfunctional sexuality, and the ways to conquer them. This book is a must read for those that are struggling to break free from the web of sexual addictions, as well as those that have family members or friends with the struggle. One of the aspects that I so appreciated about the book is that Laneen doesn’t just describe the problems, she offers remedies and viable solutions. Buy this book for yourself, or for someone that you care about. You won’t regret it!

  4. Anavah says:

    I have had this book for about 1 year now and have read it three times!!! Before I read it I was having intimacy problems in my marriage and struggling with homosexual desires. My husband was also battling pornography. WE ARE BOTH SET FREE NOW AND TRULY ENJOYING OUR MARRIAGE AND OUR SEX LIFE! No matter what type of sexual struggle you are having, I beleive that this book can help you overcome it!

  5. Miss Love says:

    Wow, wow, wow! I don’t even know what to say almost. How do you describe something like this. Only God Himself could reveal these things to someone. These teachings are not in any church, book, or seminary on the planet. This is truly revelatory, mind-blowing, liberating… This book is very well written. It is rich and full. The chapters are easy to read and yet deep and profound at the same time. It truly is testimonial and a reference book at the same time which makes it very unique. I am just impressed. People should read this in a group study, I think it will help a lot. This will be a bestseller with the proper advertising! You are truly a Prophet of The Most High God, no regular person could teach and write like this. It is like Moses writing the Old Testament 5 books, Paul writing the Epistles, Jesus teaching with authority… This is just not normal teaching. It is Anointed, something different. God bless you Prophetess. ~Sister Love~

  6. Virtuous says:


    I have to admit I was a little skeptical about reading this book upon looking at the cover.

    However, once I had opened the book and started reading, there was no turning back (I was completely drawn into it); the testimonies, personal experiences, and the break down of sexual occurrences that I had even experienced in my own life was a real eye opener to why things had not been working out for me with regard to relationships with others (not just my husband)……I trusted no one and because of this, life was just not worth living!!!

    Thank God for the author who was bold enough to touch upon issues that are so hushed in the churches today……You’ve changed my life in a most positive way!!!

    God bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Min. Yvette Ellington says:

    Do you really want deliverance? Bluntly, this book (truly called of God) will only work for those who really want deliverance in the area of sexual perversion; and are willing (and wholly submitted) to allowing Min. Haniah to take them, step-by-step, through the deliverance/healing process! Based solely on the unadulterated and uncompromised Scriptures of the Bible, each anointed word shared by Min. Haniah is invoked by Holy Ghost-inspired revelation and personal experience of Christ’s finished work on the Cross in her life, while serving as a floodlight to one’s soul (mind, will and emotions) exposing what satan wants to keep hidden in darkness.

    I, myself, an incest overcomer, have first-hand experience of God’s matchless power behind this book as it was, in large part, a mighty tool used in the godly counseling I previously received from Min. Haniah. United with the Bible (the foremost Authority in all issues of life), prayer, and submission to her commanding, without concession (yet loving/encouraging) teaching, my deliverance is a manifested reality which, as an ordained minister, I now use to share with others who are bound as I lead them on their journey to becoming overcomers from the demonic spirits of sexual abuse and/or addiction in their lives. God wastes nothing as all things work together for good…!

    To say “The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Handbook” is a provocative read is, by far, an understatement: It is a weapon…a spiritual weapon for spiritual warfare, which as you humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, will eradicate sexual sin from your life…and as you take authority, the lives of those in your future generations. The question now is, “How bad do you want it?”.

    “Sin is no longer your master….” Rom. 6:14

  8. T. Davis says:

    This book is awesome and a answer to my prayers. The author Laneen Haniah created a master pieces with direction from the Holy Spirit to send such an annointed Word of God to many of us who needs deliverance from Spirits of Sexual Perversion. As I was really disappointed with my husbands lust for porno and not knowing what else to do, I came accross this book which not only shed some light on my husband addiction, but also on some of my own issues that were in the dark. Laneen caught my attention and I felt a strong connection, when she opened up herself and explained her history.

    If anyone of your are searching from answers, please stop and look no further. All of you answers are in this book, along with much prayer and sacrifice.

  9. Sherry Lynn Jones says:

    The Spirits of Sexual Perversion is an awesome, anointed read. Author Laneen Haniah, had to be intuned with God to get the revelation that she shares in this book.

    Our church purchased this book for several women in our church, and they’re recognizing strongholds, and have sought God for deliverance. They’re also telling other women that they’ve come in contact with to purchase the book. I strongly recommend this book to any woman struggling with sexual issues, or baggage from the past.

  10. Woman of God Lily says:

    I have to say that “The Spirits of Sexual Perversion” handbook, has been very helping to me personally in finding freedom from direct and indirect sexual sins. This enlightened me as to what strongholds I was struggling with and it gave me a clear understanding of them and provided the tools to obtaining freedom. This book has been a blessing to me and many of my friends!

  11. Samantha Harnsberry says:

    This book is excellent for anyone wanting to come out of sexual perversions–the right way. It gives a biblical view on sex and the sexual sins we fall prey to, and encourages the reader to take the journey of deliverance WITHOUT the condemnation that people tend to experience in a church setting. This is a book I feel will help leaders of a church, and the plain ol’e lay person, to anyone willing to hear that they do not have to be bound any longer.

  12. Sister Butterfly says:

    This book is an awesome tool towards healing and delivering the spirit mind and body of the broken. It is informative, accurate and dangerous to the kingdom of darkness. Anyone who needs healing and anyone who is in ministry should have this book among their arsenal.

  13. Lillian Anderson says:

    I listened to you share your story tonight. It was great! I’m disgusted how “pastors” abuse this office to take advantage of those who are weak. I say this because it has happened to me!

  14. Sean Dixon says:

    his review is from: The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Reference Book: 2013 Edition (Paperback)
    Great Book!! This book is for the Body of Christ! Living in a highly sexual society we need to be informed about the unseen forces attacking us in this area. This book unleashes all the hidden agendas that the enemy uses to keep us in bondage and ignorant of what God originally designed to be a beautiful experience between a Husband and Wife. Great Job Dr. Intimacy !!

  15. im in uganda east of africa,how can i get this book,

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