6. Incubus and Succubus – Sex Demons of the Night

This is the number one most researched topic on my blog so I paid special attention to this page. I received the highest number of comments on this topic on my former blog site. It seems that people are really hungry for understanding of and deliverance from this issue. I once suffered from these attacks myself, so I know how frustrating it can be. That is why I am so glad to be able to share this information with you. It has already helped a lot of people. I pray that it will help many more.


According to www.Meriam-Webstercollegiate.com the definition for these two spirits is as shown below:

Incubus: 1: An evil spirit that lies on persons in their sleep; especially one that has sexual intercourse with women while they are sleeping.

Succubus: A demon assuming female form to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep.

These are just basic, secular definitions of these two spirits which are also commonly referred to as “sex demons” or “night demons”. These demons are primarily spirits of sexual perversion. Whenever we are talking about demons, always remember not to put too much merit into the common names that they are called by. Spirits go by many names; even God and satan are identified by numerous names and titles in the Bible. Night demons are no more than spirits of  lust. They are a powerful, high-ranking class of demons.



Maybe you are wondering how it is possible for demon spirits to have intercourse with humans. Throughout the Bible there is plenty of evidence that spirits can take on some type of physical form and function as such. In the book of Genesis chapter 6 it reads, 1And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, anddaughters were born unto them, 2That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.”  This means in laymen’s terms that demon spirits had sex with human women. Satan, who is a spirit, took on the physical form of a serpent and spoke to Eve (Rev 12:9, Gen 3:1-4). We see another case where God and some angels also took on physical forms and functioned as human beings. If you read in Genesis, all of chapter 18 and chapter 19 through verses 23 (I suggest the New Living Translation for better understanding) you will find proof of this. In the text, The Lord and two angels manifest themselves as human beings. They actually talk, eat, rest, walk, have their feet washed and even sleep. This is proof that spirits can manifest themselves in physical form. There are other scriptures that make reference to this point as well. So there is no need to be mystified by these spirits; there is no question in my mind as to whether or not these spirits do indeed exist. As a matter-of-fact, I know by virtue of my own personal experience that they do exist. The encounters that people share about sex demons are actual experiences, as opposed to schizophrenic episodes which is how doctors try de-validating these experiences.

Whether or not you are being attacked by these spirits is usually pretty obvious. They manifest themselves to your conscious mind and cause you to experience all of the stimulation and physical feelings that take place during intercourse or sexual contact with a physical person. People are sometimes mystified by these spirits. The demons most often reveal themselves to people during the night-time hours, but can manifest themselves at any time of the day. Many people claim to actually see spirit bodies that come and subject them to various sexual acts. These spirits are often violent and will attack you – beating, choking and restraining you. They may even disturb things in your home and break things. Think of them as you would an extremely abusive sex partner or rapist and you will start to get a picture of what these spirits are all about.

Another effect these spirits have on people is causing overwhelming sexual urges in the body. You will know that you are being attacked by demons if the sexual urges are so strong that they completely take over your mind. This can happen at any time but tend to be most common when you are lying down. You cannot think about anything else and it seems like nothing you do to make the urges go away work (i.e. a cold shower, involving yourself in another activity, shifting positions, etc.). It would seem that the only relief for the urge is to have an orgasm by any means necessary. Sometimes you will have the orgasm spontaneously and they are usually stronger than usual. If you have these types of urges THEY ARE NOT NORMAL. Now please understand that I am not saying that every powerful sexual urge in the body is due to a demonic manifestation. Strong sexual urges can be purely hormonal; or just good old-fashioned arousal at the thought of enjoying intercourse with your lover. When sexual urges come on suddenly without warning; at times that seem inappropriate; or without any external stimuli; and you simply cannot control them without having an intense battle, that is when you know they are demonic.

This class of demon is also responsible for sex dreams: those are dreams during which you are engaged in sexual contact or intercourse, or dreams in which your body has a spontaneous orgasm.  And one much less obvious manifestation is nightmares – realistic, graphic, heart-stopping nightmares that rob you of sleep and make you awake frightened.



Looking at Genesis 6 once again we learn that the assignment of these demons is to impregnate you, 4In those days, and even afterward, giants lived on the earth, for whenever the sons of God had intercourse with human women, they gave birth to children who became the heroes mentioned in legends of old.” In this scripture we learn that when these demons had sex with these women that the women became pregnant and gave birth to abnormal children – perversions of nature. Incubus and Succubus are the same class of demon that operated in those times, only now they are looking to impregnate you with spiritual perversion.

Once the spirits get you sexually aroused or subdue you through violence, you let your conscious guards and defenses down. They are then able to plant their evils in yoursubconscious mind, where it will go unnoticed for a long time, while actively causing major damage. It is similar to how a woman who is enjoying intercourse completely gives herself to the man and allows him to plant in her anything that comes out of him. Or even how a girl who is being molested, gives herself over to the control of the molester. Once his seed is inside, she does not know where it goes or what it does, but it could be actively changing her in major ways. She may have conceived or even contracted an STD, but she will not know it for quite some time.

Just as your natural body is fatigued after intercourse, an encounter with an incubus or succubus spirit will usually leave you feeling emotionally and spiritually drained, because they steal virtue from you. In place of what they steal, they impregnate you with their seeds of perversion and lust. Remembering again the analogy of the abusive boyfriend or rapist, know that these spirits want to control you, subdue and make you feel worthless. Although they are skilled at causing extreme sexual pleasure, they make you feel miserable in every other way. The ecstasy that you experience with these spirits is usually exceedingly more intense that natural sex and is highly addictive. This induces guilt because of the pleasure your body experiences, lowering your resistance even more.

The purpose of them causing nightmares is to impregnate you with fear, therefore perverting your faith. One reason for this is that fear induces a desire to seek out comfort. Sexual activity, especially sexual fantasy and masturbation, bring about a temporary sense of false comfort. Therefore, by inducing fear these lust demons cause you to be that much more likely to commit sexually perverse acts. But even more so than that, without faith it is impossible to please God. Which means to pervert your faith is to literally undermine your entire relationship with God and purpose for living. If it is true that all things are possible to them that believe, then the opposite is also true. Without faith we cannot believe anything, which means we cannot accomplish anything because nothing is possible to us in our subconscious minds. People that are afflicted by these spirits will experience a tremendous amount of failure and may even feel “cursed” with bad luck. It is not bad luck – it is simply that your belief system has been perverted.



Remember, my main point is that night demons are simply spirits of sexual lust. So bearing that in mind, let’s consider what lust really is.

1. Lust is a desire for illegal pleasure.

2. Lust is the willingness to meet a natural and legal need or desire in an illicit or sinful way.

For example, to eat is a need for every human being; but to fulfill that need through gluttony (overeating) is lust. To want nice things is a natural desire; but to be willing to meet that desire through dishonesty and trickery is lust. There is nothing sinful about our natural God-given sexual urges; but to fulfill those urges through masturbation and/or sexual perversion is lust. So bottom line – LUST IS SIN – and – SIN IS DISOBEDIENCE TO GOD’S LAW OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.

This is what most people miss in the struggle for deliverance from night demons. There is some open door of disobedience in your life if these spirits are still able to afflict your body. Now for some people, to refer to these sexual lust demons as an “especially named spirit” draws the person into a “victim mindset”. There are so many people who love to be the victim. They don’t want to participate in their deliverance. They just want to continue to feel sorry for themselves and want you to feel sorry for them too: “Oh these big, ol’ bad incubus spirits rape me every night…” I’m not saying everyone, but a lot of people who approach me about night demons are this way.

Truth be told though, no spirit can “rape” you unless you give them access to your body. Unless you are literally in-dwelt by a demon, no demon can access your physical body unless you allow it to. The open door may not have anything to do with sexuality at all. Any type of disobedience can give demons access to your body for its use.  For people who are actively and willfully living in sexual sin, the open door is apparent. It’s the people who are doing what they believe to be right before the Lord but are yet still struggling with these spirits that are the most perplexed. They don’t understand why their tactics for deliverance are not working.

Well please understand that the bible says, “All that is in the world is the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life.” The term “world” in this scripture means “the sin nature of the flesh and the carnal life as being separated from submission to God’s Holy Spirit and His Will”: This is lust, this is sin, and this is disobedience to God. Even if one does not act on a lustful desire, you have still sinned just if the desire is in your heart. This of course doesn’t mean just a fleeting thought of sin, but it means that somewhere in your heart you desire and are willing to carry out a sinful act – you gave it “thoughtful consideration”.

If you are truly serious about getting delivered from night demons then you are going to have to take accountability for not being in your place of authority over these spirits and allowing them access to you through your actions. You have to be willing to really examine your hearts and your lifestyle in the light of God’s truth, and find that open door. Then slam that door shut for good and be free indeed in the freedom of Christ Yeshua (Jesus)!!! Let me help you by listing for you these common, but often overlooked and not understood, doors for night demons.

Fornication – Fornication is a word that can cover any type or act of perversion including adultery, incest, homosexuality, etc… You relinquish your authority over sexual lust when you willfully involve yourself with sexual perversion.

Masturbation – Masturbation is particularly inviting when it comes to the invasion of night demons because through masturbation you sin against your own body and subject it to evil. You become a slave to sin through masturbation.

Pornography – Pornography is also particularly damaging when it comes to these attacks. Pornography is an act that specifically aims to contaminate your mind. The reason that these spirits come primarily at night is because our conscious minds shut down when we are tired and when we are sleeping. It thus leaves us vulnerable to their control and weakens our resistance to evil. Whatever we fill our minds with during our waking hours is what will reign over us while we sleep!

Unforgiveness/Bitterness – Unforgiveness cuts you off from God’s grace and therefore His ultimate protection. Bitterness gives access to every demon of hell to invade your temple and your life!

Carnality – Spending too much time doing non-spiritual activities — even if those activities are not sinful. Any activity that does not purposefully and deliberately build and edify your spirit in the things of God is carnal activity. Remember, we are vulnerable in our minds during the night hours or times of fatigue. That is when we must totally rely on the strength of our spirit man to keep us from evil. If we don’t build our spirit man up then it will not be strong enough to yield to the Holy Spirit and access His empowerment.

Fear/Doubt – Having fear and doubt in your life opens the door to these spirits because they thrive on fear and aim to increase fear in your life. They want you to be afraid because fear paralyzes you and robs you of your faith, which ultimately robs you of your relationship with God and your purpose.

Witchcraft – The Bible says that rebellion is as witchcraft. Rebellion is another word for Disobedience, so in all simplicity witchcraft is to go against God’s way to do it your own way. There are many manifestations of witchcraft that are overlooked such as – astrology, superstitions, chain letters, etc… An especially common but overlooked form of witchcraft is manipulation; manipulating our children and spouses and others that are close to us is so common and it leaves the door open for night demons to attack!

Molestation – Being molested open doors in three ways. First, it often attaches spirits of perversion to the victim. Secondly, it subjects the victim to a mindset of victimization. In other words, you constantly see yourself as a victim. Remember night demons are sexual aggressors and they want you to feel victimized. Thirdly, molestation is another doorway to fear in your life.

Abuse – Remember that these spirits are likened to abusive spouses and rapists, meaning that be a victim of domestic abuse can definitely introduce these spirits into your life.  An abusive situation is a very comfortable environment for such demons.

Emotional Wounds – I say again that these demons are taking advantage of weaknesses. Being wounded leaves us weak and therefore leaves us vulnerable to these attacks. That is why it is so important to be healed.

Soul Ties – If you are soul tied to someone, or something, or some place; that causes you to be spiritually weak, or that is subject to sexual perversion or fear; you have now created an open door for night demons. I’ll have to do an article on soul ties, but for now let me just say that when your soul is tied there is easy transfer to and from the thing that you are tied to.

Spiritual Warfare – The last thing that The Holy Spirit revealed to me is about spiritual warfare. Bearing in mind once again that night demons take advantage of the vulnerability that is a factor when we are sleeping, you have to remember that spiritual warfare causes spiritual weakness. We must be properly replenished in Word and in Worship after engaging in spiritual warfare – this is especially the case when we are warring specifically against spirits of sexual perversion!



Some people think it is fun to be visited by these demons, while enjoying the intense sexual pleasure that they give you. They are very skilled at causing you to feel ecstasy. They are very dangerous though and the consequences of an encounter with them can be utterly detrimental to you spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

It is important to remember that one of the first keys to deliverance from anything is understanding your enemy! As I prayed and studied, not for deliverance but forunderstanding of my enemy, that is when I finally was able to receive the revelation of what I must do in order to get total deliverance. Whether the incubus/succubus spirit is “inside of you”, or oppressing you from without is not a major factor in how to go about deliverance. The process is still the same, although it may be a bit more intense and drawn out for someone who has many of these spirits, and/or for someone who is literally “inhabited” by them.

Remembering that the purpose of an incubus/succubus spirit is to impregnate you, the main key to deliverance is to abort and/or kill that which they have successfully planted in you. The casting out or sending away of these spirits will do nothing to tear down the strongholds that they have successfully built in your life! Therefore, after casting out/binding/rebuking/renouncing/sending away the spirits — do the same to all their offspring and seeds.

Sex demons want to impregnate you with fear which will pervert your faith. They want to impregnate you with lust which will cause you to desire evil things to satisfy and fulfill your soul. They want to impregnate you with different spirits of perversion, especially those of a sexual nature, so you will help their cause by committing sexually perverse acts with others and transfer their seeds. Lastly, they want to impregnate you with rebellion which will lead to an interest in all forms of witchcraft. First it will be the more subtle forms – like manipulation for “good” reasons, horoscopes, and superstitions. It will then escalate to more moderate forms – palm readings, communicating with stars, and good luck charms and trinkets. Finally it will develop into full-fledged satanism – communicating with the dead, calling for assistance from demon spirits and so much more. The assignment of every demon ultimately, is to completely disconnect you from Yahweh God and see you eternally damned!

So here are the steps to deliverance:

1) You must renounce not only the incubus and succubus spirits that have entered into your life, but you must renounce their works. You need to verbally destroy and renounce and murder everything that they have conceived within you and caused you to give birth to. If you fail to do this they will always have access to you.

2) Depending on your level of bondage and what you are involved in sexually, it may take some time and effort to get complete deliverance. It is likely that after step 1 you will have other encounters. If you do have an encounter with a night demon – IMMEDIATELY ABORT WHAT THEY HAVE PLANTED YOU. Think of it as taking a “morning after pill”.

3) DON’T EVER LET AN ATTACK CARRY ON WITHOUT CHALLENGING THE SPIRITS! When an attack begins, say verbally and out loud something like, “I know what you are and what you are here for and I renounce you in Jesus name! My body does not belong to you. It is the temple of the Holy Spirit and I command you to leave me right now in Jesus name! I do not receive your seed into me and will not give birth to your offspring of evil!” As long as you don’t have any obvious open doors in your life, this will usually immediately bring under subjection any assault that takes place while you are awake. This includes those incredibly overwhelming sexual urges that come over you and cause you to have spontaneous orgasms or commit an act of perversion such as masturbation, pornography, or fornication.

As a side note to this step, sexual urges that are not demonic, a simple “mind over matter” approach is sufficient – think about something else, or involve yourself in an activity that requires you to concentrate on what you’re doing. Also, don’t kid yourself! Don’t expect this to work if you are still willfully watching pornography, horror films, listening to sex filled secular music, watching soap operas, reading horoscopes, etc… Demons don’t like to be challenged, they are seeking rest. You offer no challenge to them if you live a willfully carnal and sinful lifestyle — you become a place of rest for them and they ain’t leaving (slang intended)!

4) For those attacks that occur while you are sleeping, renounce these spirits before you lay down and purpose in your subconscious mind to wake up if you start to have a sex dream or nightmare. When you wake up, IMMEDIATELY ABORT ANYTHING THAT THEY MAY HAVE PLANTED IN YOU! This is so important. You cannot let their seeds grow in you. KILL THE SEED! And DO NOT REPEAT what you have dreamed about to at all (unless briefly when in a counseling situation)!!! They want you to speak it out because the power of life is in your tongue. Speaking it out gives birth to it. The words you say after an encounter can either give life to their seed, or bring death to their seed and that is why usually your first unction is to tell someone about it. Furthermore, don’t rehearse the dream in your mind. Cast down the very thought of it from your conscious and subconscious mind. This is so important (and remember this applies to nightmares too).

5) IT IS VERY, VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU CONSECRATE YOURSELF!!! Every spirit must be cast out of your life and every door closed as much as you are capable of doing. That means that you do not willfully involve yourself in anything at all that is sinful or ungodly. When you do fall or make a mistake, you must repent and get up quickly. Not that you will be perfect — no one is — but every sinful and carnal area of your life must be challenged to the max! This is especially true when you are in the midst of a deliverance process. That means that you should commit to fasting and praying, but also omit every evil influence from your life — people, places, things, habits and ESPECIALLY the MEDIA.

6) Get and study the books, “STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons”, and “The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Handbook”. If you are experiencing these attacks, it makes it apparent that you do not have a full understanding of sexual perversion and how to walk in total deliverance. Remember that any weakness in your life will invite these spirits in to attack. You need to have a complete and full understanding of sexual intimacy, sexual activity, and sexual perversion – what it is, the purpose for it, and the remedy. You will learn this in these two books. No sexual stronghold will be able to stand in your life once you learn and apply the principles in these two books. Furthermore, understanding these teachings will help you develop your intimate relationship with God and strengthen all of your relationships.

7) Lastly I remind you once again that incubus/succubus are lust demons. Lust is a force that is ever-present in the earth realm and therefore is not something that you can say, “I will never face this again.” Everyone is subject to the temptations and pressures of lust because it is the passion of satan’s heart, and he is the prince of the world. Not everyone will fall victim, but everyone is subject! Even after you are delivered, anytime that you are spiritually weak it is possible – not likely, but possible – for you to have an encounter with a night demon. If this does happen once you are delivered, just remember to implement the steps above and watch your level of consecration always. You especially want to be mindful of the media that you expose yourself to, the people who you are around and any subtle forms of witchcraft that may be in your life (like horoscopes or manipulation).

I know these steps will work because they worked for me! 

CHECK THIS OUT ON YOUTUBE!!! http://youtu.be/EW77CWne8B4

In the Power of Love,

 Dr. Intimacy

 Prolific Author and Speaker Specializing in Sex, Intimacy and Relationships from a Holistic Perspective – Spirit, Soul & Body


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240 thoughts on “6. Incubus and Succubus – Sex Demons of the Night

  1. Mandy says:

    I believe that I have been dealing with this demon. I was molested when I was younger. I remember having very vivid sex dreams growing up…….sometimes they were so real……….I had never had sex at that time……but my dreams had all of the real feelings that I thought sex would have. Then I got married and I realized that my dream…..was very much like reality. I have been married for a few years now. But I had a dream that I vaguely remember but I remember having an orgasm in the dream. And I had a dream where I had cheated on my husband. And from both dreams I felt very dirty and just nasty like I had really commited these acts in real life. Sometimes when I have dreams like these or nightmares. I can only explain it as I know I am sleep, but at the same time I know I am awake. My body does not move…..but it is like my spririt is awake. I know I sound crazy….but this is so true.
    After having these episodes I usually wake up feeling aroused and I never put two and two together but I would usually end up reading things I shouldn’t read. Last week I had a dream where I could not move and I felt like something was in front of me and I heard a demonic voice and felt heat from its breath…..that they were with me. So after that I knew something was not right.
    After reading your post………I went downstairs and just cried out to God asking Him to come and change me again. I renouced anything that I am doing or have done to invite this into my life. I asked God to fill the void/hole in my life.Then the weirdest thing happened (i am very serious) I have never experienced anything like this in my life. My body began to shake and it felt like something flew from my body and I felt back on the couch. and then it was like I could not move and I just felt evil all around me. I kept praying. Then I was able to get up and then it just felt creepy around my house…….So I began to open the blinds to let the light in…..and then I opened my doors and told whatever was in myhouse to leave because it was not welcomed. I have been making sure I watch what I listen to and watch. I would sometimes watch scary movies………but I am like God I want to be totally holy for You. I am kicking it all out of my life. I use to think oh this small thing won’t hurt. But I do not want to experience this again. Everything must go. Am I crazy or what? Could you bring some wisdom to my situation.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      You hit the nail on the head Mandy! Childhood molestation is the main doorway for incubus and succubus spirits to enter into your life. The other main doorway is witchcraft. There are other ways too such as masturbation, pornography, rape, having sex with people and watching horror films.

      I too thought that these occurrences were no big deal at one point. I didn’t really know that I was dealing with a demon. I thought that my body was just going through these things because I needed to have sex — a spontaneous relief you know (which can happen sometimes, by the way).

      Rest assurred that you are not crazy. These are very real experiences and the way that you described them is very accurrate and consistent with what other people have described to me and what I myself have dealt with — including even the dreams about cheating on my husband.

      Sometimes these spirits can literally live inside of a person. This is usually the case when someone has been molested. Other times these spirits attack people but do not live in them. In your case it sounds like the spirit was in you and was cast out of you yesterday. It probably entered into you when you were molested. You did the right thing by renouncing and praying to God yesterday! However, it sounds like your incubus does not want to leave. You should have felt an immediate peace around you when the demon came out and instead you felt eerie and afraid. If you don’t finish the job, it will attack you again.

      Please order a copy of my book. I think it will really help you alot http://www.drintimacy.com

      • Diana says:

        Greetings Doctor.

        I would like to talk my story.

        I was born with a evil spirit on me, that was sent by a bad person to harm my mother but instead it harmed me while being in my mothers womb a fetus.

        This evil spirit took stages on my body as I grow. And in later years as a teen age girl I found out that it takes intercourse with my body. I past most of my teen age being lazy with very little energy and was mostly in bed taking naps and to know that those are the times when I was being abused. But this evil even do fodder damage to me. Friends I never had and if I do manage to get, the no longer keep my company they flee away from me or turn a enemy, boyfriend I never had, jobs I don’t keep I all times find that people would hate me and dislike me in such a angry way. Even my parents cant too much stand me.

        But one sad think is that I’ve been to numerous sorcerers and they could not help me. When ever the spirit is been taken off my body immediately it comes back and I feel it ; crawls up the bed when I lie down. One sorcerer told me that there is no spell. or magic that can take this off that I must forget about spending out my money to rid of it that it may come off in its own time.

        But then tell me Doctor! How can I wait ? I am now 30 years old and I have nothing in my life as the years go by I find my self very lonely and very much unhappy and with no body whom understands my situation like I do. Some times I even think that I should have died since birth it may would had been better for me. And as the years go’s by I get older and older and letter I wont be able no more to even dream about having a family because then I would be too old because as I told you not even a partner I don’t get. And if I get they would all times go away from me because of the negative energies on my . When some one is interested in me for no reason at all I find them running away from me. So I cant see my self being able to make progress in life. I cant even keep a job something all times go’s wrong. And in general people on the whole has no kind of respect for is like I am nothing and many times this is how I feel an also feel cursed. Who lives like this ? maybe I am the only one?

        Its incredible I merely survive and live all my live thanks to my mother and her husband. I have nothing.

        Some of the symptoms of the presents of this evil been is also milk coming from the breast, swing of moods, excessive anger at times, tiredness, lost of energy that also manifests it self as medical problems sings of madness. And the rest I don’t have to say it you may know it better than I.

      • Hi Dr. Intimacy.

        No way to really put this than to go ahead and say it… I believe I might be possessed by a succubus. Why do I say this? I currently have a boyfriend, been with him for two years. When I met him, he started having nightmares and dreams where he will have intense orgasms. He is also very attached to me, and I can easily control him. Sometimes when I am around him or away from him for too long, he gets ulcers and will throw up blood. He has even said that during sex with me, it is the best feeling he has ever had.

        I have an intense sexual drive, though I cannot ever emotionally connect during sex. If I try, it is no fun nor pleasurable and just feels awkward. Lust during sex is what I thrive for. Though at times, sex is very boring to me, but I use it to control my boyfriend… even other men.

        Yes, I am in a relationship. But over the past few months, every man I talk to becomes attracted and very attached to me. I have them wrapped around my finger, and though I don’t mean to, I can control them with sex. Not even physical, I can do this over skype by revealing my body to these men. I don’t mean to do these things with them… I can’t control it.

        They become obsessed with me, claim they are madly in love with me and want to live the rest of their life with me, and if I don’t talk to them for a few hours they either become very anxious or very depressed… It’s very annoying. Some of them abandon their friends and family for me. One just recently attempted suicide when I decided to try to end things with him due to the guilt that I was feeling. He’s in the ICU now.

        I do feel guilt for the things I do but I also feel pleasure, joy, control. It’s like I feed off of it and I want it, I love this power. It feels wonderful. But I think the normal side of me is feeling guilty. It’s like I’m battling myself, my real self, and the succubus inside of me.

        I’ve been told that I’m enchanting. Men commonly allow me to control them, to hurt them, rape them mentally, emotionally. I know I’m doing it, I enjoy it. It gives me energy, makes me feel powerful.

        I have noticed that even when I go into public, men all around will stop and stare at me. Though that would normally make a woman irritated or feel violated, I enjoy it. I like to imagine myself having wonderful, lustful sex with all of these men that stare at me, especially with the ones that give me control over them.

        Though I feel guilty about the one who attempted suicide a few days ago, I’m also smiling right now because that is how much control I have over people just by sex. …And now I am with his one of his best friends.

        Awhile back, something came over me, an intense sexual urge and the fantasy to allow myself to lie in bed nude and imagine the strong, powerful, pleasurable feeling that would be sex with a demon. I had the longest stamina and the strongest orgasm that day. Since then, the above things have occurred.

        Not positive I am, but I would love your opinion on this…

        Do you think I am a succubus, or possessed by one?

        • Wednesday, I believe that you have been highly deceived by the enemy. He’s deceived you by making you think that you have power By being able to control men with sex. When in reality, you’re in bondage to it! instead of your body/temple being used by the Holy Spirit, it’s being used by these demon. It’s kinda like your body is their house or temple to bring people in for sex. Scary! I believe the spirits that she mentioned above are on you and they are responsible for luring these men to you. Also, whenever you have sex (out side of the will of God aka fornication) you invite these spirits in. This is nothing to be proud about. #Deception 1 John 2:16 says “For everything in the world–the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life–comes not from the Father but from the world.” So fulfilling your lustful desires by pleasing your flesh with attention from men, having sex, thinking about sex is not from God.
          I pray that God opens your eyes to the spiritual warfare that’s taking place in your life. God forbids that you get pregnant or contract and irreversible STD or disease. These are the rewards of sexual sin. Nothing good will come from this lifestyle. You mentioned wanting to commit suicide. Why is that? I think your body and mind is physically and mentally tired. Read the book of Romans. I’m not sure if you are a believer but please began to pray and ask God to continue to reveal the error of your sins. please read Romans, Ephesians chapter 6, and search for scriptures that talk about sexual immorality, lust, fornication,etc. just simply Google these topics. Praying for you!!!

    • Andrea says:

      I’m very frightened that this may be the type of nmalevolent demon that has been attacking me ever since I litterally saw it physically manifest itself in the corners of my bedroom until all the black shadows had consolidated into a swirling opaque figure of sorts. i can see it and im not the only one, my friend saw it too. We can both sense it, but I’m much more sensitive and aware of it than he is.

      • Andrea says:

        It’s been harassing me with more frequency and intesity. it has the ability to alter my thoughts and behavior, it makes me think horrible violent thingelt as if I was about to lose consciousness. I now feel extres. I feel overwhelmed with anger and heat or intense fear accompanied by a coldness that seems to originate from within. I have disturbing dreams and fantasies. I feel unloved, unwanted, unattractive, and hopeless. I get these strong feelings of arousal and no matter bwhat I do I’m unable to achieve even one orgasm and I usually have multiple orgasms. I also experience physical pain. I just had the worst experience to date, I was being raped by it and I feel extremely sexually frustrated, violated and angry, I’m also dizzy, very nauseous and am convinced that this light headedness is going to cause me to faint and once I lose consciousness, I am truly at the mercy of this thing, at least until I awaken, but then again it can attack ferociously in the morning.

    • ladybaby says:

      I’m crying out to Lord daily,incubus still hasn’t left me,i did renounce it all,and i repented and i do it often but it still keeps on coming.I’m happy for you Mandy,you give me hope that mabye one day Lord sets me free too.

  2. Pamela says:

    Yes, I have had these very types of dreams. I just recently has one of a lesbian nature even though I have never had sort of lesbian encounter. All my past relationships have been heterosexual. I have often wondered why this is. But one thing I have noticed, I only encounter these dreams and feelings either when I have watched a movie invloving a sex scene or something of a romantic nature (not pornography) or when I have feelings of loneliness because of my desire to be married again. This is a constant battle I have and I am tired of it!. I recognize these spirits for who and what they are but I want true deliverance. I’ve fasted, I prayed, I read the Word but why am I not set free? I want to walk in the true freedom that only Christ can provide for me. Please give me your wisdom on this subject.

    • Tasha says:


      Your particular post stood out to me, and I wanted to share my own experience with you (and others) as well as some information that I’m sure you will find valuable. I, too, have been raped by a demon; however, my experience was worse because for a long time, I didn’t know it.

      Because this thing has happened to me, I have set out to find as much information as possible so that I can help myself and others. Satan is so clever….but all praises to the Almighty, God is MORE clever and POWERFUL. He is good and He is merciful even when we don’t deserve His grace and mercy. I’m saying this because I want you to know that there is a way out. Be encouraged that God is equipping you with answers on the root of your problem so you can seek deliverance.

      Anyway, a few years ago I visited a church where the congregation was largely African. I’d gone there for prayer about one thing, but the pastor there changed my life completely. He told me that I was being raped by a demon and that I had given this spirit access to me because I watched pornography. At the time I was a virgin, but I have ALWAYS experienced strong lust…even in childhood. I would be mad from the strength of my arousal.

      At about 10 or 11-years-old, I was exposed to pornography for the first time in my life. When I first saw it, my young mind had trouble adapting to what it was seeing. I distinctly remember feeling a kind of painful “ripping” in my spirit. Now I believe maybe it was my innocence being torn away. At any rate, that was the beginning of the end for me. From that moment on, I was very nearly obsessed with pornography and masturbation. It became an addiction.

      Long story short, in college, I would wake up with marks on my thighs. They were very similar to finger marks. I would feel a sort of pain on the inside of my genitals; but I dismissed it because I was a virgin and didn’t lose my virginity until I was 25-years-old. It was after college that I had gone to the church I mentioned before. As you can imagine, having someone tell you that you’re being raped by a demon is very frightening.

      I remember after that day, for about a year I couldn’t sleep in the dark. I would stay awake all night and sleep during the day. I thought, “If I could just make it until the sun comes up, I’ll be okay.” My monthly became VERY painful and VERY messy. I’d never been so afraid and alone in my life…nobody could help me. And to tell the truth, I thought that pastor was the worst person alive for saying something like that to me. I didn’t really believe him until years later.

      I’ve since learned that Satan means business when he sets out to destroy us. We take it lightly, but he is on a campaign to separate us from God, take away all the good things God has for us, take us away from our rightful place in Heaven and destroy us. HE HATES YOU AND ME THAT MUCH. And he has taken with him a host of fallen angels that are also committed to seeing our downfall.

      The term everybody on here needs to research is Spirit Wives and Spirit Husbands (or Spirit Spouses). I’m willing to bet that more often than not, many of us have a spirit spouse. Because we open the door through sin as the author has said (through pornography, molestation, masturbation, etc.), these sexual demons have the legal right to claim us as a spouse.

      It is for this reason that many of us are of a marriageable age, but are still single. If there should be no reason why you aren’t married or with someone, it is because you are already married in the spirit realm; and this demon is very jealous and will see any man/woman who tries to be with you as a threat.

      This demon also doesn’t want to see you happy. So it will bring ruin to your life. Andrea, this is probably why your relationships have been difficult; and it is probably why you can’t keep a job.

      My life has been difficult. Hurdle after hurdle after hurdle. Fight after fight. No relationship with a man in five years. Confusion (not knowing what to do from one moment to the next). It has been HARD. What that pastor told me has always stayed in the back of my mind. Until recently, I have always been too frightened to really look into what he said.

      Now that I have, I am on the hard road to recovery. I am looking at my life and taking an inventory of it. I realize…I admit, that I suck (excuse my language). For someone who calls herself a Christian and a believer, I have SO much work to do. So now I am on the road to deliverance.

      I believe it will be one that I will have to work on and fight for because these demons will not let go without a fight. But a few months ago when my life was simply in shambles (even more than it is now), I asked God for the truth. I told Him that I needed the truth badly so that I may be set free. And praise Him, that’s exactly what He gave me.

      He has given me the truth; and I would encourage you to ask God to show you what you need to do and where you need to go. He is merciful. I know you want to give up. A few months ago I was evicted from my apartment and tried to commit suicide. But praise God I failed! 🙂 If you don’t remember anything else I’ve said, remember this: the goal of the enemy is to destroy you by any means necessary. He first wants to possess you. And then when he does that, he gets you in a frame of mind where your will is not your own. He strong arms you and has you commit all kinds of despicable acts against God. Then when you are guilty, miserable and downtrodden, he begins to whisper in your ear, your mind and your heart. “You’re nothing.” “God can’t possibly hear your prayer because of who you are and what you’ve done.” “This is too much…why not just end it all?” “You’re better off dead.” If he can get you hopeless enough to end your life or to steal your faith, then he has you.

      But let me tell you that in spite of you and in spite of me, God still sits on the throne. He knows and sees everything…and He knows that Satan has succeeded in deceiving us. But proof that God is just and merciful is that you are on this website with other people who have suffered at the hands of demonic influences. I believe in my heart that this is the first step to the beginning of the rest of your life.

      Please research spirit spouses. Right now I am reading as much as I can on demons. Like the doctor has said, KNOW YOUR ENEMY! I pray for each and every one of you; and I believe that God will not forsake us nor leave us. Satan has succeeded in deceiving us for far too long. But we already know how this ends for him. Glory to God for that!!!

      • Hi, I have read your comment with profound interest. I would advise that you go and see that African Pastor if you are still able to connect him. From my experience dealing with this kind of troubles, you need prayer and the gift of a prophet/revelation. however, if you are unable to meet the pastor again, I would advise you visit the website of this Nigerian based Church “Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry”. God has given them a deliverance ministry and they have numerous publications on this subject, and several testimonies.

        In addition to that, you can also be involved in a personal prayer warfare against the enemies. I will recommend fasting and prayer combine with night vigil. This depends on your level determination and ruggedness. But I will recommend a minimum of 7 day fasting with minimum of prayer 3 hours from 12 midnight (aside from prayers during the day at intervals). The ministry mentioned above have publications containing extensive prayer points inspired by the Holy Spirit that will help you against spirit spouses. I will also recommend praying with Psalm 18 in the night vigil by recitation (confession) and praying.

      • Kina King says:

        THANK YOU for sharing…PROFOUND, TOUCHING, & ENCOURAGING!!! I was beginning to feel a bit hopeless and it is NOT the norm for me…especially after ALL that GOD HAS DONE AND SHOWN me in delivering me out of The Killing fields of Cambodia, raising me up as a BROKEN orphan child, molested, abandoned, rejected, abused, abducted, addicted to drugs, alcohol, the spirit of lust, abortion, adult industry and endless other things…This morning, I was feeling a bit hopeless and afraid…What if I can not close the door due to my husband’s un-repented heart and rebellion against God and I am his wife and ‘unequally yoked’ to him? How can I close the door to these demons then?? My husband would think I was CRAZY if I was to share this article with him. I KNOW GOD IS FAITHFUL AND I JUST HAVE TO TRUST HE’LL COMPLETE THE WORK THAT HE HAS BEGAN IN ME AND MY BELOVED HUSBAND…SOMEHOW…


      • leeman321 says:

        I have to say:
        Thank you! Thank you for all of your insight and shared experiences, and also thanks just as much to the writer of this article. As a Christian, I honestly admit that after reading this, it just set in-
        “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
        ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭6:12‬ ‭KJV‬‬
        I thought I was fighting my flesh, and was trying to defeat if by myself, and now I realise, I’m fighting demons, who are much stronger than I and that I need Gods strength, period. I really appreciate your story and hope you are blessed by that verse as much as I was blessed by your story!

  3. Jennie says:

    Wow I am so blessed to have read this today. I don’t know if I was raped or molested as a child, however I do recall when I was little, my mother sent my brother, my sister and myself to Florida to stay with my father. I am the youngest of four children. He was living in a one bedroom apartment at the time and he used to make my brother and sister sleep on the floor and me alone with him in the bed. And one night I remember him telling me to take my clothe’s off and I said why and he told me because it was hot (that’s all I remember). I know not to long after that situation I started masterbating and having fantasies of having extremely rough sex with strong men at the age of about 5/6/7. I started having sex at age 17, continued masterbating for almost 20years (I am 25 now), and had recurrent sexually explicit dreams. 31/2 years ago I fell asleep, I became completely paralyzed and a great force of evil entered into me through my mouth. I have been so tormented to the point where I wanted to commit suicide. There have been times when these spirits completely take over my mind and have sex with me-and after the situation I feel lifeless. Demons have also tried to possess me to make me rape my nephew, there will be times that I would look at him-and all of a sudden all I see is myself giving him oral sex. But I thank God for prayer and fasting. I have been pleading with God to allow this to stop. The sexually explicit dreams have subsided. However I do have demonic spirits living in me. They have moved so deep in my body that they have attached themselves to my bones and my uterus. I have felt spirits of perversion attach themselves to my womb. It has been a physically and spiritually painful experience. But I am just believing God for my total deliverance. I commend you and honestly thank you for sharing your testimony and your wisdom. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks for any advice. God Bless.

  4. Dr. Intimacy says:

    Please readers, I know it’s a long post but read the entire article to learn how to get delivered from an incubus or succubus spirit. I explain in detail what you need to do. It should address all of your issues.

    I thank you all so much for being bold enough to share your testimonies. It means so much to the readers that pass through. Jennie I found it very insightful how you spoke of the spirits attaching themselves to your womb. Pamela I also like how you brought up the point that this tends to happen to you primarily through the intake of inappropriate media and feelings of loneliness. These are all very important confirming factors in how these spirits operate. Thanks again.

    • tony says:

      If you rear this I truely believe you it is not easy but I wish God’s life to be with you and purify you in Jesus name amen.

  5. Lakisha says:

    My experiences have certainly been evil like the rest of your experiences. There have been plenty of times that i have awaken and felt like something was having intercourse with me and i would feel so disgusted afterward.I could literally feel that it had dropped something in me and it may have been fear because I was full of fear that had goteen worse for the period of the first two years- (im talking irrational fear and almost pure craziness.) The demons would tell me something and i would think it was God so id do it in fear of what God would do to me. Now I know it wasn’t God but this is the mindset I was in at the time Paralyzed form the inside out the most rock bottom a human could get- there was I. In addition, ever since, three years ago, i have felt a particular spirit in me that is constanlty moving in my body. I used to also spit up constantly and i was severly depressed and felt utterly abandoned by God. I felt toatally cast out as a saint because i tried everything, rebuking, fasting, prayer and nothing worked. I was angry at GOd and cursed Him and asked to die because I had never heard of such a thing let alone that demons were real. They even started to change my appearance, i would have a dream of a lion and the next day my face would have a lion’s controtions -the same thing with that of a horse. I was scared for a time to watch tv becaseu some spirit would jump through the screen and attack me- or even to go to church. We would hug at the church and i literally felt demons pass from them into me. I am not lying!!! I mean im talking about various horrendous torments for the past three years.

    Its funny because I did have sex with one person-my first love- and after i had broken up with him, all of these things had surfaced.

    BUT!! before I went through this God gave me Jeremiah 29:11-14
    But is paid attention to verse 14 because i didnt know what it meant. It says, ‘I will gather you from all the places I have driven you, and bring you back to the place whence I caused you to be carried away captive”. LIttle did I know what that entailed, but I knew I was going to go through something. See, sometimes spirits have been there since childhood and hide until an opportune time in order to destroy you. In addition to rejection and anger, I had had sex with a man and had took on whatever spirits he had from previous relationships. And yes, definitely the media and music will get you in bondage- for me especially because I love music!!! But certain music is a part of the devils sorcery to keep our mind, body and soul in bondage. Anyways, during the end of th etwo years when the demons tried to change m appearance, I gave up hop and thats when God said “Enough”!! He has steadily been healing my deep inner wounds and is restoring my fragile relationship with Him. I take note of the difference in my body and soul as he is “gathering me” But it is still a struggle of faith because currently, another demon has literally not let me sleep for five months and counting. All i could do is rely on Gods power as he has steadily delivered my “little by little- He said “little by little I will drive the beast from among you until you have increased enough to take possession of the land.”Exodus 23:29-30 PLEASE READ!! Deliverance is not always a one for all deal, sometimes its a process. But stay in the faith I should have been dead- God has preserved us for a reason.


    • Jennie says:

      Lakisha, thank you so much for your testimony. What you have experienced I have experienced also I was not able to complete my full testimony because of time but I thank you for sharing that. I recently had to leave my job because the torment was so severe that I couldn’t keep my mind. I just wanted to thank you again for sharing that and I pray that God will completely bring you out as well as myself and shed light on situations like this in a greater way. God Bless.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Wow! Thanks for sharing that amazing experience Lakisha. Somehting you said is very, very key – DELIVERANCE IS A PROCESS! This is something that I state in my book over and over again. So many people think that they are just going to fly through this thing and then they get discouraged when it doesn’t happen that way. I love the scripture that you quoted too.

      I hope you read the entire post on how to get delivered from incubus and succubus spirits. I really think it will help aid your deliverance process. I really encourage you as well to purchase a copy of my book. It is a powerful tool that you can use in your deliverance process. It’s still going to take some time, but be as proactive as you can about expediting the process.

      Love ya girl!

  6. Katie says:

    I writing this for my daughter, she is 20 but asked me to write and ask some questions about what she is dealing with. She has had dreams of lesbian relationships, she’s is tormented day and night by recurring thoughts of being with women. She is not a lesbian, and would like to know how to break free of these tormenting thoughts. She is away in college, very lonely. She has a roommate but she is gone most of the time. I pray with her almost every night. She has started to listed to the Word on tape and memorize scripture which seems to be helping, we think this started a few months ago when she and her girlfriends got tatoos against her father’s and my instructions for her not to do so. We listened to a tape by Apostle John Eckhardt that gave us a better uderstanding of how spirits do come with body piercing and tatoos. Her question is how do you break these tormenting thoughts once and for all.


    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Hi Katie,

      This sounds to me like it is clearly the case of some unbroken soul ties and spiritual doors that have been left open. The soul tie could be current or something from the past. This tie must be discovered, broken and the door must be closed. Open spiritual doors are: generational curses, involuntary exposure, spiritual wounds, and voluntary exposure, which includes curses of witchcraft.

      The prayers are helping, but it is not enough. You and she need to be very specific about how this is approached in the spirit realm. I would suggest that you read the entire article again on this because it explains how to get delivered from incubus and succubus. Also, I would really encourage you to purchase my book, “The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Handbook” and the accompanying CDs for yourself and your daughter. Make this investment in her spiritual future and get the fullness of the revelation.

      Thanks so much for reaching out and please write again if you have other questions! book link http://www.drintimacy.com

  7. lesha says:

    Deliverance is a process, and you have to stand your ground firmly. The devil likes to mess with your head, so it’s important to guard your mind, and open your mouth to speak God’s truth and renounce every lie of the evil one.

    Hollywood and the Porno Industry never warns people of the demonic side-effects of sexual perversions and immorality –
    but it’s so real. And many persons are struggling with demonic attacks, suicide and madness. So thanks Laneen for obeying God and sharing your story so that others can be set free by God’s truth.

  8. k9 says:

    O.K. I read most of the comments here. And, yes, I believe there is some sort of perversion and possession that goes on in our minds when we allow outside influences to absorb us in singular thought about sex. I still think it’s an allowance, not an intrusion, but in either case, as you suggest, it involves forces that are not corporeal in origin.

    Bottom line, and something I really want to know, is why are these efforts to corrupt directed towards us, towards man? Do we need to revisit the tree? Why is it that we are equipped with nerve endings (physical), and desires (mental), such that we are tempted throughout our lives?

    I see some common theme on this page, which I can relate to, but which I reject when it comes to sexually deviant behavior – lust, or whatever you wish to claim as your own particular problem.

    I was molested from the age of five, a young boy, by a much older uncle. That did continue until age 13 or so, when I finally became aware of what was normal, and abnormal. Up until that time I was persuaded, by my attacker, that all was natural. And since everything was contained in my family, and I had no outside reference, I finally grew accustomed to it.

    But once I felt something, towards a girl, things took a turn. This was over 46 years ago now. At a time when no one would even admit that this type of ‘thing’ happened.

    So now, after so much time, I find these silly web pages, in some way trying to tell me that if I feel sexually perverted it is because after this molestation period I was (let’s say) infected by Incubus/Succubus demons….?????

    Then I ask, of what nature was my sin? What part did I have, as a victim, to invite becoming such? Why would God, or any other loving force, subject children to such abuse, terror, and lonliness?

    After learning much later in life just how many other children and people have been victims of similar, or even worse crimes, I learned to deal with my past fate. I don’t need to visit these web pages to have some crap shoved down my throat that demons caused the whole thing.

    Demons are people, and people are demons. Not all of them, not even a significant amount of them, but just enough to promote such drivel as what I found here. Talks of demons, and true Christianity, have no real place together.

    God asks one thing, and that is to take responsibility for yourself, your actions, and your deeds – as well as your thoughts. No demon can prevail against you when you take on this responsibility with your whole heart. The day you decide as such is the day you are free. No fanfare, no trumpets – just do it.

    Have fun posting your sexual related stories here – some may enjoy reading it. But for those that do, and for those that post, you only feed the flames that you so much fear. In reality, there is nothing to fear, except… (you complete the rest, it was said once before very eloquently by a simple man.)

    Let it go…

    • Very interesting reference to the ‘tree’…the issue is not that you do not believe…as you are a believer…your god is the false bearer of light…and your intention is to present a diabolical fruit that will taint the truth and full promise of freedom from the defeated kingdom of darkness you call home…your intent and purposr is revealed and your assignmen cancelled by the authority of the matchless name of Jesus Christ and the power of HIS resurrection. Yes and Amen.

    • Hiro says:

      Most of the statements you said are false. In fact I guarentee you from what you said, that you have never experienced this true event.

      Dont be deceived viewers. This is the enemys propaganda in use.
      ( The Spirit of Doubt )

      1) “Why would God, or any other loving force, subject children to such abuse, terror, and lonliness?”

      Answer : Satan and his millions of minions rules this planet. It says so in the bible and you can just take an easy look at our society and know so.

      2) “Talks of demons, and true Christianity, have no real place together.”

      Answer : Lol. For short, but that is false to the core. Read the scripture.

      3) “No demon can prevail against you when you take on this responsibility with your whole heart.”

      Answer : Sounds easy right? Wrong they actually can “prevail against you” through your truest heart. Deliverance can take time for many people.

      4) “The day you decide as such is the day you are free. No fanfare, no trumpets – just do it.”

      Answer : This just keeps getting funnier. Wrong, its not a game of will in your mind and heart. Its a spiritual battle.

      5) “Demons are people, and people are demons.”

      Answer : Wrong, demons are demons they can tempt, deceive, harm, and inhabit people.

      6) “for those that post, you only feed the flames that you so much fear.”

      Answers : Unlike you that have never experienced anything of this sort which is very real, you are being being greatly deceived by satans minions because thats what they want you to think. Getting to the point no one hear is feeding the flames to anything. They are simply discussing what needs to be known as a body of christ to grown, learn, and combat it.

      7) “there is nothing to fear, except…”

      Answer : Thats pretty easy to say but, you havent walked those shoes. Before I was a born again beliver in Christ thats exactly what I thought and that “Does” mostly apply to the physical world, but im sorry to say not the spiritual.

      I had to respond to this with such zeal because I cant stand to see any christian or seeker in christ to be decieved by reading this. Satan wants the whole world to be under his deceit and temptation.

    • Tasha says:


      Your post was written a couple years ago; and I doubt you will read this. I will post a reply anyway. I’m sorry that you went through what you did during your childhood. But having gone through something like that…or having believed what you do doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful.

      In all of my reading, there is one particular knowledge that I have taken away about God. He is honorable and He does everything with decency and order. He will not force us to do anything; and he will not strong arm us the way the enemy does.

      What you don’t understand is there are laws that govern the spiritual realm the same way we have laws governing us. For instance, let’s say a police officer gets a confession from a child molester. This pedophile blatantly tells the officer, “Yes. My victims are little girls. This is what I do habitually.”

      I’m sure that police officer would LOVE to beat that pedophile to death. But all he/she can do is follow the legal process and arrest the offender. It is much the same way in the spiritual realm. There is an order about things. Satan is our attacker and for the time being, he is the prince of this world.

      I, too, wondered why I have gone through the things I have. I’ve wondered, “God, where were you?!” He was right there grieving for me. He was right there setting about a course for my healing and for my deliverance. The fact is, as long as we’re in this world, bad things are going to happen to us.

      They will challenge us and challenge our faith. Think about parenthood. When we send our kids to school and a bully picks on them, that makes us angry. I have a 5-year-old. And if another kid hits him or treats him inappropriately, my natural inclination will be to go down to that school, grab that bully by the collar and fling him around a couple times.

      But I can’t do that. All I can do is go down to the school, talk to the principal, and let the school staff know that I mean business; and the next time this kid touches my child, there’s going to be a problem. What if in all that, my son says, “This bully beat me up in school, mommy. Where were you?!” Not something we want to hear as parents, right?

      I would be lying if I said I knew all the ins and outs of the spirit realm. I’m still in the beginning stages of my learning. But if there is one thing I know, it is that God is not sitting idly by while we’re being attacked. I believe with all my heart that He is there and He has a plan for us.

      One last thing: do you remember what Kevin Spacey said in The Usual Suspects? Very popular line: “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” If I was you, I wouldn’t take Satan, demons or their drive to destroy you, lightly.

  9. girl says:

    I was delivered from these demons by God at my church the first time it was a demon of witchcraft, suicide, self mutilation, self violence, and sexual. I was told not to sin no more less it would come back seven times stronger. It did. These demons are also in and around my boyfriend and they have gotten stronger with him then they were. I know mostly it started with me at an early age being touched by my cousins and maybe even molested by a man but if so I have blocked that but at 10 years old being molested I know I had the spirit a long time. I had masturbated from probably even at three years old but for sure four. I used to when I got a little older lock myself in my room pull my bed in front of the door and masturbate for hours at 10 years old.Up until I was around 18 I did that but I started being promiscuous at 13 having sex for the first time and in the next few years sleeping with I am sure 30 people. Until my boyfriend now. Shortly after I got with him it stopped or only occurred every once in a while. But what I was saying I was delivered and then I was attacked by first the suicidal spirit attacking him and then it was almost murder suicide which thank God He loves me and gave me a vision of it before hand and my Spirit was stirred for about two days before that and it was a bad feeling in it something was happening and the night before it did I was telling God I didn’t want to be in this world, I just wanted Him to take me and cried to Him. But I was praying to Him and the God I know changes the heart of Kings and he changed his heart and he turned around and came home and said thank you for not getting out of the car. But we were going to go over a cliff and die. Praise to the Most High God that He loves us! Then we ended up sleeping together that night it was very stressful emotional draining day the entire day. And it was not just lustful sex it was violent and I am not violent and neither is he. So then the next day God had planned a prophet from Britain to be at our church in America and I know that one for this specific reason, among other reasons. I was praying in tongues the whole time and I felt sick in my stomach like I could vomit for about three days and especially then I have since found out that was the demon. But after a time and everyone was prepared for it he looked at me and very sternly said “YOU NEED TO BE DELIVERED” and I started screaming in tongues to God I couldn’t even help the screaming it was kind of funny because usually you can start and stop tongues but at that moment my spirit knew what I needed. I couldn’t even control my own body I had people all around me holding me and praying over me and casting out these demons. I didn’t hear much except that I had a spirit of death on me and that sexual spirit was back even stronger but our God is stronger AMEN and He delivered me. The man was prophesying as well because he started saying things that were in my own thoughts and things that my boyfriend had said like “but we are getting married at the end of the month” etc etc. He was talking to the kids there about the dangers of fornication. Then last Sunday I was delivered of a demon that is still oppressing or indwelling my boyfriend and my pastor said it had been speaking word curses against me and that it hated me and I know that’s true because I had discerned it a few times. One time a few or maybe two months ago I was sleeping and my boyfriend was rubbing my back and when I woke up I could hardly move and my first thoughts were something like “I just had a curse put on me” My back hurt so bad and this was deep hurting and it lasted for a couple of days but God took it away and I rebuked it because I had I back problems before and was healed and not focusing on the curse thing I thought it was that spirit attacking. But it tried cursing me again and I could already feel it around me my boyfriend was sleeping but I couldn’t sleep at all in this house I could feel it and I may have saw it in Spirit but im not sure it was like this big bulky demon and it was really dark and couldn’t see any distinction in it but I think I saw it but could def feel it. Well it tried to do that again and on the same night that I was delivered from the same spirit a second time God healed my stomach I was having bad problems in my female organs. But that pain hit me suddenly and it was starting to get really bad and hurt really bad and I couldn’t stay in my house anymore I went outside to the car and started praying in tongues to God and it got really loud again and He relieved me. I have been good in the past few days but I am still here and my boyfriend still is not delivered.

  10. shari says:

    I was gang-raped as a teenager. I blamed myself and thought no one would ever love me and was promiscuous. I also masturbated for years. I would get really depressed. I too have had problems with my womb. I have been born again but at night I would experience a supernatural force having sex with me. I have even dreamed of having sex with a women although I am not a lesbian. This spirit would try to choke the living daylights out of me or paralyze me so that I cannot speak or move. I would plead the blood of Jesus and it would go away. I continue to trust in the Lord. I thought that I was the only one going through this but God is good and deliverance is sure.

  11. Frustrated Christian says:

    I became a Christian at 18 years of age. However I have been in bondage to intense sexual urges since I hit puberty and have been unable so far to get victory over lust. I started masturbating about a year before getting saved. At first I enjoyed it and did it many times a day for the first few weeks. Then I setteled down to roughly once a day. When I got saved I realised that the sexual acts which I was fantacizing over were wrong and I had to stop. I tried to stop but the urge was too strong. I asked God for help but still could not get the victory. that was 28 years ago. To be honest, at times I have resigned myself to accepting it and putting deliverance on the “long finger”. There were times that I actively sought to have a sexual encounter but thankfully The Lord intervened. The fantasies keep me awake often at night. I got engaged to a woman I have been dating for a number of years and I know that if she knew about my thought life she would be devastated. Especially since most of my sexual fantasies involve other women. Certain girl’s names in particular bring lust into my mind. In church I look the part in worship and Christian service. I think that some Christians I have known Have an idea that something is wrong. An elder at a pentecostal church I visited during ministry time told me that God had revealed to him that I was having problems with my sexual thoughts. I felt really ashamed but realised that he was right. He and the Pastor prayed for me and I thought that I was about to walk in victory. However I masturbated that night. During my twenties most of my sexual fantasies involved children (only girls). Although I hated the thought that I could ever harm a child, I think that I would have had consentual sex with a child at that time If I had got a chance. (thankfully I did not get such an opportunity). As I entered my thirties the “peadophilic” nature of my sexual urges dissappeared but the intence sexual fantasies and compulsion to masturbate has intensified. I really do want to walk in victory as a Christian. i really do want victory over sin. I know that at times my ungodly desires could cause me to commit adultery and that wouldcause devastation to others. Oddly enough I only recall having three dreams of having sex. (one was with my fiancee). I do not know if I am poseesed by or controlled by a demonic spirit or if it is an intense case of the flesh. I reallywant victory. Can you help.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      You have a very serious issue and I can certainly understand your frustration. You absolutely cannot get married without going through an intense deliverance process, please I beg of you! You will contaminate your wife and pass these spirits on to your children. It is so good that you reached out. The consistent application of God’s powerful word is the only thing that is going to lift this. The enemy’s hold on you is so strong that you are going to have to loosen his grip before you go in for a full fledge deliverance.

      I worked with another man that had a really intense battle similar to this. I told him to play my spirits of sexual perversion CDs 24/7 for 30 days while he read the book and increase his church attendance. The results were amazing. You need to order the products and get started immediately.


      I will be praying for you.

  12. Child of God says:

    Wow I wish I would have found this website when this first started happening to me in July 2007, this has been so hard to deal with cause hardly anyone knows about it especially in churches. I used to use meth and I thought that’s what it was but I was molested my whole childhood by several different men so im sure it’s been with me since then, maybe even generational. I believe they are cus my mom and aunts are off the hook with dirty jokes and lots of babies daddies. Anyways i used meth for a few years and one of the main reasons I quit meth is because of this thing. I could remember the first time it happened. I lay on the couch in a Minnie skirt. I felt something touching my feet, I looked down to see my toes spreading then pressure up my legs then my skirt lifting,. I was frozen with fear paralyzed. I couldn’t move. Then my body started thrusting. I saw what looked like a water spirit on me. I say water cuz it was see thru. after I had an orgasm ( best orgasm I ever had by the way) I got up called out to jesus and ran to my friends house freaked out. Ever since then it happens to me allot. at first I was really scared and even angry at god. I have given my heart to the Lord so couldn’t understand why it was still happening to me. God gave me 1 cor 12 about Pauls thorn in his flesh, and Gods grace being sufficient. I don’t understand why I haven’t been delivered fully. Ive had several sessions of deliverance and its been violent vomiting, gagging screaming, coughing and sometimes swinging. thats how i got delivered of meth. But my fellow Christian sisters and brothers including my pastor don’t believe I can have this being a Christian. They say a Christian can’t be oppressed to that extent. I am a worshiper an intercessor and they know this. They say I don’t know the authority I have in me, BUT I DO! I have set myself apart I don’t know who to turn to so I search the web hoping I will find answers, it definitely helps knowing im not alone and im not crazy. I knew I wasn’t. im at the point right now where these things no longer have to hold me down it to hard to resist because they are the best orgasms ive ever had and now that I don’t have sex im lonely so its hard to resist. WHAT do I do, I sometimes feel I usher them in. and they actually tell me I do. Did i for get to mention I see them, yes many of them. They are big muscular built. I see them eye to eye at times. I was so terrified when I first saw them, but after so long of seeing them im jus not scared anymore. I used to try my hardest to get up and couldn’t. Then they would let me get up during the orgasm but I couldn’t cus it felt to good. It’s disgusting and embarrassing but im keeping it real. If its sin to have sex out of wedlock how much more with a demon :’<. I know God has called me to great things I am very sensitive to the spiritual realm, as much as I feel the evil I feel the presence of god, I know I will be delivered cuz the battle is the lords, it is finished, im just catching up with it, catching up with destiny if you will. I know I will be able to help others because ive been thru it and unless you’ve been thru it really is hard to believe. I know before this happened to me I wasn’t all sure if god or demons were real but I have not an ounce of doubt now. I have had encounters with Jesus himself and I am forever changed. I will endure and fight the good fight, I am no longer scared , more frustrated, I know god has called me to the deliverance ministry, maybe this is a part of my training, I don’t know, what I do know is what the devil came to destroy mw with , I will turn it around for gods glory. It’s been a lonely road but praise god for my pastor’s wife who has loved me thru this even though prior to me she never heard of this, I need wisdom and knowledge about this, and I will definitely get this book mentioned

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      @ Child of God

      Well, it is obvious to me why this is still happening to you – YOU LIKE IT! That is the bottom line! I know that is probably hard to hear but don’t let it be. It is actually the most empowering thing that I could ever say to you because it negates the notion of victimization. As a victim you don’t have control over what happens to you and that is why sometimes we like “playing” the victim so that we can continue to enjoy our sins.

      When I was newly born again I still smoked weed. I had been smoking for many years and I loved it. After I became born again I had a sense of conviction about smoking weed so “I tried” to stop. I would pray everytime I smoked, “Lord please help me stop smoking weed. I want to stop this. I know it’s wrong.” But to no avail. I would always go back to it. Then one day after getting high, I started to pray that prayer again and God said to me, “Oh just stop it!” I was like, “What God?” And He said, “Just stop it! You keep telling me that you want to stop smoking weed and it’s a lie! I can’t answer a prayer that you are not praying earnestly from your heart. Why don’t you tell me the truth and then I can help you.” I was shocked with this dialogue but it was the truth. God was right. I really had no desire to stop smoking weed. I knew I needed to but I didn’t want to – knowing and wanting are two different things altogether! So at that point I just said, “God I love smoking weed and I never want to stop. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know why it’s wrong. It’s not even in the Bible and I worship really deeply when I’m high. If you want me to stop you have to help me!”

      Too long of a story to tell it all but when I prayed like that God immediately delivered me after the next smoke by showing me what he had waiting for me. God has the power to give you immediate relief from this affliction, but you have to want it. You need to have a truth session with The FAther about why this is really happening to you and I guarantee you will have a praise report to share about your victory!

  13. Cleopathra says:

    Dear Doctor Intimacy
    I want to thank you for this site. As i live in a very small community therefore i wish to remain anonymous please. My story is very long. I really don’t know where it all begins. If its a family curse from generations to generations or if because i was molested as a child…or if i have sinned…what i know is, when i was small i was really afraid of the dark. i often had strange dreams of seeing animals dancing in the air..at the age of 5-6 i was molested by my own father once, which i told my mum and again once at the age of 13-14, also around 7 i was molested by my uncle at my grand mother’s place. The effect that these had on me, was it cause me to start masturbating at a very early age like 7, it cause me to molest my younger sister in which we did incest by lesbianism, this happened like 3 times as far as i can remember, i was really young then. All i knew is that it felt good. I prayed for the lord forgiveness as i grew older i decided to stop doing that to my sister. i felt it was wrong and when we were older and mature i talked to her about it and asked her to forgive me. Also around 11 my mum and dad watched porno and i watched it as well while they were unaware of it. So again my sexual interest was raised at a pretty young age. In which i explore my body and always masturbated my-self until the age of 20 i made love for the first time with whom i considered my first and true love. But our love story did not last because my dad felt he wasn’t good enough for me, my dad was racist. [You see he was a mixture of indian and black] So we made love for the first time and we got separated by my parents. After that i did not see him for 8 years. After him i met a guy who said he loved me, i tried with him but i didn’t love him enough to stay with him especially he was going away for four years to study, i did not want us to tie each other this way, so i left him, i met another guy, he was fun i wanted to settle but again dad did not like this one, in a way i agree with him cause i don’t think he loved me enough for a future together. Another 2 or 3 flings in between then i met my husband at the age of 22 and he was 19. My husband at the beginning was my perfect
    Mr. Right. He was the very handsome, green eyes man i’ve always been dreaming of. We had a son and lived together for 5 yrs before we were fiancee. The first 3 yrs of our relationship things were quite okay and the next 4 yrs before we got married, we had a few rough time, then at the 7th year after we had a daughter we were finally married. So now we have been together for 9 yrs. 7 yrs unmarried and 2 yrs married. He loved me in his own way, but failed to give me lots of love, affection, romance and time. He was always busy, had other things to do and was not loving, affectionate towards me. Although i begged for his love and attention.

    It was on the 4th yrs of my relationship with my husband that my first love called me after 8 yrs. i was in already an empty relationship, unhappy and desperate to be loved.
    I who had not heard a word from him, nor ever tried to contact him. I who had never in any way had ever cheated on my partner- as we were unmarried then. The forces of evil attacked me..i was drown to meet my first love secretly…the first time was not with the intention of making love to him..but as soon as we met things went out of control and this is where my sinful life began. After that, my first love and i, called and chatted, text or email each other every day. Since we stayed quite far apart so we rarely met…but we did met 3 to 5 times a year for 3 years. And we made love. Why i couldn’t live my partner for him? was because i had my son to think of and 2. he was married in an unhappy marriage 3. he had a daughter with her. He said His wife made him miserable. Since i didn’t want to break their marriage, when my partner asked me to marry him i said yes. This might have been my biggest mistake or it was Gods plan for me after all.

    No sooner than i am married, my first love separated from his wife and moved back to his parents home. He found out she had a younger lover But it was too late for us. Since i had married before God, he and i agreed not to offend God. So although we were calling now and then but the affair ended. It was over. We loved each other but it was against his principle to be a home wrecker. i was devastated. He pushed me away especially he was going through a hard time in the divorce procedures ,especially with a kid in between. it was a hard time and i suffered inside cause i believed i loved him but i realized it was too late.

    I planned to live a sacred marriage with my husband. When suddenly the second love of my life who had been a while back from his studies, he had even got married and he was also following a Panticoast church to become a man of God. A leader and then a pastor. The week after my wedding he barge into my office, he did not even look if anyone was looking and he kissed me roughly and declared to me, he still loved me. Again i fall into another demonic trap. That guy passed by my office at any chance he got to beg me for my love and seduce me. In which i am afraid to say i did fall into his trap. I got tempted and at some point i find myself also tempting him to come and see me. we had deep penetrating sex like 3 times after i got married. He called me for sex talk on the phone and he says he masturbates himself over me, while since we couldn’t be close to each other he asked me to masturbate myself while we talked on the phone, he described what he’ll do to me. I finally wanted to stop this and i told him i don’t want to be punish by God for tempting a man of God. I asked him to stop calling me. I repented and asked God to forgive me. Especially i joined his reborn church, i reborn again, i studied the bible and really wanted to be a child of God.

    Then a coleuge and i went for a meeting for work related and we had to stay in a twin bedroom. I had once talked to her about my fantasies of being with a girl one day. Which jokingly i had talked to her and it seems she had taken this seriously. After a glass of wine at diner. When we were in the room, she practically raped and forced me to make love to her, in which finally with much effort of pushing her away from me but i find my-self surundering to her and tempted, i will say more like forced, to co-orporate. Which after, only disgusted me, because i have only done it by force and most of all i didn’t fancy her, nor was i attracted to her. Until today when i think of it i feel disgusted. Most of all cause i know God condemns such sexual acts of lesbianism. It was more like a shameful curse he put on those who disobey him. i felt so guilty and wanted to hide my face from the Lord. Especially that i was married.

    Finally to top it all. My x-called me. We talked and he told me, he was making arrangements to go back abroad. I was sadden that i will never see him again soon and we made arrangement to meet and make love for the last time as a goodbye. At the same time, it was kind of like i had made up my mind to live my husband and offer to be with him forever. That night we never got the chance to talk, all we did was made love and then he said goodbye. i gave him everything of myself to show him how much i loved him.
    After that night, things were never the same again. i called him, text him. He ignored my calls and never text me back. He really pushed me away. i felt USED..i wanted to hate him yet i loved him..i was so depress for over a month..i was even considering ending my life….i cried everyday in the office..i cried and cried..my heart was broken to thousand pieces. Worst of all i’ve hide my face from God, i did not pray at all…for three months i went about my life that way. Go to work, come home take care of the kids, the house, my family..i looked at my husband…i felt guilty as hell…i wished i could talked to him, bare my soul to him..but i know he will never forgive me and he will want a divorce straight away…i realized i loved my husband. i don’t want to hurt him. Never, ever again. But it was too late by then..my punishment from God had come and is still here with me, now.

    It all started one night. i was semi asleep and i felt my legs being spread apart. i open my eyes and saw nothing, i tried to go back to sleep, again my tshirt was being raised up ..i woke up my husband and he spread holy water in the room for me and i went back to sleep. A week later i was sleeping face down when i felt an overwhelming sexual apetite overtook me. i felt as if there was this huge cock entering me doggy style…i wanted sex so bad..that again i waked up my husband and asked him to make love to me..he did me doggy style but it was not satisfying. Again i told him there was something trying to have sex with me and again he spread holy water in my room and i tried to go to sleep in his arms, but while i was semi asleep face up. i felt this invisible presence and entered my vagina and finally he was finish and it went away. I slept then.

    The next day i was still going over what happened to me that night on my mind. Over and over. i got to work and started googling. For: sex with ghost??? sex with invisible spirit?? this was the day i learned the word incubus/succubus for the first time. A demon sexual spirit that attacks its victims while they sleep. This is exactly about 9 months ago. The more i read, i seemed to be aroused by what i was reading, when others told their sexual experiences, with those beings, when i thought of how good it felt to have that huge cock doing me doggy style that night before..without realising this. This was like an encouragement to this spirit. It was broad day light. Suddenly my lips felt swollen as if something was kissing me and then my tongue was moving about in my mouth. i felt the sexual arousal of the previous night and i so wanted to masturbate my-self. As i did my legs where moving closing in and out, my hips was moving in sexual movement as if i had an invisible lover..i orgasm like never before…i was scared then..so i ran home…at home i was having lunch, then my hand moved by it self stroking the spoon over my lips…i find myself walking not on my own accord as if i was under a spell and i went to the room, lie on the bed and spread my legs apart automatically and i was being fucked like never before [im sorry for the language- i have no other way to explain it.] after i orgasmed i was scared and it started to talk to me in my head. He said he was a ghost, had died but he loved me and wanted to be with me. For free days i didnt say anything to my husband, he was in my life. He gave me sex against the wall, on the floor and also not just sex. He was romantic, he gave me flowers, made me draw hearts in the sand, he made me do dance moved like i’ve never done before and we swam in the sea and he even wanted me to fish. Which i did. He made me do stretching, yoga exercise, i’ve never done before. He gave me all the attention that my husband was to busy, to give me.On the 3rd day everything changed..he told me he had lied to me.that he wasn’t a ghost..he had been send to kill me by soccery/ by someone who wanted revenge on me. Someone had send a curse on me. i was so afraid and went through hell then. The worst night of my life on that sunday night.

    I then called the catholic priest to my house, he tried to purify my house and help me. But nothing. Then i went to a muslim priest who told me the story of the djinn world.[you can google on the internet about the djinn- they are muslim beliefs that they exist, they are an invisible creation of God, who lives around us human. Created by fire and they have different powers. They have different nationalities and like human, some are good and some are bad. Some falls in love with human and chose a mate etc…] Which only confused me more, he gave me medicine to bath in, to drink and quoran to listen to. Again this did not work. Finally i decided to go to this reborn church called Redeem Church, since i had stop going to panticoast church as my second x worked there as i said before. Please note although i was a reborn i still consider myself until today a catholic, i go to catholic mass and receive my communion there. To This reborn church i made this clear to them from the very beginning. i needed their help but i believed there is only one God and no where in the bible does it say this religion is better than the other. So in that church i attended group prayers everyday, 3 different pastors did group prayers and deliverance prayers over me…i went to Hossana night and made sure i came to every session, every mass and praised and worship the Lord with my heart and soul in complete repentance. i was speaking in tongues etc… but as i prayed and still seek deliverance the being had moved in my body, in my life, in my home. He lived with me day and night. Sometimes he aroused me so much that i coorporated and sometimes even if i discourage it and prayed not to be tempted he used my body whenever he wanted. He could get through my clothes etc…sometimes i lived in fears…sometimes i just pretended he wasn’t there.. and he lets me know he is there by heat in certain areas of my body such as my feet. Or when i go to sleep under the cover, i could feel walking all over my sheet. i recited the Holy father..UNTIL i finally fall asleep.

    Lately since i have been ignoring him so much..i just find myself fill of anger…i am always screaming, nagging and having a fight with my husband. Finally when i’ve been able to put my past love behind me, settle down with my husband and love him devotedly and my children. To be a virtues wife and mother… things were going wrong that my husband was even starting to talk divorce to me because life had become unbearable with me. Its as if this spirit was making me react this way. Causing my husband and i to argue so much… i realize i love my husband. i dont want to lose him. i want to be with him forever…
    All what i’ve done haven’t work, i’ve cast out rebuke, seek deliverance prayers, done everything..nothing has work.

    I have one last attempt to save my-self now. This Saturday i am going to see the highest rank priest of the catholic church to seek his help. We have an appointment. I am trying to prepare my soul for whats coming. Praying and this is also how i found this site by seeking more info’s on the invisible spirit in my life. i am tired…i just want to be set free. I’ve closed every door of sin…my faith in God is all i have and i am hoping if this high priest of the catholic church does a deliverance session on me, that in Jesus name, this time it will work. Please pray for me…God bless you.

  14. Cheryl says:

    I’m am confused. I believed I was delivered from these spirits but I find that I am still being attacked at night and now it has started to effect my fleshly desire in the day. Was I delivered and some how allowed these spirits back in or was I deceived while these spirits went into hiding to come back when I was totally unprepared to deal with it. Even now as God is calling me to promotion I feel so unworthy and I feel unclean. I pray and call out to God for deliverance from this bondage but I am not free. I have become battle weary but I refuse to allow these spirits to have their way without a fight even as I feel that I am now losing this battle. Even as I sit here praying and writing this the heat within my private places are threating to overcome me. I don’t know where else to turn. I wake up so exhausted and with very strong sexual desire burning in me. I know I opened the door to these spirits through the lifestyle I led before coming to know and give my life to Christ, but will my past overtake me now. I’ve been told to ask God to close the door to the spirits but frankly that has not happened. I need deliverance, true deliverance.
    I don’t believe I was delivered from these spirits before because I never realy felt free. Not totally free! Now that I look back it was more of a rest before the real battle began. But I feel that I am losing this battle.

    • Probably you won’t see my reply, but you’re not alone! God is with you and if you believe, you will win this battle for sure! I’ll pray for you and hope that you got deliverance.

  15. shari says:

    The above article is so true.

  16. Buck says:

    The part about “carnality” appears to br completely contrived. In our zeal for righteousness, sometimes we exxagerate morality and “invent” sins. As long as religion is in ones life, and God has a consistant presence, there is no such thing as “wrong-doing” or harmful activity that is exessive, thouogh not sin even if it involves a lot of time. When “lists of sins’ and morality are exxagerated by religious people, observers are turned away from religion, so we should stick to what God and Jesus say when describing wrong doing, however well meaniing this “righteous talk” may be.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      That’s the difference between “religion” and “relationship” my friend. I am talking about having a “relationship” with the true and living God who is without shadow of turning or compromise. I am not talking about having a religion that will simply give an insincere person a sense of having fulfilled their “moral” obligation to “a higher power”.

      Carnality is spoken of in scripture and anything that is in scripture is what the Father and Jesus has said.

    • Tasha says:

      Falling into carnality is not much different from complacency…they both are very dangerous. Look at it this way, when an alcoholic enters into AA, that person knows not to go to bars where liquor is in abundance. The people around them are sensitive to this alcoholic’s sickness and so will not drink alcohol around them.

      Bottom line, you flee from sin. Now, if my vice is pornography, there is no way I will sit and read erotic literature. I will steer clear of certain TV shows, music, movies…even conversation because I know that sin first starts as a thought.

      Then if I’m not careful, that thought will become too big for me to control; and before I know it, I’ve given the enemy another foothold and I’m fighting to not watch pornography.

      Too many people take this spiritual fight for granted. So if you don’t mind, I will refrain from doing the things that I know will lead me to disaster.

  17. Debbie says:

    Wow….I am so amazed. God is amazing…Thank You, Lord. God’s hand is all over this: I sort of “stumbled” across your blog. There was a link to it on CW’s blog, and I read the first article about fasting, and then saw the title for this one. Wow. I’ve experienced the incubus…Thank you for this article, you have no idea how much it means. In my first, earlier comment, I wrote that I’m fasting from the media because it is polluting my mind. That completely corresponds with your comment:

    You especially want to be mindful of the media that you expose yourself to, the people that you are around and any subtle forms of witchcraft that may be in your life (like horoscopes or manipulation).

    Thank You, Holy Spirit!
    And thank you, sis, for helping out!
    Hugs, Debbie

  18. Stanley Smith says:

    This is my 3rd experience with this. years ago my pastor ministered deliverance to a lady from the caribean who had been violated by this type of spirit for over 18 years. in 2003 a lady who had a history of molestation/incest had a spirit continously violate her sexually was delivered in that revival i ministered in. i am dealing with this 3rd case this today. i just finished with a lady who says, something was having sex with her. She also said this morning that her 79 year old mother called her and said that a presence came on in the last few days and caused she termed a very heighten sexual experience like she had never encountered. her mother is not aware of what is or has happened to her. She said last night spirits came to her and tried to kiss her. i am conitinuing in a fast and am getting two other ministers to assist me. i request your prayers. Stanley Smith

  19. M. Christopher says:


    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Amen M. Christopher!

      • B., D. says:

        I have a story that I would like to share. Mine is not quite as intense as some of the others, but REALLY speaks to “The Great Deciever, ” i.e, the demonic, satanic shockingly sly deception capabilities of these entities. This happened to me 27 years ago, during a time in my life that I was working very hard, tired, vulnerable, engaged to a man who had once been a monk in a monastery, (I am not Catholic), & professed to be a great Christian. Shortly afterwards, I married this man, and we remained married for 20 years. Towards the end of that marriage, I saw that he was a very weak person, and easily led. He began to associate with a particularly vile, evil, and very deviant man, and seemed to become a different person himself within a very short time. We went through a reallty horrendous divorce, him still claiming to be this great Christian, and SO MANY people being fooled by this persona. He did great harm to me and our son who is now 20, spiritually, psychologically and emotionally. He is STILL unrecognizable to me as the person I thought I married. He began to lie everytime he opened his mouth, try to estrange my son from me, allow my son to do very inappropriate things at an early age- the level of deceit here was frighteningly masterful, and he was very successful at this deception for many years. I have since “recovered,” was definitely led by the Lord to a new and wonderful man that has been so instrumental in strengthening my faith, and restoring my hope. My son, however, has not been so lucky….. but I feel that things are changing there too. Also, even in his semi-religious capacity as a Catholic School principal, I think my ex’s true self as a follower, and weakness of Spirit, and a “people pleaser” at any cost is coming to light.

        Twenty seven years ago, we were engaged & I returned to college while he remained in our “hometown,” so to speak. I had a little terrier dog, whom I just adored, but I could not take him with me. My exhusband kept him with him (about 350 miles away) for that year.
        The dog was 12 years old then, and every night, he would fall asleep on the floor by the bed, and then later at night he would jump up on the bed, and snuggle under the covers next to my bottom or legs. I was always asleep, but would wake up momentarily feeling and hearing the little thump of my small dog onto the bed, and nestling into a comfy spot under the covers near me. I would cuddle and snuggle with him when he did this.

        One night, after I had been separated from him for several months, I was sleeping, and all of a sudden, I FELT and HEARD the thump of my dog jumping on the bed, the way he always did. Even the pressure of the thump,- every possible perceptible thing about that “jump” on the bed was IDENTICAL to how my dog did it! My instant thought as I was mostly asleep was, “AHH, my sweet little dog is coming to snuggle with me.” There was a presence, the same size, shape, weight, texture, etc. as my dog, moving through my covers, feeling its way actually around and between my legs….. Again, it behaved in every fashion, just like my dog always did. I began to awaken a little, and I was thinking about my dog, when very suddenly, it dawned on me, like a loud voice in my head…. “He is not here! He does NOT live with me right now. This is NOT him, but
        something pretending to be him, and very cleverly pretending to be him!” I felt a panic and extreme cold come over me, and I jumed up, terrified. I instantly KNEW it was evil. I KNEW. Something else was trying to get in bed with me, or be intimate with me in the guise of a dog! I believe I prayed. It has never happened again, but I will never forget that experience and how cleverly I was almost deceived.

        Fast forward to today…my son is living with me and my new husband. We are very involved with our faith, and my son has begun to pray with us & attend church with us. He is strugglng with huge mental health and legal issues. He has been diagnosed with bipiolar disorder, and is having a horrible time getting regulated on his medication or the right medication. Prior to this,when living with his dad, he seethed with hatred for me, though we were once much closer than he and his dad. He would rage and call me horrible names, and MR. Christian, his father, would look at me and grin from ear to ear, and say,” See? he hates you.” His father is still playing games with us and lying. Anyway, in the past while living with his dad, my son would call me on the phone and left absolutely horrid, shocking messages, accusing me of doing things I knew absolutely NOTHING about.” It was such a common occurrence, I began to doubt my own sanity & memory so many times. I suffered from Post traumatic stress disorder through all of this. Only the LORD sustained me! Also, sometimes my son left me monstrous messages that would just curdle ones blood that weren’t in his voice. The voice was like something out of the excorcist! It was so incredibly frightening, I would thinK, “My God, who IS this person? This is NOT my son. And I would say to others, “I dont know if we need a psychiatrist, and exsorcist or both.” I feel my son needs deliverance. Where do I take him for this? We do pray with him and over him. What else can we do? God has shown his face to all of us since he has been living with us, and we feel bleesings continually poured down upon us. What else can we do? Has an evil spirit inhabited my son? How do we get rid of it? He was such a GOD loving delightful little child. He talked about Jesus all the time. Can anyone help us? Thanks you so much.

  20. lilian says:

    I have had an experiences a couple years ago. I was in a deep sleep and then realized something that wasn’t visible was having sex with me when I had opened managed to open my eyes. I thought it was a human spirit. Someone who had astral projected themselves into my apartment because a witch doctor was trying to get me into the occult. Is that possible it was a human spirit? I also know that their are spirits around me that are trying to get me in a relationship because I can literally hear the voices they take on. I tell them I”m married to Christ and I want know parts of them. I am in the middle of getting help from the church from being delivered from these spirits, and yes I was molested as a child.

    The only problem I have with being set free is self-stimulation. How does God expect us not to have orgasms when our bodies want it so much. I’ve been asking for a mate for years so I don’t have to “burn” as the bible would put it. It’s hard to not have fantasies and orgasms when you’re a single lonely person. Is it even possible to never have an orgasm again unless you’re married? Isn’t that the way it’s suppose to be? I’m not that kind of person. I need to be with somebody, so I”m not sure why God has never brang the family, friends, and husband that I have requested for years – now I’m putting up with all this mess. I know I come across as immature but I”m just putting it out there how I feel. Thanks for listening.

    • Tasha says:

      Read up on spirit spouses. We blame God for a lot of what we go through, but it is in fact our own doing, accompanied by the enemy. Spirit spouses will make sure that you don’t marry because you are already married to it. Also, if your freedom and deliverance depends on you not masturbating, I would stop. You are inviting all kinds of hell into your life when you “self-stimulate.” I hope you find your answers!

  21. Scea says:

    Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding me to this page, and thank you so very much Dr. for writing this blog.
    I’ve been searching for an answer for months. I have a feeling that I’ve been under attack for most of my life,but which only intensified during a period of grief and chronic depression.
    Bless you and thanks again.

  22. Emmanuella says:

    Thank you so much for this article. May God bless you.

  23. Michael Coffman says:

    I believe i may have a succubus spirit or entertained the spirit.I remember laying down and i could not move as if something was holding me down and i started to pray and call on the name of jesus i experience this every blue moon not verey often sense i have grown up but when i was young.I remember sleeping and having sexual dreams as if im sleeping with a women are something it was as if i was sleeping with a women i was told it was a wet dream untill now i found out this demon feeds on your soul in your sleep and have sexual affair with you. What book can i get to learn the name of these spirits

  24. Mbongiseni says:

    I am suffering from extreme sexual urges and I no longer want to do sex with my wife. She is just cold in bed. I have been so addicted to pornography and masturbation. My mind is always filled with irresistable urges to commit udeltery with my students and the girls I pastor in my church. I am suffreing fro chronic financial problems and I suvive by handout. What do you do when you pray, read the bible fast,but God seems to have shut the heavenly doors and windows against you. As I speak i am in the 19th day of my 21 days fasting and prayer but no difference.Things are just getting worse. What must I do help me before I kill myself.I do what the bible says i maust do, but sexually and financially I am in shambles with seemingly no hope in sight.PLEASE HELP ME

    • Eleni says:

      Please keep to the fast and pray. To be sure, God sees your efforts. He is the friend of mankind. Do not doubt that He is watching over you. You do not know all the factors in play here, but find it in your heart to pray for your wife as well as yourself. Her spiritual attacks may be only for you. This is a spiritual battle, and you will win out. The 19th day of this battle when you wrote was an especially hard skirmish. If you ceased praying and fasting, pick it up again. By all accounts, we know Christ did this for 40 days, hence the 40 day Lent period. You are human, do your very best and ask God to help you do this. He, as Anavah said elsewhere, just wants us to ask. He is God specifically because He is God. Trust that fact (it’s been shown time and time over again). Keep mercy and humbleness in your day-to-day activities without announcing it to others. The evil one detests humility and patience. See how fast he and his others fall back. Pride is his mainstay. Make it your main battleground and chief enemy. God sees this fight even if you don’t. Keep on this battle. Grace comes when It’s ready.

      • Dr. Intimacy says:

        Amen Eleni! I contacted this blogger personally and offered conuseling by phone. Unfortunately he is out of our country and my resources have not yet advanced to the point where I am able to offer international telephone counseling at my own expense. Please bloggers – purchase my products and make this ministry known about to everyone you know, especially your spiritual leaders, so I can be more available for people like Mbongeseni. http://www.drintimacy.com

        In His Power

    • Phil says:

      you are christian , my brother and you shouldn’t talk about suicide …you are under attack my brother…don’t forget that St Paul appostl thel us that we faight not agains flesh and blud but against the prince of this world and his demons….and what the good soldgiers do when they are attacked -well they fight back!!!
      Here few steps which may help
      1 Avoid media – they are VERY poluted
      2 When you tolk to a women look her in the face – not litle bit under;))
      3 Talk to your wife and ask God to help you have better merital relationship
      4 When you are under attack start to pray and do something usefull
      5Fantasise how you can do something good to please our Lord

  25. Emily Brown says:

    you are right about all you wrote but can one who has been involved in masturbation, pornography and fornication as a christian overcome sexual lust. plss comment on this.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Of course we can! I am living proof. Please visit my website so you can order my books and read my testimony. You can find some of my testimony on the page “Who is Dr. Intimacy” too. Also I have a variety of media available that can help one in need of deliverance. Many people have received deliverance through these products. Also, consistent fellowship with the Lord is so important. Be in fellowship with other strong believers AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. Apply the steps in this article and get my book! http://www.drintimacy.com

      Hope this helps,
      Dr. Intimacy

  26. irmeyahu says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I’ve been loking for this for a long time and it’s really encouraging as I’m in a period of fasting and determined to get rid of the demons that opress me. I felt depressed for many years because of despair and fear. Now I have new hope…


  27. Marcel says:

    I was doing some research about that thing and I must tell you, the Holy Spirit was touching me while I was reading this.

  28. Rachel says:

    I am going thorough the same thing but I fill I have lost all hope that I won’t get delivered.

  29. Eleonor says:

    you have no idea how much this helps. i’ve been having strange nightmares including sleep paralysis, the sense of evil presence and sexual harassement by strange forces/spirits eversince i was little, and now i still have some weird dreams. i remember a very strange one with a beautiful blonde woman (i’m a brunette, so it couldn’t be me) and some weird stuff going on, and it had a lot of sexual touch to it, and the thing is, it was like that woman got into my body or something. well, in short, i really need to try this

    • Eleonor says:

      and God bless you for posting this!!! I want to be on His side, and do good and get rid of all evil in my life, pls pray for me

  30. emw says:

    God bless. I really needed this. The Lord had begin to reveal some things to me about this spirit I was so ashamed at first. I didnt know what to do but the Lord revealed to me the seed it was trying to plant. Even when I would fight not to fornicate at times when I fail I would get so sick and vomit it was so discussing yet the spontaneous desire would get me in my sleep when I wasnt aware times i would ball up and cry and shake as if I was an addict in recovery.
    I want to know what opens the door and can they creep in even if there isnt a door open?

  31. Lady D. says:

    Wow! thanks for writing this segment on this topic. I tell my friends about this all the time when they share with me their dreams and open visions. I will share this site with them so that they can read for themselves. This type of knowledge is powerful and will bring delieverence to any body, and is differently an eye opener. I believe everyone should read this and have some type of knowledge about demons and their purpose.

    Again thanks in advance

  32. M. Lopez says:

    What’s the difference from the spirits when their outside and residing inside a person ? What are the signs ?! How many kinds are there, I’m thinking it’s just those two but if they can rent a room, we’re talking many more, right ?

  33. Joanne says:

    This is an awesome post and very strategic in warfare! God Bless!

  34. Cheryl says:

    I sent you a text, but I think I need to go into more detail than I gave you in the text and I’m not sure if you got it.
    I’m tired.
    Since Sunday the 17th when the Lord first revealed to me what was going on I have been in battle. Prior to this I have not been sleeping for a long time. I would get maybe 4 hrs of rest a night. This had escaladed to where I could not sleep until I saw the sun beginning to rise through my window and then I would sleep for 2 hrs and get up.
    Sunday’s service gave us revelation about the holiday Easter and the root of it. I believe hearing about the preverse spirits allowed me to to be open to what God had been trying to show me. That night as I lay down to sleep I heard the Lord say, “You are not sleeping out of fear.” So I asked Him what did I have to fear. For answer He showed me several times when I had woke up from dreams and were unable to remember them. Sometimes my outer thighs would be bruised my wrists would be sore or other things like a painful pulsing in my private area and/ or raw feeling breasts.
    I asked the Lord why this is and He on Tuesday He sent me to the internet in search of names. I came upon sites that speak of a “Spirit Husband”, and as you did, taught on the incubus spirit. There were declarations to make and renouncing of the spirit among other things. I also came upon this articile by you.
    I am a prayer warrior so when things are not right my first instinct is to go into warfare. Armed with knowledge I battled spiritually. I began a fast which at first was uncuccessful. An unpleasant taste entered my mouth which nothing would erase. This happened for two days and I kept breaking my fast trying to remove the taste.
    Tuesday night I had enough I had enough of being bullied by this spirit. I was tired of being tormented and fearful. I called on the Blood of Jesus as I began casting out. When my spirit quieted down I went to rest. The fear returned and I was near collapse with fatigue by 2:00am. I dosed off for 5 min and awakened to a pressure on my private area and a strong orgasm. I fought to stay awake harder but this happened 2 more times. At 3:30am I got out of the bed and decided to stay up and just read Word and study this demon more.
    I was finally able to fall asleep at 5:30 when I saw the sun rising waking up at 7:20am. I heard the Lord tell me to go get my dream book where I record my dreams. I was directed to read my dreams.
    There was a man all through the book that I knew from before I began recording the dreams. There was even a dream where we were on a cruise to the Bahamas and I was suppose to have just met him and feel instantly in love. We were married after 2 days. (This is the same man who was recorded previous to this dream) I was really in love with this man and he took me many places in my dreams. We even went to the Amazon Jungle for a honeymoon.
    Later on there is dreams where I began to notice things not right. Finally in a dream I began to see an evil presense but it never had his face. Somehow I knew it was him and told him to just go away. (This was all in the dream I recorded.) He told me that he would never leave me.
    I believe all this happened during I a time when I was consecrating myself to God. I had cut myself off from everything, TV, telephone, internet and no guest. This time alone with God led to deliverance from a strong lust spirit because I was able to throw it all on the altar of burnt offerings so that it would be demolished forever.
    Since that day I was unable to remember my dreams. I wrote in the dream book that i dream but could not remember it.
    Now when I were dreaming the dreams I never saw them as they were. I thought God was showing me that I was soon going to met my husband and other things. I could not see the deception of this demon. Dreams have always been just one of the ways God speaks to me.
    On the first and second night of the consecration I dreamed of a highly anointed Prophet that had just visited my church and had prophesied to me on where God was leading me. He anointed me to teach the Body of Christ. This porphesy is what led to me consecrating myself. In the 1st dream the prophet appeared but then a second one of him appeared and the 1st one was proven to be a fake. In the 2nd dream when the fake entered the dream I knew it immediately.
    I have been to Africa in my dreams with people that were called Brazzie and I saw a witchdoctor tall, slender and dancing with grace. In this dream I kept hearing the word ancestor.

    On Wed. morning I knew that I need some help so I called my spiritual mother and asked to meet her before Bible Study. This somehow did not work out as we planned. I had to force myself to get out of the car to attned the service. Once I entered the building I had the strong urge to just leave, but if I left my spiritual dad would see me leave and I knew in my spirit that it would not be allowed. So I stayed. I was called up and prayed for and after service my spiritual mom called me to come talk to her. I told her some of what was going on but it was very difficult to articulate everything that was happening. When everyone left we had a deliverence service, but there was no peace for a long time. I kept hearing “I will never let you go!” and I had a hard time believing it to be a lie. I felt such fear. Then some of the thing said to me by my spiritual father just didn’t sound right to me. My mind began working over time trying to “figure” this all out, but he presisted and finally got past my defenses to speak to this demon. When all was said and done and after much vomitting, I felt peace… but I did not feel deliverance. I did not feel the freedom that I was looking for. I did no longer feel fear.
    As I went home I was vomitting all the way and when I got home. When it finally stopped I went to bed with exhaustion. I could not sleep. Iwas not afraid but I could not sleep. I tryed low music, prayers and word and still no sleep until 3:00am.
    Hey that’s an improvement right. Anyhow, I decide to walk to the gym and get a good workout. On the way I had a vision that stopped me in my tracks. I was standing on the edge of a cliff. My arms were outstretched as if I were waiting to be pushed. I began praying in the spirit but I have not felt right since then. I never entered the gym’s door once I got there. i turned and went back home. I feel like I am walking in a buble with very little air and I am the only one there. I’m so tired. I laid down to try and sleepand just as I was dozing off the phone woke me. I was not able to return to sleep after that.
    So tired and I feel small tendoms of fear rising in my throat.
    Why was I not delivered? Why do I feel like this demon just buried itself deeper to play possum for a while like before? Is it fear that is holding be bound?
    I am still getting visions from the past of someone that I was involved with and i am seeing him totallly different now. I see him as a warlock. I have tried to get away from this person serveral times and was always able to find me until I move to another state. I am now back home and in ministry but I am beginning to feel I am not who others are saying I am. All the doors I opened before being saved keep seeming too many to close them all. Witchcraft, perverse sex, prostitution, infidelity. The list goes on and on. and I know I did all this to myself by my actions, but will I ever be truly free? If not I don’t think I can go on knowing that I am sinning in my sleep. The place it seems like I can’t control. What now when prayer doesn’t seem to work?
    I really feel like Diary of a Madwoman. Am I on the verge of insanity?

    • Cheryl says:

      It has been 1 week since this demon was revealed to me and I praise God for His freedom. Sometimes deliverance can be a process. We just have to stand on the Word of the Lord and His truths. This trial took me from disbelief to freedom and victory. There was a point when I thought I would never be able to loose this spirit because that is what it told me. I was deceived into not trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit. The lack of sleep left me confused, but I had decided to stand even when I became too weak to fight. That’s when I surrendered all to God and let Him fight the battle for me. Thank you God for deliverance, freedom, and a sane mind.
      Thank you Prophetess for giving me wisdom and knowledge so that I could be free.
      God bless you!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Can demons say “I love you” and other
    things to make you feel special?


    • Daphney says:

      Yes! they can. one night a male demon got me down and somehow it look like he was trying to rape me I heard his voice say “I’m get some of this good p—-.”
      The man face looked familiar and he seem to be talking and laughing with some one in the dream at the same time he held me down.
      I took my foot in the dream and put it between he and i and flipped him off me.
      Yes! they can speak to you in the dream and be abusive at the same time.

  36. Mia says:

    This is exactly the answers I have been looking for. I have suffered from this kind of attacks for as long as I can remember. What is funny about my case is that it always comes in the face of an ex whom I know is involved in witchcraft and one day the word astral travel crossed my mind, because the times it becomes a lot, is also the times he harasses me to take him back. I do not hold it against him, but am looking at the operating spirit here – incubus. I am in the process of delivery and never realized how much impact the media may have. I am so relieved after reading this informational article. This has robbed me of marriage for a long time…BUT THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS!

    Remain blessed woman of God!

  37. Rachel Palmer says:

    incubus and succusbus spirit are no strangers in my dreams I really need deliverance from it

  38. Ffunmilola Thomas says:

    i have been blessed by reading this and it has opened my eyes to so many things i didnt know. Glory to God!


    i prayed to the Holy Spirit to give me some answers. i have read about this before, but you offer some more info that i need. it seem like a fly this thing, you rebuke it and comes back, and back, and back again. it is even getting bold. BY THE TIME I FOUND OUT IT HAD ALREADY MADE MY BODY WEAK AND SICK AND ALMOST MADE ME LOOSE MY MIND. I believe, i probably inherit this. i always being trying to get rid of something attached to my back wihich seems to be alive. please pr for me and family, and all the woman that are suffering this kind of abuse. thanks so much

    i am asking all of you to help me with your prayers as i am fighting this thing in my life wich is attacking also my almost 3 years old grandaughter.

  40. Anne says:

    Thank you so much! I have had NO IDEA some of the things I was experiencing were ungodly and I’ve really been taken to town by my ignorance but this blog answered SO MANY of my questions!! thank you so much The worst part is I couldn’t get it to stop and I didn’t understand the concept of open doors — that was huge for me! The incubus was always the second step, it arrived if I had an open door. This has been a nightmare but I’m so thankful to have God’s answers!

  41. Gerald says:

    I know I have issues of (self) forgiveness to deal with, as God has shown me this very clearly. But I’ve wondered for some time whether a succubus is somehow integral with regard to this. Please pray for me, that God would uncover the works of the devil in me, that he may have no claim on this body…which isn’t really mine anyway!

  42. Daphney says:

    Thank You! ( I am not alone,) for your articles and comments. I have been dealing with this for years and I have just began in the last 2 years to study this and pray it away.
    I realize the incubus was coming in my dream because of fantasy lust, and mastubation.
    I would fantasize all the time what it would be like to be in a nice loving relationship with a man and usually the man would be someone I have seen or spoken too on a regular basis.
    Sometimes I would masturbate to release myself maybe 2 or 3 times a year I was never really comfortable doing this. the incubus would have the face of the men I would fantasy about some times it would be embracing and holding hands most time sex.
    It use to be at time when they would rape me and try to fight me to get between my legs I would scream Jesus Jesus help me! and I would wake up and be afraid to go back to sleep. i notice when I first started the prayer the demons would come regularly.
    Sometimes in the dreams I would see cats,snakes,dogs trying to bite me and lions running toward me. I would wake up and pray again. then go back to sleep in peace.
    Demons are REAL! and the are getting bolder and stronger everyday.Pray has become a full-time job for me. Thank God for the prayer points. We just do not know how powerful the satanic kingdom are i am still learning.

    • Daphney says:

      Sex in the dream can also come about by dabbling into withcraft,spellcasting and candle burnng will also bring them into your dream.
      I use to do this and get good result and then I realize that when night time come the war was on! I would get attack from every which way but loose.
      I learn to fight the battle on my knees from 12 midnight to 3am.Only to go to bed and get back up by noon start praying again.
      Demons are real! they had gotten so bad!!!! that I would feel them coming a spirit of fear would come on me. I could see them if my eyes were close I would see them walking from the bed room to where I would be lying down on the sofa then they would attack or sometime I would get up instantly and start rebuking them. For years I would not sleep in my bedroom because I was afraid too.In the day time I would just keep the door close and never enter the bedroom.
      But thank god for prayer points. I give him all the praise and honor he alway have a way of escape.
      Now my sleep is a lot more peaceful still have a few sexual encounter not as much I just get up confess repent renounce all my sins for that day even my ancestors back 4 generations and accept gods forgiveness and move on to the next thing.
      God bless!

  43. Gerald says:

    I’m pretty sure God showed me a key distinction between succubi and incubi. Succubi are responsible for heterosexaul perversion, whereas incubi are responsible for homosexual perversion. While I suggest that their “roles” might not be exclusively as I’ve stated, I think this is likely the case.

    This knowledge might be crucial for somebody seeking deliverance, especially if they know whom it is they’re renouncing/rebuking.

    I’ve had the extremely odd erotic-type of dream, but I was so heavily bound in masturbation for years! God broke me of this in an instant, as I myself was broken. Since that time I fell back into it, but recently asked God for FULL repentance. I believe he honoured this (and granted me deliverance!), coupled with an act of “good faith” on my part: doing away with a certain thing that was a cause of stumbling in me.
    God’s hands are “tied” if we continue in certain things that cause us to stumble. But when we willingly do away with what we KNOW to be a stumblingblock, I believe God does MORE than we could ever expect! Thank you Jesus!

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Interested perspective about the heterosexual and homosexual references Gerald. I never heard this before but then again, like I said I don’t put a lot of focus on the name. Remember that Jesus addressed the demons that possessed the man at the gaderenes and asked for the name and when they did not respond with a specific answer, he still cast them out anyway!

      anyway, that aside I am so glad that you “put aside” your stumbling block. You are so right about that! I hope that you will order a copy of my books so that you can avoid the pitfalls that can drag you back in!

      Bless you.

  44. Gerald says:

    Something else of note is that demons never work solo, but always in groups of at least 2 or 3, regardless of what they may or may not announce themselves as. This is so that they might (pervertedly) fulfil the scripture which says “in the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses every matter should be established.”

    Incidentally, I did order your book a month ago and it still hasn’t arrived, but I’m looking forward to it.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Hi Gerald

      This is a true and valid point about demons coming in clusters. This explains how generational curses gain strength over the years when not challenged. It seems like you have definitely done your research and I commend you for that.

      Concerning your book order, I can’t check on it without a “real” name, lol. I do know that there was a flood in the storage facility and all orders from the past six weeks went on back order. It is actually a blessing for you though because you will be getting the new updated 2012 Edition when your order arrives. Check out the website for more about the updated edition http://www.drintimacy.com.

      If you want more specific info about your order inbox me at drintimacy@drintimacy.com


  45. Daphney says:

    Demons are real!the sad thing is the Pastor at most chruches do not know how to minister or deal with this type of sin in our lives.Many have never heard of incubus and so on.
    For years I thought I was dreaming about my future husband only to fine out it was a “evil spiritual husband’ that explained why I could never keep anyone or get serious with someone.
    They are real and powerful The chruch need s to be about the business of teaching and praying this witchcraft and etc off the people of god.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      That’s why all who visit this blog need to spread the word. Thanks for your insight Daphney!

    • Tasha says:

      Daphney your story is a lot like mine. I thought I was dreaming about a future husband when in fact it was a demon. The dreams weren’t numerous (at least not to my knowledge), but when I did have them, I was spending time with my lover. I remember being deeply in love with this man and not wanting to wake up. I mean, I was very, very reluctant to wake up. There was no sex to my knowledge…just time spent. Now that I think back on it, I can kick myself. Ugh!!!

    • lovely says:

      Daphney me too! i thought i was seeing my future kids and husband,it was such a loving environment to the dreams,but eventually i found out how wrong i was! But i cannot lie and say my Spiritual husband or Incubus, is violent towards me,totally opposite,but that’s even worse.It will take much time to make him go away!This has been a thing in my life since i was kid,i thought it was an angel.But i’m kid no more and I can see things more clearly,.

  46. Anon says:

    finay someone writes about this.
    There is a book by DAniel Olukoya called deliverance from spirit husbands and spirit wives – it’s a must have…
    Other openings besides just lust are
    Great article.. if only are churches weren’t so ASLEEP…
    many people go there searching for help and they get called crazy. You are not crazy!!!

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Thanks for that info Anon. You are correct about Fantasy being an opening. That is why the Bible tells us that we are to have the mind of Christ and cast down imaginations that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God. Visualization is not wrong, only when we get caught up in fantasizing about evil things or when we get lost in imagining and “wishing” for a life that we are not willing to work for. I used to be really bound by fantasy. And beware that gambling and playing lotto opens doors for spirits of fantasy to enter in.

  47. Anon says:

    One more thing..
    People above were posting about these demons with their “boyfriends”…
    if you have sex outside marriage you will probably get these demons!
    I really wish I knew this 15 years ago when I wasn’t saved!
    There are no “boyfriends” or girlfriends in the Bible..

  48. viviana says:

    I am extremely interested in this topic, what other books and teachings from other teachers do you recommend?

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      I have never seen another book about it viviana but another blogger suggested this book, ” deliverance from spirit husbands and spirit wives” by DAniel Olukoya. My book has some very powerful information in it too, “The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Handbook.” You can check it out on my website http://www.drintimacy.com

  49. Viviana says:

    I am so glad I found this blog. I am 23 years old and last December I was attacked by this demon during my finals. I had broken up with my boyfriend of four years and a man of the Muslim faith. Our relationship had been sexual and verbal and physical abuse had occured. However, my attack was while I was laying on my bed watching music videos when out of nowhere I felt the worst chest pain. As I stood up the pain intensify and I honestly thought I was having a heart attack. As I proceded to walk to my kitchen to get a drink of water I passed out. I never made it to the kitchen, I just remember waking up on the ground with blood around my face since I had collapsed I broke my four front teeth. However, before I realized all of that I woke up confused feeling as if someone was having sex with me from behind. As I looked behind me I saw a dark figure of a shadow but it disappeared as I stood up as quickly as possible. A month before this incident the glass of my oven stove had been shattered yet no one had moved it and it was unplugged since I lived alone. In addition, the night before this incident I had a dream in where my parents home was infested with thousands of demons ( my family is not ‘saved”) and a voice keep telling me I needed to hear what the dream had to say. In the dream a man who appeared to be my brother yet wasn’t said they had been sexual abused as a child and felt like he had been tormented by demons. Something which I too had felt (solely to the fact I’ve felt tormented). By the end of the dream a witch, spoke to me and said, ” ha! You think you can stop the work of the enemy.. Well you can’t”. I woke up experiencing the worst fear which did not leave me and I believe it has been a dominant factor in the event that occured later that night with the demon. My questions to you are, how common are these attacks within the church? How common is it for these demons to attack people while being consciously awake? And if the bible speaks of this forms of attacks or ‘openings’?

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Viviana how common this is in the church is such a good question. This is an embarrassing topic and I would venture to say that people are not too quick to share these experiences. I think we’d be surprised at how common this is. For the demons to attack you while you awake it an extreme infestation and usually the result of open doors of witch craft. Are you involved in anything that hints of witch craft or do you watch such programs? You have to try and find the open door.

      did you read the entire article? It gives some clear references to scripture in the Bible. There are many instances of demons attacking people in scripture, especially in the new testament such as this scripture in luke 8 29, ” 29 For He had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. For it had often seized him, and he was kept under guard, bound with chains and shackles; and he broke the bonds and was driven by the demon into the wilderness.” You are not crazy, you just need to find the door. I hope you ordered my book. It will help you alot.


    • Phil says:

      Closer you getting to God stronger the ennemy will attack you-the demons are jelus that humans souls can be saved

  50. Yvonne says:

    Just as Satan is knowledgeable, we as Christians must also be knowledgeable. God says that with all of our getting, to get understanding. It’s one thing to know about something, but when you truly research and study a particular thing concerning the Kingdom, it is almost like you have to throw YOUR thinking out and begin to see as God sees. That’s what happened when my pastor’s were teaching on Marine spirits. In addition to what they taught, I had a burning desire for more knowledge so that I can be ready to fight!! God continued to pour, and pour until my cup was overfilled! I thank God for allowing you to expand my understanding in this area. May God continue to bless you and everything that concerns you in Jesus Name!

  51. Yvonne Britt says:

    My Pastor’s are Apostle Carlton and Phophetess Denise Walker and my church is Bold as a Lion Family Worship Center here in Macon, GA. Marine spirits are spirits that reside in the water. Water can be dominating if not controlled, and it takes the Word of God to put it back in it’s place. This topic is very in depth, and pray that God will give you deeper revelation the more you dig into it. I wish I could talk to you, because I have recieved SO MUCH REVELATION! If you can, give me your email address and I will send you a link.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Please feel free to post the link here! I am like “duh” to myself now because I know what the word marine means, lol. I just didn’t put 2 and 2 together. We can def chat back and forth on the comments page. In a couple of weeks I was thinking about a once weekly live chat session. How do you feel about that? I need to grow the community first.Once I get about 25 active followers that comment regularly I will be able to do something like that. And I open to the idea of having other people moderate as I get to know my community. Thanks for the info though and your feedback.

    • chris says:

      I guess ya’ll forgot the Bible verses where it says Jesus is the living water? the water of Life? and how about the one where Jesus said “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none” (Matthew 12:43). Unclean spirits – or demons – roam about in dry places, where there is no water. And water represents the Holy Spirit. Jesus Himself said, “He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. (But this he spake of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive)” John 7:38-39). So you can see that I have just as strong evidence that water is good and not full of demons.

      • exalteddirt says:

        Psa 74:12-15 For God is my King of old, working salvation in the midst of the earth. Thou didst divide the sea by thy strength: thou brakest the heads of the dragons in the waters. Thou brakest the heads of leviathan in pieces, and gavest him to be meat to the people inhabiting the wilderness. Thou didst cleave the fountain and the flood: thou driedst up mighty rivers.

        Isa 27:1 In that day YHWH with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.

        Psa 18:14-16 Yea, he sent out his arrows, and scattered them; and he shot out lightnings, and discomfited them. Then the channels of waters were seen, and the foundations of the world were discovered at thy rebuke, O YHWH, at the blast of the breath of thy nostrils. He sent from above, he took me, he drew me out of many waters.
        (This is one of my favorites, because I think it’s where the lyrics from one of my favorite Becoming the Archetype songs are derived.)

        Psa 124:2-5 If it had not been YHWH who was on our side, when men rose up against us: Then they had swallowed us up quick, when their wrath was kindled against us: Then the waters had overwhelmed us, the stream had gone over our soul: Then the proud waters had gone over our soul.

        Psa 68:22 The Lord said, I will bring again from Bashan, I will bring my people again from the depths of the sea:

  52. Yvonne Britt says:

    This is an awesome article!!!

    I pray God gives you much insight and revelation even behind the scriptures! God bless

  53. Josh J. - 24 says:

    I remember reading a Jewish story of a young lady that involved a night spirit. Everytime she would marry a man, this demon would murder the groom before sexual intercourse. This poor daughter was stalked by a demon who gazed of her beauty, and would not permit any man to marry her. The father had a rope placed about the men before they died, so if they didn’t make it throught the night, he could pull the body of the dead man out. A angel who appeared as a traveler come to the home of these folks, apparently the same city Jonah preached to in the old testiment. He informed the Dad that he could not chase the demon away. But he would return with her future husband and the means to chase the demon away. The dad didn’t believe this messanger, so he was blinded for his disbelief until he returned with the person who would marry his daughter. The messenger left to fetch this future husband to be, and convince the husband’s family of God’s plan and purpose. The two returned after summoning the great fish from sea and removing three organs from this massive creature. They burned one organ at the daughter’s place, where the demon fled, never to be seen again. The second organ was placed into the eyes of the blind father, which he could see the future husband of his daughter, and the third organ burned as an offering to God for his greatness and glory.

    As my relationship with God grows, I know and feel His love in a deeper, richer meaning. He can turn these hardships we face to character diamonds that brings Glory to Him and his name. I, myself, have faced and fight these similar battles through the power and grace of Jesus. It is a struggle of walking in the spirit and saturating ourself in the presence of our holy God, instead of getting stuck in the rutt of our flesh and sinning mindset.

    My own dad molested my sister for years. I was tormented with the darken thoughts as I grew from adolescence to adulthood. My very own “Dark Ages” consisted of twisted imagry that was hi-jacked into my skull. But even thoughout all that, God opened my heart to be sensitive to Him, and know that He was there. I wasn’t alone or rejected or evil. He has helped me fight off porn, mastubation, night terrors that has plauged me and even my mother’s brother.

    I am still not perfect, but gives me His grace and love everyday. He paid the price of my sin at the cross for all time. I honor His sacrifice by choosing to fight everyday and living for Him. Just like Paul, I have a thorn in my side, and as I ask God to remove it, I also thank Him for helping me to depend on Him. He gives me the strength I need.

    I know I am a young man, with a whole life ahead to spend with God. I want each day to be spent communicating with each other.

  54. N. Perez says:

    I don’t know where to begin…I know that I am so scared as I’m writing this. I will tell you how it started:My husband was raped when he was 6yrs old by his brother,he was also forced to watch porn with him. Every couple of years I find out that he is looking at it.I usually get so hurt and angry that I say mean and hurtful things.well this last time I didn’t…He broke down and told me evrything, the rape, the porn, and he was also molested by his mother’s friend. My heart hurt so bad for him.I promised him that I would be there for him to help him through it and I would not judge him.well it has gotten out of control, I am so ashamed to say I joined in watching the porn with him.we went to a sex shop and on this day he told me he thinks he might be gay,over the next week I asked him several questions so he knows now he’s not.Then we started talking about letting someone in the bedroom with us. It felt good to think like this but you see both me and my husband are thinkers…we overthink evrything. Luckily we did not go in that direction because we knew it would destroy us and it also made us sick.we have cut the porn down and have only watched it once in 2wks(which is still not good).All this is pretty fresh,its only been 2mnths.I have went from a woman who has never liked anything like this to almost craving porn.We have agreed that this is not right and we are gonna fight it together with prayer and the Lord.well things have started happening…I scream in my sleep and kinda jerk around.This happens within a minute of me slipping into sleep.My husband has seen this happen and asked what’s wrong but I don’t know. Another time I was cleaning the tub and was bending over and something pushed up against me but the bathroom door was closed.It didn’t feel like it would when a man pushes against you but almost like a sheet across my whole backside. I’m afraid at night, and I don’t know why. Please help me… I’m so scared.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Porn is extremely addictive, as you have found out. It draws you in. It destroys spiritual insight and discernment. It needs to be cut out immediately even if you have to go to the extremes of removing all tvs and computers out of the home – by any means necessary. The spirits that have been released into your home are certainly cause for you to be afraid, especially with the manifestations that have already occurred. I suggest that you read the article STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons. You were definitely a victim of this through your husband and it is so important for couples to understand that demons can be transferred through sex even when you are married if you don’t protect yourself. Secondly you and your husband should order both of my books and read them TOGETHER! Getting deliverance together is soooo important. Third, I suggest professional relationship counseling with myself or another CHRISTIAN counselor that specializes in sexology. Please update me and I will be praying for you.

  55. Child of God says:

    VERY… insightful, I really believe the information you’ve shared is from God, not only because it discomforts the flesh (Does not “SEEK” to give the flesh what it desires) but you also give Bible scriptures, God’s Word as reference. Therefore seeking to please God. Spiritually nutritious! May God continue to give you insight and HOLY BOLDNESS to write/speak on things that are NOT usually dealt with in the church even though Christians are dealing with these experiences and truly desire to be delivered from, but do not know quite how to be delivered from.Thank you for sharing! God Bless You

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Thanks so much for the encouragement child of God! I love your phrasing “spiritually nutritious”. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow that. I love that lol. I appreciate the encouragement. I will be writing a lot more actively after the holiday. I have been in a craze trying to finish my book so I have not been on the blog as much, but soon I will be more frequent.

  56. His Annointed says:

    Hi Dr. Intimacy,
    If we go through all your instructions for deliverance and really use spiritual warfare against these Incubus demons, how do we KNOW when we are finally delivered? Will we feel a sense of freedom? Will we feel our chains break on areas of our lives that have been cursed?

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Feelings are not a trustworthy measuring rod for true deliverance. It is true that you will feel better when deliverance is come, but you could feel better before it is complete too and be fooled. I discuss in my book how to know when you are truly delivered. You should order it. http://www.drintimacy.com I will get around to posting an article about it on the blog, but not until after the holidays I’m sure. Until then I will say that the thing you should look for most is a difference in your behavior and your freedom in worship.

  57. amanda says:

    Dr Intimacy, I believe the marriage bed to be sacred . If I masterbate while having sex with my husband does that open the door for these demons. Also thanks for the insight you have given me in writing this.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      yes Amanda, masturbating with your husband is still a form of perversion and any form of perversion can open the door for these attacks. Why do you masturbate with your husband? Does he ask you to or do you do it because you are not satisfied? I am interested in your response. Thanks for writing.

  58. Amanda says:

    I am not able to achieve an orgasm any other way. I have often prayed to GOD about it also. I have asked my old pastoers wife if it was ok shae said the marriage bed is sacred and that it’s ok and so I have always thought for it to be ok. However I contine to fight with these demons. I am so sick of it I can not have a decent nights sleep I am always waking up in fear for my life and my soul . I literaly wake up like five or six times a night often expecially ayt 3am. I am praying and praying scriptres over myself covering myself in the blood of JESUS putting on GODS armor and I feel like I am at my witts end. That my deliverance is complicated. I have been raped as a child been into drugs and prostitution but have felt that I don’t do these things anymore and so why is this happening to me? I am married and have been now faithful to my husband I renounced all this stuff that I did and it still continues . If I stop masterbating with my husband am I just supposed to live my life without achieving an orgasm. I have tried to get my husband to do it for me but then I wonder if I do is that even ok?

    I have another Question although this is not about sex. I have been reading about Iluuminatti and that entertainment indusry and have been speaking out against it now my dreams are worse than ever demons telling me that the devil has more money than GOD. I have flashes as I close my eyes of demons and they talk to me . I wonder if what I am doing is just making the devil upset to attack me like I am doing the right thing or have I given him a big foot hold.?

  59. nickie says:

    Wow..all of these stories hit home. I was telling my husband about a month ago how as a kid I would have these “sex dreams”that were very vivid. As a teenager and yong adult I struggled with sex. I found myself loving sex for the wrong reason. I felt like something would take over me as I gave myself to men that meant nothing to me. Although I have been delivered from these dreams and these acts I now struggle with masturbation and thinking about sex on a regular basis. I will too pray to be delivere from these things but I am soo thankful that I have found this website of people who have experienced things that I have too…

  60. Lee says:

    I’m constantly having sexual dreams, I often wakeup and find out I’ve had orgasms during sleep. Some of the dreams are of invisible entities having sex with me, or men, & women. Sometimes I’m able to rebuke the demonic entities in my dreams. Other times, I feel my body having the orgasms but I just can’t seem to wake up. When I do wake up, I feel drained and just like staying in bed all day. I’m really aroused alot of times, I just think maybe it’s normal since I’m a 26 yr old young lady. But idk now. I’ve been to several churches, been prayed over by several pastors, evangelists, brothers & sisters of the congregations, been delivered from other things. BUT THIS right here, just remains.. I often feel sexually confused, angry, or down. Idk I try to pray, read the bible, rebuke, listen to Christian music, or watch Christian programs. Sometimes I can get it under control, sometimes not. Don’t really go to church like that, had some bad personal experiences with folks there. So I’m more of a spiritual loner with some close Christ followers around. I just want these attacks to end once and for all, I’m sick of it. It’s not how I want to live the rest of my life, especially since I have a young child to raise !!! Please any help, I would sincerely appreciate !!!! God bless…..

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Lee you are in my prayers. Please read the deliverance steps in the article. If you apply them with perseverance they will work. I also recommend getting my books. They will help as well. Keep pressing in, don’t ever stay down!

  61. Lee says:

    Thanks Dr. I really hope it helps ! I’m at breaking point at this time period in my life. I get so overwhelmed and depressed at times. I’m praying for the most impacting breakthrough ever, I really am. My soul thirsts it.. God bless you sis..

  62. Chimes says:

    Before reading what you have written i came across this suspicious website…. (removed) …. perhaps it is contributing to some of the problems you speak of.. Alot of love & healing would certainly benefit the human created world of sexual selfishness & suffering if we are ever going to create Heaven on Earth as Gods plan .. there are very few who can deal with these problems rightly- I have found one other Man who truly loves God & fought this fight well before he died- (removed) .. his works seem quite in line with what you speak about. Love to all. 🙂 ❤

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      I appreciate your comment. I checked out that weblink you posted about the incubi and all I can is WOW. Unblievable that people would actually promote sex with demons. I will check out the other website too. If I believe the information will be helpful to readers I will post the link. I have to check it out first before I allow the link to be seen here on the site though. Thanks so much though. I am process of writing my next book and it about sex and marriage. I am excited about it and the more I learn the more I can share with my readers. Again, thanks for the taking the time to post a comment.

  63. Araba AIKINS says:

    I believe the Holy Spirit directed me to your page , i have been communicating with him for a while now and its been amazing. Even though i get carried away and sometimes leave him out my issues he instantly reminds me of his presence and puts me back on track.
    I have been a victim of these sp. for God knows how long. I got back from church today and was shuffling through my tv and strangely chanced on a deliverance service by a church being aired , a lady was being delivered off spirit husband and the manifestation of the sp through her and the things he said made me curious a bit cos i could some how relate to the story…….
    I later switched the tv off and googled about the topic and one page let to another and to another till i chanced on your page .
    Im 33years old single lady from Ghana West Africa and i have been battling these demons for a long while . Didnt know about their manipulation until today from reading your articles and i must say i could relate so much with all you were saying ,infact i think they had a strong hold on my life cos i use to masturbate alot and was into fornication with my then boy friend but as i became born again i started shedding off some of these bad habits through the quickening power of the word . but strangely it was rather at this point that i started feeling the presence of something ( i have come to know as incubus)sometimes i can feel someone touching me all over , i feel some one lying beside me in bed literally the bed will shake ….hmmmm , some times i wake up with marks on my body, rashes on my face overnit,sometimes my electricity appliances will freeze you call electricians only to realize nothing was wrong with them in the first place and they start working again my sis i can go on and on if you allow me , i guess its excitement from the fact that i have finally found some1 i could freely share with.
    please can we communicate further through my mail.
    Thanks i think i can sleep better today knowing that am not alone and not cursed and my house is not hunted by a ghost wheeew

  64. Anonymous says:

    I have been raped by these spirits for more than 15 years. I ‘m saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. The Lord told me two years ago, that my spirit was drawing the demons, and that I had a weakness in my flesh. I just learned recently that these kind of sex spirits exist. I was watching a movie, where a incubus spirit tormented a christian family. A true story, the spirit was after the daughter and he killed her and rapped her nightly. Before that happen they called over a person who knew about the incubus spirit, and it killed him too. I watched this movie about two weeks ago. The man in the movie said that these spirits attack mostly Christian women. I looked up the word incubus, and I just learned what was rapping me for about 15 years come from. I believe the stories of these people because I have experience the same thing. Awake and in sleep. I am a african American Women who want to be free from this hell on earth.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Dear Anonymous,

      Follow the steps in this article and stay close to this blog. Your deliverance is come as soon as you declare that you want it. You just have to walk out the process!

      I agree with you for your freedom in Yeshua’s name!!!

  65. Dionne says:

    Thank you so much Dr. Intimacy for being used of God to share wisdom and experiences with the Body of Christ.

    My past does consist of masturbation, pornography, fornication, horoscopes, bitterness and anger. I have prayed and asked God to deliver me from all the curses in my life and cleanse my soul from the perverted aroma it carried. There was a time in my life where both men and women would approach me, but since I’ve been saved and worked on my deliverance, people would not bother me. However, when instances of uncontrolled anger and bitterness comes up in my life, I get sexual dreams like this.

    It wasn’t until I did an internet search on sexual dreams (Christian interpretations) that I discovered the incubus/succubus demons. The night before dreamt that I was engaging in a sexual relationship with a man and another woman. However, I did not know who this woman was and did not see her face. However, when I awoke I didn’t feel sexually aroused by the dream at all. I felt confused. Without me sharing it with my sister, she approached me and said that she had a dream that I had twins, a boy and a girl. This is the second time that I have dealt with a sexual demonic dream during the same night that my sister dreamt I had boy/girl twins.

    Do you think there is a correlation between our dreams?



    • Dr. Intimacy says:


      This is what I see concerning your dreams. I see clearly a generational curse in the family. The dreams your sister are having are about her own children, not yours. They occur on the same night that you are attacked because the spirits are connected through a generational curse. The twins don’t represent an actual birth of twins but instead a double portion of this generational curse on the next generation in your family on both the males and females. Your sister’s children will be the ones to carry the mantle to finally break this curse once and for all if they are properly trained. You all must help them with this assignment. Your family is important to the Kingdom and the plan of YHWH.

      Please let me know how things are going

  66. Tiki says:

    Spirit of God,deliver me from my spirit,spirit husband and spirit wife,the spirit of leisbianism and masturbation,the spirit of lust and fornication,deliver my soul from hell,deliver my mind from evil,let me think things of you,save my soul from satan,i delete the words of the enemy over my life,over my future and hapines,give my soul rest,help me to knw you oh God of the bible,help me to knw ur spirit,i dismandle al agreements with the evil one and the demonic world,i loose my spirit from hel in Jesus mighty name,save me today Jesus,help me to lead a normal life with no fantansy,in Jesus name.i break al ties with the enemy,i destry my marriage with demons and satan,save me Christ Jesus in your holy name and for your glory,deliver my soul,and i promise you in heaven and earth,that i wil wait upon you for the provision of a holy and godly husband in Jesus name,even if it wil take forever,i wil wait on you merciful father,give me love and patience,give me peace in Jesus name,this is my delivarance prayer by you Lord of Lords,in Jesus name,i pray and promise,in Jesus name.amen Lord Jesus Christ,thank you for making my life new in you,deliver me from the enemy in Jesus name.lord,i can not be able to post ths bt it is my promise to you,in Jesus name,help me to keep it,help me to always remember it,and you,always remember it,forgive me papa,forgive me,i love you,forgive me in Jesus name,please give me a new life,a new soul,a new mind,that is transformd and conformd to your wil,help me that the words of the evil one wont folow me in Jesus name,when ul save me,and deliver me,il b thankful,take away fear and doubt in my life,in Jesus name.amen.

  67. Tiki says:

    I was reading your post, i said a long prayer of deliverance, i believe that God has saved me from hell, my spirit has been tied in sexual fantasy for the past ten years, i thank God for deliverance, please pray for me to stay holy and one day get to heaven in Jesus name. Amen

  68. Och says:

    I was greatly educated by your write up.more grace to you and thanks.

  69. Nancy Kuhn says:

    I am plagued with demons. I am 72 and have been ill for several years. I pass out and wake up in the intensive care unit. My first experience with the whispering voices started last July in the hospital and they followed me home. I experienced witnessing a ceremony of evil and them trying to kill me. I went to a nursing home where I was on many, many prescription meds, out of my head and saw and heard all kinds of demon activity I spoke to them and even participated in a so-called ceremony with the devil(even though I never saw him. These demons said I sold my soul to satan but I don’t remember what was said. Now, they have followed me home and are not letting me sleep, keep saying they are going to rape me(this goes on every waking minute). Nothing I say to Jesus seems to stop them. I am a Christian and I know the Lord is with me. What can I do? The doctor thinks it’s a mental illness but I know it’s spiritual.I love my God, Jesus and my Holy Spirit. What will make them go away?PS. Satan wants to marry me. That’s what the demons and sometimes satan says so. Help me!!!!

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      @ Nancy

      One word – WITCHCRAFT

      Did you read the entire article? It is something that you will need to read again and again and then do and apply all that you learn in it. Witch craft can only be effective when there is some type of willful sin in our lives. You have to find that open door and close it!

      Let me know how it is going please.

  70. bill says:

    OMG!!!! This is crazy!!! So true, i’m in canada and i wish there was some place i could go,stay, and work for the rest of my life and deal with this. This is wreaking havoc in my life and i’m off and on medication to try and sleep, i’m afraid to tell very many people about this in fear they would think i’m nutso, i told one friend and he disagreed somewhat and offered the 12 step material that helps you work through your life. Thing is another issue comes into play, i had an abusive father and i find it hard to let go and trust THE Father since we put them both together and it’s a hard fight to get over it.

    Plus i backslid really bad and fell into all kinds of internet porn, meetings for sex etc. off and on for 8 yrs. I was horribly abused as a kid from 10-15 in school and utterly humiliated and i think somewher i picked up that a woman’s love would heal me of those awful feelings and i began a lifelong struggle around it. I feel so dirty, i was saved but i never went all the way with it as i found it so hard to fully surrender and eventually i backslid to where it all began being afraid to surrender as i type this.

    I know it needs to happen and the scary thing is when i start to read the bible i feel so condemned and it hurts so bad that i’ve hurt so many people by my sins. I haven’t viewed any porn in 7 months thankfully but these dreams are slowly killing me it and ruining my life, not to mention my relationship with God.

    I feel so dirty and disgusting and if i ever told anyone about the worst of my sins they’d never want anything to do with me, so confessing my sins is hard too 😦 I’m so heart broken over it all, it’s hard not to commit suicide but i know it’s what they want.

    Been so tempted to do it many times… This is awful…

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Dear Bill,

      I understand everything you have said and all that you feel. Focus on reading the Gospels right now. Allow yourself to feel the love of The Savior in those pages. You need a revelation his love right now. Read the Gospels over and over and over again until it breaks and the letters of John.

      Please stay in touch. You are loved.

    • Hi, Bill;
      I know this is a really long message but i hope you read through it and becomes a blessing in your life.
      I was just going over the comments on the page so us to understand this demons and saw your story. i was brought up in a christian family but became a rebel after high school because i felt nobody understood or cared about me so why should i. i had been struggling with suicide ever since i was nine years old and most people don’t understand what it feels like constantly plagued by this thoughts and they thought i was just being young and stupid. i was also fighting with depression and got my ulcers from a young age, i felt no one understood me and always asked God why he put me on this earth n i prayed everyday never to live until old age cause i saw it as a curse, i could not understand why someone would want to live until old age. i had tried so hard to fit into the world and thought i had it all when i innocently got engaged in drinking, parting, drug abuse, dating and being notices in the who is who social world but all these shattered cause i wasn’t truly happy it was a fake short-lived experience of happiness and soon my depression caught up with my relations as i started acting out and doing things that never made sense and finally realized i needed deliverance. it was not an easy journey but i finally got somewhere and still on my journey to a more solid relationship with God.
      i may not say all that i did but Bill i can assure you even the staunchest of Christians have their secret pasts that they confessed to God who delivered them. nobody is perfect it is only by God’s grace and love that we become his children and therefore the real image of him (please read Ephesians 2). maybe the reason you weren’t able to fully anchor yourself in Christ is that you have not been able to forgive yourself and it is the most difficult thing, having to face all the demons and fear of your past but you have to forgive yourself, and slowly begin to love yourself to allow God to do his works in you. i tormented myself for things i had done to so many people and even the thought of the things i had done made me sick, if you don’t forgive yourself doubt will engulf you and suffocate you just as it did me for a while which creates a barrier for God’s love to come in and save us from our sins. God forgives, God loves, God forgets and He lifts all those dark-grey heavy clouds that seemed to forever be a part of your life. i don’t like sharing things online and i was so shocked that people have put up such person experiences on this website and the last thing on my mind when opening this page was to write about my story because a certain vulnerability comes with it, its putting a part of you out there for strangers but i felt so connected to your story and i could feel your frustration in every word. Dear brethren as Dr. Intimacy has stated read the Bible like you never have; everyday, every night, meditate on it, pray and find a church that makes you feel at home even if religion is sometimes tricky if you find the rights place and do all this things you will be surprised how much your life will change and may one day 2 Peter 1:1-2 be your testimony as it was mine this year. (that through the righteousness of our God and Saviour Jesus Christ GRACE and PEACE shall be yours in full measure…)
      let go of the past to Gos, you are your own key to deliverance.

  71. Prophet King says:

    Very insightful. It is sad that more church leader are not taking the time to properly address this issue. There are very few who are willing to do so. Marine Demons, Incubus/Succubus, (Spirit Husband/Spirit Wife) is/are attacking believers and non-believers alike. Some enjoy and encourage it, others truly want to be set free!! Thank Jesus that Freedom and Deliverance is available!!!

  72. baoanguy says:

    This site is awesome. I’ve definitely had similar experiences like waking up and hearing something talking to me – telling me to do this or that. It would seem so real that I would do it. It seems like the more I would get into God (reading the bible/praying ) the stronger the night voices would be that would wake me up. The only thing that really changed everything for me was changing my diet and fasting/praying/reading bible/going to church. Just reading the word of God and praying/church never really helped.

    I never understood why I would have sexual dreams even though I’d stop watching porn/ or having masturbation/sex with gf. It’s like if I stopped those things I’d always be attacked in with sexual dreams.

    There would be times where I’d be sleep and I’d here the voice say watch porn or masturbate and I would do it without question. I would feel like a total slave because there seemed like no way to fight something that comes into my thoughts while sleep.
    Even when I found myself being able to resist and refuse I feel some else completing the act without me even doing a thing and me being the only person in the room.

    I recently had a dream where I was sleep and I had a dream where a shadowy man was standing right above me – never felt so much fear – couldn’t move or talk – might as well have been dead.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      I praise YHWH GOD for all of your comments and boldness in sharing your experiences, letting other know that these attacks are so real in the lives of so many people and cannot be ignored.

  73. Trevor says:

    Been dealing with this same issue since 2004 – since I recommited my life to Christ. Am in ministry. VERY discouraged, and rarely get a good night’s sleep due to the oppression, torment, head-aches, etc. Can’t even begin to describe the horrific things that I have went through over the years. I have read numerous books, sought counseling from those in deliverance ministries, went through a deliverance session, combined with fasting and prayer. VERY, VERY tired and drained most of the time. Very dissapointed. Not sure what to do any more. I wish there was a big red button that said, “Push here for immediate deliverance!” I’d have taken advantage of that a long time ago. I appaude you for writing about this, Dr. Intimacy. Wish there were more of you in the church today, as I’m tired of having to defend the reality of my experiences to so-called, “believers”. God save us from them. And deliver me from these evil spirits and all strongholds/open-doors within my mind and body. Amen.

  74. Exalted Dirt says:

    I want to thank you for this. I was visited about a year or so ago by a succubus when my wife and I were sort of in a live-in divorce. It was partially my fault, but she was also very hard-hearted toward me. I could tell you all the details of my life for the past few years, but it would be too much. Maybe I should write a book someday when I’m fully out in the clear. Anyway, at this point in time the enemy was speaking to me about another young lady in the church, and it didn’t seem like it was ever going to stop. I was praying for my wife very intently in the basement when a silent voice spoke to me, leaving me totally dumbfounded. “What about her instead?” After gathering my thoughts for a moment, I rejected it, but the seed was planted in my mind. To top it off, my wife was extremely bitter toward me to the point where anything I said or did that she disagreed with would start her on what I called a demonic rage. She would mock and curse me and become violent, on a couple occasions even threatening my life. I was sleeping in the basement, contemplating leaving, not believing it was the righteous thing to do, but rather a necessary evil. All the while these thoughts of this other young woman were tormenting me. I would have fleeting visions of me and her in the daytime, and I would go to pray for my wife purely out of spite for these things. It seemed like I was being pushed toward her, even though I tried to avoid her. I remember putting my arms around my wife once and hearing a voice say to my spirit, “She’s not meant to be yours.” It made me back away. I went on a three-day fast, intent on telling my pastor how these things were tormenting me. I had a pleasant dream about me and the other young woman one night, which I wrote down. It wasn’t terribly romantic or physical. It was just about me going out to see her, like at the beginning of a dating-type relationship. After writing down that dream, a night or so afterward another followed in which I was talking alone with a friend (someone I don’t know personally, possibly a roommate) in a dumpy-looking apartment. Another person was there, a young lady with straight, long dark hair. She was fairly attractive in appearance, but I remember seeing her glowing red eyes. I knew there was something wrong about her being there, but I tried to not mind her. Suddenly she expressed boredom concerning the conversation my roommate and I were having, and she flung herself down between us. I’m not sure what happened to my friend there; suddenly it was just me and her, and she was naked. I began to engage her like an animal, not really thinking of what I was doing. I remember touching and kissing her with extreme intensity, and she and I were sinking downward. Then I recognized what I was doing and backed away. I ran away into another room where I tried to take a shower, but the shower curtain was filthy and the draft in the room was making it cling to my body. I sensed she was coming after me, but being naked and wet, I was kind of paralyzed in the bathtub there. She pulled away the curtain and began to mock and curse me, much in the same way my wife had done, and she said something that stuck with me and made me think well after I woke up. This isn’t the exact wording, and it’s been well over a year now, but she said, “You were born to be a dick witch.” She also mocked me saying, “Look at you; you’re going to leave your wife!” It was apparent to me at that point that my struggle with pornography over the years from a young age of about 12 years old was an attempt of the enemy to keep me spiritually enslaved by my sexuality. In other words, I had been marked by the enemy for such a destiny. This wasn’t just an emotional or physical addiction. Of course, the word devil means “slanderer”, I knew that wasn’t what God had planned for me. It got to the point where I almost left. I kept telling the Lord Jesus, “I believe You can still reconcile us.” I was concerned for my safety. She begged me to stay. I did. Eventually I told her about the other young lady at church. That was a point of extreme contention for a long time, and it still comes up on rare occasions, but I asked the Lord Jesus to remove her if that was the church He wanted me at. Her attendance began to dwindle drastically long before this stuff was brought into the light (apparently she was extremely busy), and it took a long time, but finally one Sunday I saw there was a going away party for her. I’m guessing she was moving away to be married to a young man out of state whom she was serious about. Since then there are several things I still don’t understand, but there is a peace in my household that didn’t seem could ever be possible.

    • Exalted Dirt says:

      Another thing: it was being made apparent to me that masturbation was more than just a purely physical release. One time my wife came down the steps to mock and harass me (about what I don’t remember) and when she was finished and headed up the steps immediately I felt a warmth come over my abdomen and other stuff down there. I was trying to sleep, and I was naked, but that sudden erection was so intense I was afraid to even touch it. I knew that if I did it would explode. I knew it wasn’t natural. I held that blanket up over my body until it passed. I’ve struggled with the masturbation thing for many years. The Bible doesn’t really say anything about it, but it seems apparent to me that when the allowance for it is made, the door is opened for other things which the Lord Jesus condemns. It’s a never-ending cycle of repentance, permissiveness, blatant sin, and condemnation.

      • chris says:

        Get over yourself dude. God made your body. Your wife was just in the room. You had a natural response to her presence. Why would you condemn yourself for that? Didnt Paul write something that says There is now condemnation to those who are in Christ. Are you a higher judge than God? if so then you are making yourself God by condeming yourself. Why do you want to make yourself feel guilty all the time? Why keep looking for something to be ashamed of? Get rid of the low self esteem. Man up and be a man, a man that loves himself the way God loves him.

        • Exalted Dirt says:

          People use the “there is no condemnation” line to justify things they shouldn’t be doing. This isn’t an issue of shame or condemnation, it’s an issue of holiness. “Be holy, for I AM holy,” dude. Condemnation comes from the enemy. It’s the overpowering belief that “I’m evil, and there’s no way I can change.” It’s a lie from Hell. On the other hand, refusing to be condemned by justifying it is the same thing. Acknowledging the spiritual nature of these things has helped me greatly to live in the victory that the Lord Jesus intended for me. THAT is loving myself the way God loves me! About the “judging ourselves” part, that same Paul encouraged self-judging (not self-condemnation) in order to not face the judgment. Also, there are very deep things about my past I haven’t disclosed here. I know the root of many of these things, but just within the last few years have these things been coming out into the light for me to recognize. I asked God a few years back to show me the working of the enemy so that I could effectively defeat them. Wow; I had no idea how firm some of these demonic strongholds in my life were. As I lay in bed alone a few years back, I heard a voice speak directly into my ear, “Get ready.” I was just beginning to take authority over things that I let the enemy have, and the enemy was RAGING over it. Before this, over the course of many years I tried asserting myself over certain of these things a few times, only to be quickly discouraged and back down. Honestly, who really LIKES fighting? By the way, this was about much more than just sexual bondage. Now back to the “get ready” part. I jumped out of bed and said, “O.K., Lord!” I took a shower and got dressed, thinking something dramatic was going to happen THAT NIGHT. I sat on the steps and waited and waited, but nothing happened. I know He must laugh at how we respond to His word sometimes. That was the only time I’ve ever literally heard His voice. I’ve come to understand though that the Lord Jesus usually works very slowly (it seems to us) on our behalf. It was about a year ago that an enigmatic phrase that was prophesied over me over 15 years had its meaning revealed to me. I thought the fellow who was speaking to me cut himself off mid-sentence to veer off into another stream of thought. In a time of extreme emotional stress I found myself crying out “Lord, I AM being obedient to the authority You’ve placed me under! I am [doing this thing]! I AM doing [this other thing]. I AM! I AM! I AM!!” The enemy was trying very vehemently to convince me I was going to do things which were contrary to my Pastor’s leadership. This prophet spoke to me over 15 years earlier, “Say ‘Lord, I am.'” And then he completely shifted his speech to another subject. As I kept saying “I AM, LORD!” over and over again, that one little seemingly cut-off phrase came to my mind. I then remembered how his prayer for me was “Let him be filled with Your passion… Let it BREAK HIM, Lord,” (then he quited down a bit and breathed out) “but not destroy him.” I really did feel like I was being crushed, but I also found comfort in remembering those words that were spoken over me so long before, knowing that YHWH saw this thing happening long before I could ever dream it up! He is so good.

        • Exalted Dirt says:

          About the “natural response” quip, when she acts like that and gets that look in her eyes, she is everything BUT attractive to me. That was NOT a natural response in any way at all.

  75. Rebecca Kefas says:

    This is true,I too going in the same thing

  76. jessie says:

    Hi, I just read this post today and cudnt stop myself to write. I am having this strong sexual urges which do not go easily only when I masturbate or watch porn, I have explicit dreams of having vulgar rough sex dream with my driver and it leaves me guilt full. I am scared of horror movies but yet I watch them in parts. I am a divorcee, had to end marriage as my husband was having an affair, have felt lobeliness from that time till now, took 4 years to come back to Jesus but I was unaware of these reasons for my spiritual struggles. One dream : of having sex with a handsome good built man whom I knew, during this dream I felt touch, kisses, orgasms in real, second when I felt pain in my neck after I slept, I got up to only know that I was being strangled and the grip left only when I choked and called out for help! I was child molested by my own brother, had couple of sex with many men married unmarried as I am pretty till I got married, I kept myself loyal to my husband only to find him cheating on me, I went away from Jesus till now! I had superb insights today, I will use these weapons to gaurd myself, thanks for the help!

  77. […] Incubus and Succubus – Sex Demons of the Night. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

  78. gizmo says:

    i am a 26 year old women and i been molested at age 10-12yrs old i kinda like it at the time, because i was young, fat, and ugly when it was happing to me, i did not know at the time he was molesting me, he made me feel good, and i thought i was lucky, i did not understand what was going on. years went by i am now married with 2 kids, and every sense i married my husband i’ve been feeling like something is having sex with me at night when i am sleep, the feeling feel so good, and strong it blows my mind, and now when i have sex with my husband it does not feel good, it use too, but now i dont care or want to have sex with my husband. i look every night for what was having sex with me, i even go and take naps all through the day hoping, and looking for whatever it was. this is causing a lot of hell with me and my husband, i no longer want my husband, and my husband is all mad and upset, because he cant please me in the bedroom any more, i try to change its so hard because my body wants, and craves that thing that makes love to me at night, im so mess up and i do love my husband i really, really do, what can i do to end this madnest??? please please help me what am i to do??

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Hi Gizmo,

      Yes, spiritual sex is very intense and measurably more pleasurable than natural sex is. The truth of the matter is that you can have the same kind of “spiritual sex” with your husband. Most couples don’t understand how spiritual sex really is and only engage in it on a physical level and it becomes mundane and unfulfilling. The first thing you need to do is follow the deliverance steps and then I can teach you more about have a fulfilling sexual life with your husband.

      Hope to hear back from you.

  79. Anthony says:

    My question is we you can talk to a demon that comes to you at night. I have told to to f-off but it came back three months later stronger I think cause when this demoted came in to my room this time I heard foot steps and it walk up to my bed then it felt like everything start to vibrate and feels if my bed has been lifted and is being moved in this state of sleep I can see my room of want is in front of me not behind it is always behind me I don’t under stand why I have told it to show it self when I say this or I am not sacred of you or stops and I wake up and idea on what demon this is

  80. Roger says:

    I am glad that this forum exists. Sadly, “the church” does not want to deal with or minister in the area of deliverance. There are people who care for those hurting and being tormented, yet not everyone who has these types of manifestations and attacks often do not know where to turn for help. For those seeking help, continue to seek until you are set free!


  81. Harry says:

    In time past i was engaged in sex in my dreams always..i mastubated often.i went 4 deliverance.now d dreams have changed.now ladies beg to have sex with me in my dreams.i have always declined.plz why is it so

    • Dr. Intimacy says:


      It sounds as if you received partial deliverance. You are stronger now and these demons do not have full reign over your life as they once did. However, you are not completely free so they are trying to regain control by tempting you in your dreams. They are especially appealing to pride in your heart because most men enjoy having women at their mercy. This is all very wicked. Please anoint yourself and pray before you go to bed at night. Ask Yeshua to protect and keep angels around you as you sleep. If you do have a dream, never repeat it to anyone and immediately wake up and denounce all lust spirits and curse the seed that they planted in you. Be sure that you are following all of the deliverance steps.

      Hope this helps you.
      Dr. Intimacy

  82. D says:

    Thank you so so much for the wise and godly biblical council!

  83. chris says:

    “I do not wish to be added to the mailing list”. Funny how neither of the these words are in the Bible, sucubus or incubus. This is a man made idea to cover up night time rapes and molesting by family members. It is not in the Bible! I want to see chapter and verse where these words are used. The power of men over women even in modern times. What a shame.

  84. manny says:

    I was just thinking many yrs ago I was in jail…and i had a “wet dream”..the only time in my life i ever had one…I actually realized what was happening and remember trying to wake myself up….when i did wake up, i almost “finished”.. but just barely stopped in time…I know this sounds nasty but i think there was something trying to get at me in that ugly place. 16 yrs later i have never had that happen again (or jail).

  85. Olivia says:

    Thank you so much, i think the Holy Spirit led me to your website. and now i know how to combat them, The armour of God

  86. Marie says:

    I am so glad to have found this blog! Dr. Intimacy, I am so glad you are putting this information out there to help set people free. I had so many of these experiences when I was a teen and in my 20’s. I am now 35 and married to a Christian man and am completely FREE of this sexual possession/oppression. If you are experiencing this struggle please know that YOU CAN BE SET FREE IN CHRIST!! Get a close personal relationship with Christ through prayer, fasting, the Word etc…. Demons have to flee when you are following and claiming CHRIST. Pray that you will be an overcomer. Do not give into the demons. Play Christian worship music and in the hardest night hours or when they oppress you during the day sing the lyrics outloud!! SATAN HATES WORSHIP!! Ask God to help you get the sin OUT of your life. Recently one night I sat on Facebook looking at MTV’s pictures….I literally had a dream I was looking at the same pictures and the demons came into my home with fear and oppression and I woke up. The Lord showed me that even sitting willfully and continuing to look at pictures of our wicked culture invited the demons to torment my sleep. I woke up verbally rebuking satan in Jesus name. God bless you all. Be free…our families, innocent children, and future generations depend on it!!

  87. Tjohnson says:

    Thank you for this valuable information. I am a sure survivor of rape. I have never experienced actual intercourse with these spirits but, I do believe they oppress me greatly. This is something I have been dealing with for the last few years of my life. I am a born again Christian who unfortunately was raped by a minister from age 6 until I was 11 yrs old and then by my biological father when I was 14 and for years of foster home placement it seemed to me like any adult man tried touch me or do something sexual to me. I have been living with so much anger inmy heart until I changed into this out of control person who hated God because I could not understand why he wood allow a persons here will to y

  88. Dawna says:

    Hi, I do think this is an excellent blog. I stumbledupon it ;
    ) I am going to revisit once again since I bookmarked it.
    Money and freedom is the best way to change, may you be rich
    and continue to guide other people.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Dawna I receive that blessing and I agree with you that COMPLETE change has to include financial freedom. “I would beloved that you would prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.” That is what the Bible says and I agree!

  89. rick says:

    the entire story that i am about to tell you is true and not made up…
    my road down sexual perversion started 4 years ago when i met a guy that does healings with energy from his hands. He asked me if i felt energy when i put my hands together and i said no..he then put his hands outside of my hands and then asked me again and yes i could feel little strings of energy and magnetism pushing my hands apart. it was a little freaky, he said he had had lyme disease and cured it by energy healing..i had it also and noticed the symptoms went away when i sat next to him.. he said i am picking up his frequency that was 333mhz..i was astonished..so i went to his place the very next week and i laid on a table and he turned off the computors so they dont fry from the extreme energy..he walked around me with his hands up and the energy was so intense amd slowly i started to fall into a trance and he said let go and i said no…so for six hours he kept trying and telling me the angels are saying to let go and that they want him the healer to touch me..he said he does not want to do it..i was freezing and cold in the 80 degree room and i kept thinking of why the hertz was 333 as if he had 333 and i had 333 then you know what number that adds up to! after six hours he showed me the chakras and how to use my very own crystals and gems to clean my aura and open the gates or wheels…when i picked up the crystal the energy went right thru me..he opened my third eye and i did not like it.. i went home after that and felt like i was bieng watched..there was a buzzing in my body and i hated it..he said i would get used to it…after that my life changed for the worse..i got seperated from my wife and i started to hang out all night and not come home..i got rid of all the crystals as i was getting evil attacks..so for two years i stopped playing with it…then i started to work with my wife toward working things out but there was still a part of me that wanted freedom to play around. we went to mystic seaport in connecticut and there was a mystic shop so i went in..there i found a rose quarts and picked it up and the energy went right thru me so i got some crystals and a cat for the car that had all the stones in it of the chakras..i also picked up books on the metaphiscal and the secret and eric pearl the guy who taught others to energy heal who had learned it from a tarrot card reader..i wore the crystal in my pocket and recharged it day and night in the moon and sun…about two weeks later i came home from work and a child from next door asked me how i was and i said i great..but he fired back NO how are you with god! i knew that was a sign to stop! but no i kept going..the very same day i went to a bluff that overlooks the ocean with my wife and there was a beautiful woman sitting on a park bench with nice hair..she was not facing us so i said lets go look at the ocean..i went by the park bench and my wife said turn around and i did and it was a witch..she never moved or blinked and the boils were all over her face and she wore white and the knees were boils..it was so gross and the guy behind me with his dog was frightened..we got out of there and i said that was the second sign,,

  90. rick says:

    the second part of this is that i got hit by demonic sexual perversion,,it was really bad..and i was not going to make it thru this..i had such a hard time and i said no right from the start…i was saved in a plain church with power from jesus..a large cross and some pews!.the entity was squirming in front of the cross and i was on fire like lava..jesus saved me and the holy spirit came to me before hand to try to stop me..the lords power is so powerful..it moved side to side and then up and over my head..i burned all the occult books right before my being saved and made a vow to never lie or cheat or doing anything that was not rightious under the lord..i went back for bible study and the minister of the church took over and annoited me with oil to christ..every time i opened the bible the holy spirit would tell me what to do next..every week we would drive more of the demons out and read scripture and dwell on it..i cleaned the church and offered myself to jesus to any task that was needed..again pushing the demon out! then i took the blood of christ without bieng baptized and that is were a huge ball of energy went up and another soothing one came in and i was saved and no more demons….now i know and i tell you all that the power and love of this world is jesus and to him i love and pray to every day all day! i give thanks to him for everything good and bad and i know that he protects me from all evil..the blood of christ with the love of christ and the relationship with christ is key1…the holy spirit and the father and jesus are the only ones who can fight a demon or demons…they have much more strength and power then we do but with jesus they will run and fast.
    open your hearts and exept the true king of the world the alpha and the omega and the all knowing…jesus in your heart is the true saviour! i dont believe in jesus i know he is real and not fake..his power is beyond our comprehension and all we need to do is to love him and worship him..i tell you truly the world has gotten away from god! he was the protection for us and we have not kept him in our hearts..put god back in place and you will know peace..your family wont be shattered and you wont have the evil one to put sex in your head..the relationship of the male and female marriage is riddled with the evil one trying to destroy gods children! dont let him!! pick up the bible and the living word of god will protect you and heal you of sickness..as jesus said to peter come out of the boat and walk to me! trust the lord that you wont drown and your world will change…i left alot of the story out because i did not want you to get bogged down with how i got there..but i can tell you the sexual part of it was so strong.. the whole body was orgasming out of control and i could not stop it but jesus DID! praise the lord of the most high! the blood of jesus on the evil one! i am with jesus forever! i love you jesus!!!!!! you saved not only me but all who here my story!

  91. rick says:

    the next day while driving i was watching on u tube about how to open up the second chakra..at first a swastika with blood dripping appeared for a split second and then a woman appeared and said that she has a gift to open the second chakra and all i had to do was listen..so i did and she chanted sounds that you would repeat in your mind..after she sang i felt a whirl and a really strong buzzing thruout my body.. i was so turned on that i could not drive like this..i was squirming in my car seat and it felt soooooooooo good! at the same time i felt heat across my belly and the arousal was so strong and beyond normal..when i mean heat i mean burning..i did not have to touch myself at all as this was way over regular sex…they call this bliss..i said to myself no! this cant be from god…so i went home that night and my body was so turned on and the swelling at the base of my pelvis and the scrotum became engorged like i was producing buckets of testosterone and there was a constant buzzing day and night in my prostate ..i felt energy running thru my body and when i went to sleep that night in a hyper arousal state i started to dream of universes moving behind universes and i remember saying in my sleep “WHOA” .. i felt electric jolts and sleep was not easy..the next day i woke up and the arousal was stronger..i started to look up what was happening on line and i found out that it was kundalini energy and that it was a crisis…that i would undergo a spiritual reincarnation while still alive and that if i could make it thru and back again that i would have special powers..i said no no no! i called the healer i went to years before and found that he does not do healing anymore and was unavailable..i was talking to his wife..i said i have this kundalini energy running thru me and she started to cry and said him too..he woke up on what was judgement day by harold camping of christian radio. he was a billion times worse then me, he was writhing like a snake uncontrollably! and she told me the energy that i had was not supposed to be there and that i was entered and not to do any mudras or mantras or chants or i would be in real trouble…so that day i called a friend who is very into the lord that works with me..he has been telling me about the lord for year..we went to a church on july fourth and tried to find the priest but the church was closed..so i found another catholic church and went thru the church into the rectory were i found the priest and he gave me a blessing and i left and nothing changed..that night i went to sleep and i would see snakes, the intensity was getting worse and every night i was seeing new things like tour guides dressed in black..i researched the next day and found out it was a cult from india or somewhere around there..they have a turbin and a snake on the front..i decided to go to the yoga people that have a meditation center and they told me to let go and give in and i said again NO..i told them that this was kundalinin yoga and they told me to call the kundalini yoga teachers and ask them what to do.. so i called them and they said to come in and they would show me how to tame the immense energy basicaly running thru my genitals..they told me that i would come there and work thru the orgasms and achieve enlightment! i did not want to sit with a teacher and have to orgasm with them or in front of them..work was so hard because of the arousal was getting stronger every day and time was running out.i had to stay close to a bathroom or somewhere where i could climax if it got to strong for me to handle..i new i was in trouble! at that point i went to another big catholic church and looked for the priest..i told the priest what happened and he told me three red flags…now when i went to the church i felt a moving entity moving backwards and forwards very slowly and i was worried that it would eventually get so strong that it would fry my brain..he told me that hinduism was here before christ and that it was a legitamate religion and that the end of the world was made up and everyone has there own version of what they call evil…i went outside to look for a cross..he said come back in a couple of weeks and ill baptize you…so i was so happy! everyday now the orgasms had a mind of there own and it was so strong that i would eventually have to be alone as the orgasm would be very intense…i chose to fight it and not let it make me..but that was getting to much as anything would put me over the top…when i went to church on sunday dressed to the hilt..i waited till the end and now i find out the he does not want to baptize without me going thru a learning process that could take 6 months to a year to learn of the catholic chuch and jesus..so he said to go to your wifes church in the same town..it was methodist and very plain compared to the catholic church..i thought that jesus would be in the nicest church and i was incorrect..so i sat down with the pastor at the church and the spirit was moving again as soon as i entered the church..the pastor asked me what happend and i told him the whole story..so he gets up and walks to his book shelf and takes out the new testament and said read luke and be here sunday with your wife..so i went home and burned all of the occult that i had and there was no let up from the spirit that had taken residence in my body..i went to another church and went to the alter and flat out told jesus on my knees! you are the only one who can save me! please save me as i wont survive this..i did not know..they told me you were not real! please save me! i dont want to die like this! i let it out and when i left it was moving within me the bad spirit..i left that church and said to myself i am ready to go to church on sunday..all along the work that i do or anything that i did at work would fail..or the spirit would hit others around me..on sunday i got up and this strange web type of energy went forcefully to the ground! i got dressed and got into the car to go to church..the car would not start,,so i got out and started to walk to church and the car started! i entered the church and this time the spirit moving was alot stronger! i sat in the fifth pew and right in front of the cross…my wife next to me! the pastor walks towards me and he is dressed in shorts and sneakers and says one word “GOOD MORNING” just as he said that my body went on fire! this spirit started to violently move back and forth so hard and i was going to scream! the pastor is still talking to my wife and has no idea..i thought i could run for the door! no no no stay i said! it started to move violently up and i was worried that it was going to fry my brain! it went over my head and out! after the service was over and i went outside the pulsation btwn my leggs stopped! that is why i know jesus is the son of god and sits on his right side! eventually i was baptized and it was the best day of my life…jesus will save you! you must surrender your heart and your love to him!

  92. Hey everyone,
    I believe in God, I pray, go to church and follow his word to the best of my ability and try to lead a good and mindful life.
    Reading this blog has left me feeling quite alarmed. I believe among faith, God has also given us common sense, which we should use at all times. Some of the people who’ve posted their very open and honest experiences seem severly depressed. So as well as praying and asking for deliverance, I would also make a gentle suggestion to visit a medical practitioner and seek help. Childhood trauma and abuse leave a very large scarring in a person’s consciousness and if you have suicidal thoughts or thoughts of wanting to act as the abuser following such traumatic incidents, it is very important you get help in order to heal and break such thinking patterns/behaviour.
    When I was young I was told a story about a man whose town was ravanged by floods, and as the water level kept rising he prayed to God to save him. As he was praying, there was a boat that approached him and asked him to come with them. But in shook his head to the boatman and said “no thank you. My God is going to save me”. Then when the water level rose higher, he seeked refuge on his roof, a helicopter saw this man and flew closer to him in order to save him. But again he refused to accept their help by saying “no thank you. But I know that my God will save me”. The helicopter flew away and eventually the water level rose higher and this man drowned. When in heaven, this man met God (clearly this is a hypothetical story) and he asked God WHY he wasn’t saved, despite his unfailing love and faith. God replied “I did try to save you. In fact I sent a boat and a helicopter to save you but you didn’t take any of my help”. The moral of the story is that God helps people who help themselves and we have to use our common sense in using the resources readily given to us by the almighty. So along with praying, accepting what has happened and what is happening in your lives, also please consider seeking and accepting help from a councellor.
    Much love to all! 🙂

    • Exalted Dirt says:

      I agree with this in part. Be careful who you seek counsel from. Many of them may disregard the spiritual nature of these things, just like the Catholic priest rick mentioned above.

  93. Hey! I had heard about incubus and succubus but did not pay much thought to them because I thought that all of this is unreal. However, your blog has raised several questions in my mind and helped me understand that this situation can be really serious. Thanks you so much for sharing!

  94. ontheway says:

    I’ve been molested by those demon spirits since i was a child. i began to masturbate very early, i had sexual perversions very early, i had no consciousness about what’s evil and good about sexuality. i still have an incubi though i’m a christian and believe in Jesus very much.I saw that incubi tonight, he had big black wings and very demonic shape of body, just blackness. Unfortunately, i live with my family of unbelievers so demons have access to me.I’m attractive, no wonder they molest me, but i hate it.Demon told me he’ll even kill any boyfriend that approaches to me, he is very jealous,he breaks every relationship i have very quickly.
    I’ll listen to these advices, thanks lady (who wrote this article)God bless ya!

  95. Isaac'OGod says:

    First of all I’d like to thank the Woman of God for this blog. I’ve carefully read the entire article,and most of the experiences,thoughts, insights,and questions posted here. I’ve always known that these things exist,and I’ve had some experiences myself,although not as extreme as some folks that have commented here. However I’d like to say that the devil is not as powerful as he appears to be.I cast out devils all the time,and they are all the same.
    I found out that those demons that torment men and women daily are more scared than the ones they torment.Especially when the person is born again.The only reason why a born again christian can face a thing like this,is simply ignorance of God’s word.Anybody who tells you anything else,is lying to you.In Matthew 17:20 the disciples of Jesus asked Him ‘Lord why couldn’t we cast out the devil?’ The Master without mincing words replied ‘BECAUSE OF YOUR UNBELIEF’.
    I’m pretty sure that if someone else had told them it was because of their unbelief they couldn’t cast out the devil,they would have argued.I mean these men were associate ministers with Jesus.They had been with Him all the time.They had seen Him cast out devils,and there was never a devil that over powered Him.Romans 10:17 says ‘Faith comes by hearing,and hearing by the word of God.You need to know more of God’s word.You can’t sit at home on a Sunday morning calling yourself a ‘spiritual loner’ and expect to experience victory over the devil (I don’t mean to be rude,but truth needs to be told).Hebrews 10:25 says don’t forsake the assembly of the saints.Go to church.And if your church doesn’t change you change your church.God has men everywhere who He has trained to deal with matters like this.If you seriously ask Him He’ll lead you to someone.
    I’ve encountered them devils so many times.I’ve never met anyone of them that the name of Jesus doesn’t not torment.
    If you’re a child of God,become aggressive towards the devil.Pray fervently in the spirit.Cool and calm Christianity will not work.We may be quiet at times,but on the inside we are violent.We are extremely militant!
    The Bible says ‘The Lion has roared who shall not fear’ Amos 3:8
    You declare by faith in the name of Jesus,and that devil will tremble and checkout.And when you do,and wait to feel anything before you know you are free.We walk by faith,and not by sensory perceptions 2Corinthians .5;7
    Someone might say that maybe you don’t know the kind of demons I’m dealing with.They are very powerful demons.Well the more powerful are,the easier they are to cast out,because high ranking demons understand spiritual principles better that low ranking ones.In other words they know better the consequences of not obeying the command,that Jesus guys issue.
    Anybody that want deliverance from these things,it is very easy without much ceremonies.But you must be ready to serve the Lord.If you get delivered,and you go back to your old life style,you’re joking.It’ll only get worse.

  96. Isaac'OGod says:

    CORRECTION :And when you do,DON’T wait to feel anything before you know you are free.We walk by faith,and not by sensory perceptions 2Corinthians .5;7

  97. Thank you so much for the insightful article. I can now truly interpret the meaning of such weird dreams. You prayer of deliverance sure do work Dr. Intimacy.

  98. Hope says:

    I’m 100% sure my husband is entertaining a sex demon, and is NOT IN HIS SLEEP, HE IS AWAKE when having sex with this demon…I’ve witness many things, that I have no doubt about it…this demon is destroying our marriage, doesn’t want me around my husband if I come near him he cannot breath is like the demon is suffocating him or if we try to be intimate is like he is seeing something else, he is terrified of it, there are many more examples, I know he sees it and hears it and open doors to it etc. He hates God I suspect he is a Satanist, what can I do? I’m a strong Christian, is there hope for us? He has become physically, verbally and emotionally abusive very cruel, I think this entity has always been with him since I’ve met him but after seven years is like time was up for him. Or us I think he is possess. I’m praying for the impossible that Jesus would set him free and restore our marriage…is there hope? I still love him, and would like reconciliation.

    • Lovely says:

      Hope , often when i’m awake i’m with incubus just like your husband is with succubus.If he’s satanist,try to talk to him if he’d like to have hope to escape this demon,try to talk to him about Jesus.If this continues, i would suggest you see a marriage counsellor,or stay separated for a while.Don’t be mad on your husband,he can’t help that demon,just like i can’t help being sexually harrassed by incubus.God bless sister

  99. David says:

    I just want to thank God for using this article to bring up my faith again that i can be delivered by this spirit that got into me 8yrs ago leaving me helpless and making me loose almost all my conciousness. And i reccomend this article to all that are having this same challenge and i pray the Good Lord will help you to gain your freedom in Jesus name…….Amen.
    And God bless all christian brothers and sister who had one way or the other contributed to the success of this article in Jesus name.
    From: Atoyegbe David Kayode (Nigeria)

  100. Ntaoleng says:

    I just wanna have sex with a demon is that too much to ask for?

    • Hope says:

      I first like to educate you by telling you that Demons are at least 6000.00 years old…that’s very old, also they may appear attractive to you but that’s just a mask…an “ILLUSION” Cause by their MAGICK , their real appearance is very UGLY and OLD, they’re reptilians, snakes, dragons and monsters. They were cast out of Heaven for pride, in Heaven they were beautiful because everything God-Jesus created it’s perfect and beautiful but when they fell into this planet they lost all of that is like DNA degeneration, deterioration, they’re grotesque deform monsters that stink very badly as hell does!!! Heaven is a perfect place that’s smells like the fragrance of God, where there is no sin…No sadness, No loneliness, No unhappiness, No injustice, No lying, No sickness, No DEATH, etc…is a place reserve for those who choose God-Jesus, will inherit a new Heavens and a New Earth all things will be made new for ever, eternal happiness , joy and peace…eternal life But as it is written, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him.” Hell is a place where there will NOT BE SEX WITH DEMONS!!! You will be alone for eternity burning in a lake of fire, or tormented by these monsters for ever in eternal Darkness, a place of fire, darkness, snakes, spiders, reptilians, Demons…monsters but you will be tormented for ever for all the wrong you have done NO FOOD NO WATER!!! Worms will come in and out of your body it will burn but not die, the screams of pain and anguish and despair will be a million times what you have ever felt here on earth. There will be no sex or orgies or perversion!!! You will be completely alone for ever!!! Choose today eternal life with God-Jesus he created all things and he is perfect and good! HIS LOVE ENDURES FOR EVER…HIS FAITHFULNESS ENDURES FOREVER…HE FORGIVES AND HE CAN BE THE MATCH MAKER AND GIVE YOU A GOOD WIFE OR HUSBAND BUT YOU HAVE TO CHANGE FIRST!!!

      • chris says:

        Chapter and verse in the Bible where Demons smell please. Also include where in Bible it says they became ugly, deformed. They are at least 6000 years old? Really? You take the creation story as literal? Dont you know about the Sumerian creation story which is older and is very similar to Genisis? And there are several older creation stories. Hell is not found in the OT. The Hebrew people did not believe in such a place when Jesus came here. So Jesus had to have meant something else. Plus when the Apostels started preaching they never once said anything about anyone going to hell. Its all right there. Maybe you need to go back and read it. Why do you take the “lake of fire’ as literal but not the rest of the book of Revelation???? You cant pick and chose what you please. There was no preaching of hell until several hundred years after Jesus and it was started by the Catholic Church. Several hundred years. Again show me in the Bible where one single Demon is allowed to torment or bother or harass or supposedly have sex with a Christian. Paul says you have the Holy Ghost in you, you have God in you when you get saved. No demon can bother you. They fled from Jesus. They flee from Christians.

        • Lovely says:

          The word for hell in the Old Testament, is the Hebrew word Sheol.Sheol is also identified as the “Pit” or “Hole” in the Old Testament. in the King James it is translated 31 times as hell, but also as grave 31 times, and as pit 3 times.
          Apostles did preach about hell- Mark (3 occurrences),Matthew (12),Luke (3),Acts (2),Revelation (4).
          Book of Revelation is a prophetic book,therefore it is not to be understood literally.
          Demons are allowed to torment people on Earth-there are many scriptures about that-Romans 8:38,Matthew 8:28-34,Matthew. 17:15,etc.
          Incubus-Book of Tobith,..incubus/sucubbus are also called water spirits –(Ezekiel 26:16) more on this site —http://www.faithwriters.com/article-details.php?id=96267.
          Also Paul speaks about demons tormenting him in NT.

          Seems like you are the one that needs to do the work!

        • Hope says:

          Hi Chris, I like to start by telling you that Satan and his Demons are all LIARS…Also any other doctrine which is not scriptural from the Bible is of Demonic origin.

          Odors/Stench of Demons:
          Mark 9:25 He (Jesus) rebuked the FOUL SPIRIT…(kjv).
          Revelation 18:2 …a prison for every FOUR SPIRIT!
          The Bible mentions in the OT and NT that Demons are foul Spirits.
          If some people are not able to smell them they might have sinusitis.

          They’re hundreds of scriptures about hell in the Old Testament and New Testament on Profanity, Righteous Judge, thirst, the torment of hell, worms, and the wrath.


          If you’re a true Christian with no secrets and no open doors Demons cannot torment you or harass you, I speak for myself and many others, I have never been tormented or harass.
          Yes I have the Holy Spirit in me from Jesus and that’s all I need it’s the greatest power on this earth!

          My husband got involved in the Illuminati and of course is a Satanist because they all are, as they get deeper and more degrees, the more evil they have to do, even having sex with demons completely awake.

          I suggest you watch this link:

          Exposing the Illuminati from Within / Part 1 – Bill Schnoebelen at the Prophecy Club and Part 2 on the next video

          Revelation 21:8
          …all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone.

          BODY IN HELL
          Proverbs 1:12 OT
          Let us swallow them alive like Sheol, and while like those who go down to the Pit.
          Mathew 5:29
          …whole body to be cast into hell.
          Mathew 10:28
          Fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

          1 Samuel 2:9 OT
          …but the wicked shall be silent in darkness.
          Job 10:21-22
          Before I go to the place from which I shall not return, to the land of darkness and the shadow of death, a land as dark as darkness itself, as the shadow of death without any order, where even the light is like darkness.
          Proverbs 20:20
          Whoever curses his father or his mother, his lamp will be put out in deep darkness.
          Mathew 8:12
          …will be cast out into outer darkness.

          Luke 16:23
          And being in torments in Hades, he lifted up his eyes and saw Abraham afar off.


          Hebrews 10:31
          It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

          Deuteronomy 32:22 OT
          For a fire is kindled in My anger, and shall burn to the lowest hell.
          Job 31:12 OT
          For that would be a fire that consumes to destruction.
          Psalm 11:6 OT
          Upon the wicked He will rain coals, fire and brimstone and a burning wind shall be the portion of their cup.
          Psalm 140:10 OT
          Let burning coals fall upon them; let them be cast into the fire; into deep pits that they rise not up again.
          Mathew 13:30
          Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.”
          Mathew 18:8 OT
          …to be cast into the everlasting fire.
          Mathew 18:9 OT
          …to be cast into hell fire.
          Mathew 25:41 OT
          …into the everlasting fire.
          Mark 9:43
          …rather than having two hands, to go to hell, into the fire that shall never be quenched…
          Mark 9:44
          …Where their worm does not die and the fire is not quenched, rather than having two feet, to be cast into hell, into the fire that shall never be quenched.
          James 3:6
          …and is set by a fire hell.
          Revelation 9:2
          …and smoke arose out of the pit like the smoke of a great furnace.
          Revelation 20:10
          …was cast in the lake of fire and brimstone. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

          Psalm 55:15 OT
          Let them go down alive into hell.
          Proverbs 27:20 OT
          Hell and destruction are never full.
          Isaiah 5:14 OT
          Sheol (hell) has enlarged itself.

          Isaiah 59-10 OT
          Ezekiel 26-20 OT

          Isaiah 5:14-15 Old Testament
          Isaiah 5:15 Old Testament
          Ezekiel32:24 Old Testament

          Job 33:28 OT
          There are over 44 verses on the OT and NT about the location.

          NO HOPE
          Job 8:13 Old Testament
          …and the hope of the hypocrite shall perish.

          NO PEACE
          Isaiah 57:21 Old Testament
          Ezekiel 7:25 Old Testament

          NO PURPOSE
          Many verses about this in both OT and NT.

          Isaiah 57:20 Old Testament
          Revelation 14:11
          And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night.

          Mark 9:25
          He (Jesus) rebuked the FOUL SPIRIT…
          Revelation 18:2
          …a prison for every FOUL SPIRIT

          Read Job OT, Psalm OT, Isaiah OT, Ezekiel OT and Revelation They all speak about the Pit.

          Isaiah 24:22
          They will be gathered together, as prisoners are gathered in the pit and will be shut up in the prison.

        • Hope says:

          Where is says four it’s meant to be FOUL! EDIT!

      • Dr. Intimacy says:

        Wow powerful, Amen!

  101. wave walker says:

    Wow…where to begin!??
    I’m still not sure if it’s a succubus/incubus which has been harassing me for a number of years. I’ve been (practically) suffocated while sleeping, and, even though I can’t imagine what it’s really like to have a stroke, I sense that the paralyzing nature of these spirits is similar to that. I’ve been pretty much disabled even from speaking the name of Jesus while under this ‘suffocating’ effect.

    God delivered me from masturbating a number of years ago, but somehow I fell into it again. And while I’m continuing in the book (Spirits of Sexual Perversion Reference Book), I can only hope and pray that I won’t engage in it again. Leaving off with ‘entertaintment’ (e.g., TV) is pretty much imperative, as the lust of the eyes plays a HUGE part in temptation for me!

    I got involved in phone sex with a woman I befriended (online) a couple years ago. Of course I’ve since abandoned this, and we have absolutely no communications anymore.

    My wife had a dream not too long ago in which (she told me) she was masturbating, and woke up practically vomiting. I sensed somehow that this was an indication of how my filthy practice was affecting her, even though I’ve never told her about it.

    As far as I know, I was never sexually abused when I was a kid. I know that some people attempted it (my brother, for example), and maybe this was the cause (impetus) of a homosexual encounter I had some years later. Regardless, I don’t think it (abuse) was ever a real issue.

    The only way I understand the term ‘intimacy’ is with regard to speaking of ones feelings. I was never allowed to do that when I was a kid, as my Dad was an angry man, I lived in fear of him, and the environment I grew up in was such that it just didn’t facilitate speaking in such a way. Having said that (about intimacy), anybody can have sex, but with no real feelings for the other person. I suspect this is the case for myself.

    I’ve tried a couple times to be ‘real’ with people (two former friends), but the end result wasn’t so favorable. That is…I either felt judged, or my situation was explained away (defined) without any solution being offered. This is why I don’t fellowship anywhere. My thinking is…why would I fellowship anywhere if 1) nobody knows me; 2) I question my wherewithal to even form such ‘relationships,’ and 3) I don’t feel anything for anybody anwway? My life is filled with mostly sorrow (tears), grief, fear, doubt, discouragement and depression. When I seriously consider the whole of my life, even food and eating has become a weariness.

    I’ve thought about suicide many times (in the past), but there was always the slight fear factor (Where will I go?), coupled with thinking about who/what I might leave behind if I were to do such a thing.

    I guess I’m just kind of rambling. I know there’s a specific calling God has for me, but I question whether I’ll ever be able to fulfill it. I’ll continue in reading this book, and hopefully I’ll undergo some kind of change. There’s no hope in continuing as I am. I’m sure there’s much more to the process of change than simply detailing what I have here, however difficult it might be.

  102. chris says:

    demons cant possess a Christian. The Bible gives no support that a believer can be possessed by a demon. Look it up people.

    • Lovely says:

      chris ,we are not possessed,there are just spirits torturing us

    • Hope says:

      If you’re a true Christian with no secrets and no open doors Demons cannot torment you or harass you, I speak for myself and many others, I have never been tormented or harass.
      Yes I have the Holy Spirit in me from Jesus and that’s all I need it’s the greatest power on this earth!


      • Dr. Intimacy says:

        Almost Every Believer has some open door Hope. Look at Moses, Job, Abraham, David, Peter, Paul…. We set ourselves up for a fall when we think we can live without fault. This I know from painful, personal experience.

    • Hou Cher says:

      A Christian believer can be God fearing and can still carry strongholds and bondages of the past,that need to be dealt with,Christian ministers kept writing books about the matter to bring awareness though many Christians are still in denial.if a person does not get rid of the bondage and the strongholds of the past,the bad spirits/ demons keep interfering in one’s persons life and tormenting and oppressing him/ her.

  103. Ted says:

    I need help. I feel so bad. This guy keeps coming to me in the night, I think its a gay incubus. I wake up and I feel him laying on top of me rubbing his body all over me. Then he starts rubbing his crotch all over my face. I start praying for God to help me and he just gets more excited and he wont leave until he makes me have emissions. I feel so dirty. I get this tingling feeling that will not go away and I stay aroused all day long. I watch TV and I cant get enough of the shirtless guys on there. I go to work and it becomes a big problem cause I see a lot of different guys all day and all I want to do is rub my face in their crotches. I don’t want to be this way but I don’t know how to pray any harder. Maybe I should find someone to lay hands on me and make this incubus go away.

  104. Immanuel says:

    well, It seems everyone with his or her own experience about this sex demons, literally i have done been through all these kinds of sex dreams in the past, and it was very horrible and all kinds of strange dreams and nights mares ..
    But dear Brothers and Sisters, i want you to understand this thing about dreams and nightmares, you have to know not every dreams or nightmares comes from Our Heavenly Father, this is one thing every Christian or Human has to realized, most of the nightmares we been experiencing comes from a sort of evil spirits, these so called evil spirits intentionally creates and brings those dreams and nightmares to us, and we feel so scared and confused why this and that dreams have to come.
    Dreams and Visions was something that Our Heavenly Father Himself said to bring to us whiles we asleep to direct us and show us what to be done and not to be done and also helps us have the insight of what is happening in the spiritual realms, because as Human not every activities happening in the spiritual realm we can understand, so our Heavenly Father been so Mercy enable us to see and understand through Visions and Dreams as it was done in the Days and Lifes of our Ancestors Moses, David, Daniel and the rest in the Bible as we can even testify for ourselves, and even according to the Bible when Marry informed Joseph about the dream and vision She had about a Holy Angel appearing to Her and confessed about the Son She was going to bear and after Marry informed Joseph, He just couldn`t believed and rather thought it was just a mere vision and will never happened,
    because Marry informed Joseph and as He couldn`t understand and believe, Our Heavenly Father had a possible way to make Joseph understand and believe through dreams and until it came to Him, he surely BELIEVED and Understood..as was done to Marry!!!

    so my Sisters and Brothers at times Our Heavenly Fathers speaks to each one of us through different dreams and visions.. One can be at His or Her office relaxing on a Chair and in the few seconds, falls asleep and in the next few minutes gets some kind of a dream or vision, and after He or She wakes up, that person begins to wonder why this dreams has to come and what does it means.
    every dreams and visions from Our Heavenly Father surely has a meaning and why it has to come..

    but the horrible thing here is that, Our Enemies the demons, evils and any one of this forms of demons from darkness has copied some of the things Our Heavenly Father does to His Children..
    Demons, also creates dreams, and nightmares and most of these demonic nightmares and dreams, comes just to frighten us and keep us in suspense least we start wondering and in deep depression..
    My sisters and Brothers that is why it is very important to constantly prayer and not doubt about whether this praying is working or not, lets STOP doubting about whether this pray is going to work or not, Lets keep on PRAYING until something happens,
    do not forget whatever was written in the Scriptures has already come to past and very true… even those demons bothering us are already aware of what is said in the Scriptures and they even believe it is true…
    as it was proved in the day, Our Savior Lord Jesus was still in fast for 40days, and havn`t still eaten and was feeling hungry, and as Satan tempted Him, and on way of Satan speech as satan Took Jesus Christ up high on the Tabernacle and asked Jesus If He is truly the Son of God, Let Him jump off from that high because it has been written that, “He(Our Heavenly Father) shall command His Angels to hold you under their palms and lift you up and least you shall not fall”

    now my Sisters and Brothers , has you realized what i`m trying to say about, demons, and evil spirits are already aware about what the scriptures says, and they do believe and know it is true and it has already happened and will happened again, when we stop doubting, and believe in what we Pray using some of the scriptures in the Bible to fight against some demons..
    the interesting thing was that, satan already knew and believe that, It was true and would Happened, that God will surely command His greatest and strongest Angels to hold Jesus up from felling, but he(satan) just wanted to test Him(Jesus), as Jesus got to know about what he was trying to do, that is why Jesus confessed and said to satan, It has been written “thy shall not put the Lord God in a test”

    so my dear Sisters and Brothers, whether we had gotten through deliverance session once or several times and yet still these kinds of sex demons are still coming back,
    we don`t need to GIVE UP that easily, we still have to keep on wishing for a total deliverance from our Heavenly Father through prayers as much as we can continue to pray, and fast, using the scriptures whiles praying, and can also seek for other help that can lead and guide us through out complete DELIVERANCE from the stronghold of those kinds of demons,
    we can contact a someone, could be a best friend, or anyone who is trusted and has done been through the similar demonic encounter and has eventually received a complete DELIVERANCE out of what was tormenting Him or Her.. and certainly one way and the other it will be any one of our turn to receive our total DELIVERANCE out from those kinds of demons..
    dear brothers and sisters i just want to add that, Lets not continue to blame ourselves of what we had done or did wrongly in our past or in our childhood, whether someone molested anyone of us, or whatever we consciously or unconsciously did wrong in the past and has now had a terrible effect in our present life`s,
    we have to always remember that in life ” WE DON`T ALWAYS KNOW”
    and nothing happens by chance, NO,
    things happens for a reason one way and the other..
    for although from the beginning the journey we walk through in each one of our life`s could seem rather rough full of difficulties and we feel like there is no hope and no way out, but I tell you that, eventually, things is going to get better one way and the other if only we can learn from our past and previous mistakes and learn how to make the good decisions out of any one of these mistakes, we will finally live to see another day of a brandnew life that has eventually happened to us..
    well, i know things can get real painful and difficult in our life`s when we seem to keep on trying, and even trying so hard and still it is what it is and never seem to change,
    but i got one word for anyone you might feel the same way, that do not forget “Others Like You Had Been Through This Same Situation You Going Through, And Even Theirs Might Had Gotten Real Worst Than Yours, But Things Got Changed Eventually And Their Life Was Transformed To The Better”
    so brother and sisters lets not lose hope right now,
    Our Body is also Attached To our Spirit and the Spirit attached to the Body, what i mean is that, we just don`t have a Body, we also have a Spirit in it, and when things get real terrible in our life, we have to try as much as we can and learn how to cheer our Spirit for although our body might be down, lets not keep the spirit down also,
    because we the spirit been cheered and happy, can enable us feel a sense of HOPE somewhere someway..YES!!!
    even if you are about to pray about a situation and you feel you are down, and your spirit is also down, and you start to pray, there wouldn`t be more Hope in how and what you praying about, because the spirit is so down, but when the spirit is cheered and you praying about a particular situation, you feel a sense of HOPE and energy in how and what you praying about and that is were things would start happening and one way and the other you begun to feel a sense of change even if the problems hasn`t gone yet, you still feel cheered up and would never be attacked by an evil spirit of depression… because you been able to overcome these evil spirit of depression by been able to cheerful no matter how difficult the situation has gotten into…

    so well, my sisters and brothers, i would end it here for now and i hope everything i had to say, could bring a little courage to anyone who feel He or She is down and still feels depressed because of something happening which He or She doesn`t like but want to it to go out of His or Her life.. and wish it never happened.

    well, i would like to add, who ever wants to have more insights about these spirit wife and husband also called the Succubus and Inccubus
    you can check on at thechildrenmite.org
    and also hear about others been through the same and has been totally DELIVERED from such sex demons.

  105. Maria says:

    I am so amazed how common this is.. I started having these arousals (while awake) a few years ago, then they seemed to fade away for quite a while. Last weekend though it came back again… I guess because of systematically opening doors by lustful acts. I felt like someone wanted to have sex with him at night and the awful part in it is that I really enjoyed the feeling and encouraged it and was looking forward to it. I felt like wanting to give in totally but then I started thinking about the concequences and somewhere out of the blue I felt this feeling of repentance sweep over me. It could have been partly since my husband was at the time in another city, repenting himself and since we are one flesh…. So I repented but I am still fighting lustful thoughts. What I didn’t see before until now, is that fear seems to go hand in hand with these experiences with sex spirits.. My husband was away on two nights and I was alone with my kids, being tormented by fear of the supernatural.. I couldn’t go to sleep until morning came cause I was so paralyzed by fear. When I slept I had nightmares and was constantly walking on egg shells of what might happen in my bedroom while I slept. Some things I might have imagined, I don’t know. Last night I slept in the arms of my husband and it gave me comfort, as if he could save me from the spirits.. I was still slightly afraid and kept hearing noises. Today while on school I got a panic attack.. felt like I can’t breath properly at times… Whoah. I just want peace, Jesus help!

  106. Jessica says:

    So your saying that being gay is a sin? I think hating someones sexuality and not respecting that person for who they are is a sin!

    • Exalted Dirt says:

      It seems you’re not getting the point. God created human beings male and female. The man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife. Everything else is sin, not just the homosexuality! The impurities in our hearts and stem from the fall of Adam. Demonic presences use our emotions to drive us in the wrong direction. This includes homosexuality. That’s why Jesus Christ said “You shall know the truth, and the truth [which you know] will make you free.” The truth must become what we use to make effective strategies against the enemy. There is a warning statement YHWH makes to Israel in the Deuteronomy in the Old Testament. Basically, He says, “Because you did not serve YHWH with gladness, you will serve your enemies.” While this was a warning of political conquest by other nations, it can very easily be applied to our spiritual lives. It goes deeper than that, but I think it unnecessary to expound with everything else said on this very page.

    • Leah says:

      Yes. Being gay is a sin.

  107. Immanuel says:

    Hello Araba AIKINS

    I saw and read your situation and experience…

    I`m also in Accra, Ghana
    and i would like for us to stay in touch by email if possible, it will be rather helpful as we gather necessary information and share our own personal experience about demonic dreams and what we been through
    , i believe it could be helpful…

    my email is archives242@gmail.com

  108. Sean says:

    OMG Ive been under attack for almost 3yrs. It started right after I married my wife. Had some sex dreams involving wife with very endowed black men AND myself performing oral on him too. I was so aroused I had orgasms nightly. Well longs story short I couldnt get enough interracial porn and had tried getting beautiful wife to act out for me. I never had same sex desires but I acted out and loved it and even trold wife that the devil came to me and wanted her out of my life and now she is. IT WASNT ME!!!!I I know that now. Thank u for sharing info.

    I wouldnt be able to describe the intensity of the orgasms. Nonhuman and so addicting. Its a mess now.

  109. James N. says:

    This evil. Delivarance has come! Glory to Jesus.
    I can only remember that this became fully known after i gave my life o Jesus.
    It will happen after a stong prayer meeting.
    After a fasting.
    After praying at night.
    After studying the bible.
    Anytime i sleep after doing all this, i have sexual intercus in the dream with different females.
    I have seeked way-outs. Ashame to say it. How can a very strong brother in the church come out to say he goes through this.
    I have asked severally (myself) what the problem is. It sometimes makes me feel i am not completely save by Jesus (i am been so sincere). Even though i know i am save, have prayed and seen result. I have wondered what all this is. Whether to agree to some people ascertion that one experiences such when he /she has a spiritual husband or wive.
    I could not tel this to anybody, but it continue to kill me little by little. When i go through regourous religious activities and achieve i closness and hight in God (i sense it in my spirit), then this demons will feast on me and immediatley the next morning, i feel as bark to nothingness in my most holy faith. I only once told it to my discipler. Just of recent, i became fade up and shared with a friend on fb. She said so many thing and i said i am not involve in all that. The, finally, she inform me about this article with a strong conviction in her that it is my answer after describing the whole thing to her.
    I know, deliverance has come for me now in Jesus.
    I will fight it until i win (by the Spirit of God). Because i talk to youth as i know i have heared many problem youths like me get into. They seek solution so “when i win, i will strnghten my brethren, i will show them how to win and make it happen. I will take authority over this demons and at a command, send them all out klling their seeds and offsprints and setting the captive free.
    Than you. God bless you.
    You are doingthe mind of God – seting the captives free and loosing the oppressed. Jesus loves you.

  110. Thomas says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am a Pastor, last week one of my church member shared with me that she was being abused by an evil spirit, which takes the form of her divorced husband and indulges in physical relationship. Thereafter, she becomes very sick and at least for 3 – 4 months she becomes very weak. This has been happening to her for the last 9 – 10 years. Her husband had deserted her and married another woman since then she is staying alone, raising up her children and has no immorality. Please counsel me. This is the second such case.

  111. sal says:

    Well, this is what I’ve struggled with for 8 years, and it has played with my sanity, sometimes feeling constant stimulation even in the day, feeling like something has attached to me and I feel it pulsating, and I’m trying to think what doors I opened, I wasn’t seeking out sexual pleasure but it seemed to latch onto me and not let go. So… things are messy though, because I have bi-polar, and some of the times I’ve been really attacked I was not on my medication, and that really made my expressions of frustration about this seem illegitimate to my friends. I have confessed this sexual bondage to demons to friends, and because of the bipolar stuff my confessions were swept under the rug. Now, I’m really thankful I found your blog and website, I read your post and will go back and re-read it. Why I’m really frustrated is that I pray, and read Scripture, and rebuke these demons, and nothing changes. Anyhow, I’m done pretending things are fine because they are not fine, and these fears and stimulations are distracting from life. I feel like I have a double life. I’m weary of this fight it seems like I didn’t pick, but it must have hit me at a time I was really struggling to beleive God was going to provide for me. How much detail should I share with my friends who will pray for me and hold me accountable. In the past my confessions were discarded. At least that’s how I felt. I’m pretty miserable though. I feel like my soul’s being ripped apart and even though I know the King, Jesus, who has smashed the head of Satan into the deep, I’m in sexual bondage to demons, shouldn’t they flee if the Holy Spirit is in me? I do think I am a Christian and believe in the Gospel… I am just in way over my head, and I don’t know where to find help, I think most people still think this is just crazy… but I think if you’ve had this kind of encounter, you know it was demonic and wrong, even though it feels so good, and it’s this twisted thing to confess to someone. I really think though that, and maybe your books talk about this more, but to battle this, you need other brothers and sisters praying for you specifically to overcome these demons. I did order your books, and even though I would really love a quick fix as you mentioned, I will try to hold on and realize this will be a process, and since this has been going on for 8 years these strongholds need some serious prayers and truth to come down. But, I’ve had to go to the hospital a few times for psychosis… I do NOT want to go back to the hospital for any kind of mental health reason, and this incubus issue, if I don’t deal with it, it will continue to have me thrown in a hospital.
    I have read the importance of music in these posts, and if you really like rap music there are some really incredible Christian rappers like KB and Lecrae, Flame, etc, really legit and encouraging.

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Thank you for sharing Sal. i know it is painful but you are doing the right thing. If you read and apply the information in the book your life will be changed forever. Please stay close to the ministry as you go through your healing process. I would like to know how you are doing. Connect with me on FB and share your victories with us. I am going to start a group for people who are using the deliverance methonds that i teach. I will have it up sometimes this week so keep a look out for it. I am excited that you ordered the book and I know it will bring breakthrough in your life!!!

  112. Remington says:

    Praise the Lord…. Let his will be done!!!! Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might… Put on the whole armor of God that you will be able to stand against the evil ones(demons) Put on your breastplate of righteousness, Shield of faith, loins girded about with Truth, Helmet of Salvation, Feet Shod with the Gospel of Peace, and the Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of god….

  113. Remington says:

    When I was about 13(2009), right when I first got to Junior High, I used to hear voices talking to me in my head, telling me to look at pornography and do other sins. It also left me feeling depressed afterward(Since back then I didn’t believe that it was a demon!!!). But since my Mother, who raised me right found out about this one day when I was 16(2012), I started screaming saying “I’m sorry!!!”, which was actually a demon speaking through me(which I didn’t know the difference anyway). But my mother was strong in the Lord and made me fast and pray(cause some demons cannot go unless you fast and pray, which Jesus says) and in A week I was saved!!! Praise the Lord!!!! I think that I was molested in the early days of my Life but my Mother told me that her Father(Who died in a truck accident 22+ years ago(1988?)) had a perversion spirit and he messed with girls and it was passed down to me, since my Mother was already saved. Even though I’m healed now 1 year later I still fight demonic spirits that tell me to do perverted things that I knew was wrong but I thought it didn’t matter. BUT I KNOW IT DOES MATTER!!! WHAT”S DONE IN THE DARK MUST COME TO THE LIGHT!!!!! I’m glad for this page, telling the truth about these demonic precenses. All demons want to do is to see us suffer in Hell with them, since they are already condemned!!! They are trying to defile anyone they can now guys because we are in the times of coming of the Son of God, JESUS CHRIST!! The Devil has little time to work so they are trying to work speedily, for their time is short.I’m A 17 year old boy about to be 18 in March.. Who serves the living God!!! I do not lean to my own understanding as well but allow God to lead me in all my ways. I love the Lord with all my heart,mind,soul, and strength. We are in the army of the Lord. I’ve been washed in the Blood and I am going forth. There is nothing that can stop this mighty moving fort with a SHOUT, HEY!!!!!! and praise, with a two-edged sword. Every strong hold of bondage must all beneath my feet. Every prisoner held captive must be free. For our deliverance has come, through the power of the Son. We’re the blood bought, he church, the REDEEMED. God has saved me from all my sins and my iniquities and I thanks him more and more for it and give him all the glory honor and praise for it… For without God, I would be nothing!!! I must be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.. Rebuking and Binding and Casting away demons in JESUS’s precious name is a way to be set free from the devils that keep christians bound to sin in the spirit. Remember we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places. Your armour must be put on daily if not the enemy will try to destroy you and your family through bitterness, unforgiveness, self will, self deception, self rejection and much more. You can watch my video’s and audio’s on youtube if you want….. Type in “Remion17” or if you want to see my Mother, who raised me to know right from wrong who God put in my Life to make me born on this Earth, Type in “Rapture Ready” on youtube… REMEMBER, demons know the name of Jesus and you must know that “every knee must bow to that name and every tougue must confess”. They are fearful of that name and you do have power and authority over them in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH!!!!! Revelation’s 3:21:KJV: “To him that OVERCOMETH will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame and am set down with my Father in his throne.” I love you all brothers and sisters in Christ and I’ve just started running for the Lord myself but, BE STRONG IN THE LORD AND IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT!!!

  114. Remington17 says:

    THANKYOU for telling the Truth to all. Truth is power…. The Devil dosen’t want us to be in the truth.. He wants us to stay in the dark.. So that he can abide with us. But Jesus Christ is our Light and he will guide us because he is our shepherd and will protect us if will truly seek him and don’t fall by our own “divers lusts”.. Which come from our heart… Be strong in the Lord sister.. Goodbye for now…

  115. tysongus6 says:

    Wow, I have been molested since I was six by my mother and cousin and have had similar problems after, laziness, mood swings,depression,and people just don’t like me,or just stay away from me because of the bad energy. I’m yet to even find a job don’t know how that’s gonna work out .

  116. Doreens Duck says:

    I remember my first experience.. It was a year ago. I used to be very lust filled. I never had any physical interaction with boys and I have always imagined up sexual fantasies. One night I had a wet dream. It felt so very real and it felt amazing. A few days ago.. someone was telling me to wake up. Her vocie was slow and seductive. I literally woke up to this voice. Standing before me was a pale skinny white woman in a sleevless long black dress. I only saw her body from the neck down from my angle. I kept staring at her still wondering if she was fake or real. I snapped out of it, shut my eyes, and prayed the Lord’s prayer. When I opened my eyes.. she was gone.

    She has never came back even though my sexual fantasies continued. However, I started to get sleep paralysis. More often then before.
    It was when I converted to Christianity this year then it stopped. The last time I had sleep paralysis was the day after I became a Christian. It was the QUICKEST one I ever had. It lasted like two seconds. It felt like something came out of me and i never had sleep paralysis again. I knew the holy spirit was in me for certain since then.

    I now realize sleep paralysis and wet dreams and this visitation from this woman stranger was truly demonic.

    I am thankful to God that I don’t have anymore of these experiences. I try now to become stronger in faith because now I am being attacked externally by evil temptations of this world. I only pray my faith can become stronger so I can be more confident in resisting temptation
    God bless xx

    P.S: I was a virgin when I had my first wet dream. Does this mean the demon took my virginity?

  117. My boyfriend tells me that he seeing spirits having sex with me but I have no knowledge of it or feel anything happening. Is this possible?

  118. napalmtheelf says:

    Sorry, but you can’t just use Bible quotes as evidence of incubi/succubi, and to be honest, those you did use were tenuous to say the least. I am simply confused. In the end reading this entry was like listening to a sermon in Salem 1692. Think changing your name might be a good idea…how about Dr ‘Good ol fashioned conservative Biblebelt’ Intimacy, cos theres way more reinforcing guilt and conformity going on here than breaking the bonds of sexual perversion.

  119. I am aware of all is. I too have had encounters, and it is correct, I suffered from an overwhelming, “insane” lust. The scriptures explain that we must overcome. We do not overcome by any miracle. We overcome by discipline. I had sexual lust, making a little of progress every time. Just a while ago, I accidentally came across some images and text, and I caught it in my mind, the suggestion, a kind of whispering. It is still whispering. Normally, even i would not be aware of this, for it is very subtle, but…you get better at perceiving, and so…I resisted. We have to purify our minds through abstinence from sexual sin, which, if we focus at every success, will bring conviction/repentance. Contrary to the distortions of Christianity, this is a “missing of the mark,’ so…if you fail, try to understand what is happening to you. If you can accept it, Christianity is a distortion of the creator’s will, the unwise virgins of scripture. We must remember, that a great delusion would be sent, so powerful, it might deceive the very elect. If you can accept it again, Paul (Sha’ul/hades) of Tarsus, the “13th” apostle, usurped the beliefs of Yeshua, and his 12, handpicked disciples.From my Torah (non-phony Jew), perspective, Christianity is a false religion. Yeshua , and his disciples did not refer to themselves as “Christian,” and the term predates Yeshua some few hundred years.See Serapis. The very scriptures indicate this. They say that the believers were first called Christians at Antioch, with the advent of the anti-messiah,Paul of Tarsus, who is recognized by eminents, such as Thomas Jefferson, Bentham, and most Historians, as the creator of a new Religion, called Christianity. However, Christians are under a powerful spell, and are violent toward the creator, and his son, dismissing what the son said, and his father, in favor of Paul (Hades).
    On my You Tube channel, Nosheol Tarsus, you can find more info.

  120. Dr. Intimacy says:

    Hi to all of you that have enjoyed reading this post. I want to share something with you that has been a blessing to me. It’s FREE stuff that you can only access through a private invitation, so here is my invitation to you. It will also help support this ministry when you click on the link so please sign up for your free gifts and tell me what you think. Here’s the link. http://drintimacyministries.savingshighway.com/invite/id/24674Z2717

    In the power of His Love,

    Dr. Intimacy

  121. E. Perrizo says:

    Shalom Aleichem doctor:I want to express my thought because this is the first time after so much research that i finally find someone(you) that explain exactly what im going thru withouth a that manic and anxiety crap it would be nice if you have and email where i can feel comfortable and more private so that i can share all my experiences with this spirits ,nobody believe me and there are some that say they believe me but them i like you can tell when a person is only telling you that just to make you feel better.Can you please contact me XXXXXXXXX i really need to speak to someone like you.please do it fast because this things are escalating everytime it happen and i know that what you say is true because they have broken my faith sytem to the point that i dont even study the bible and pray almost nothing.

  122. In my country i.e., many people have encountered with this incubus and succubus devils/evils/demons. OH JESUS CHRIST, HAVE MERCY UPON OUR SOULS. AMEN.

  123. Leah says:

    My mother married a child molester and never became one herself. If the theory of STDs were true, then, wouldn’t she had become a child molester?

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Good question Leah. No, not necessarily. Don’t forget the deliberate use of the term STDs which stands not only for ssexually transmitted demons, but sexually transmitted diseases as well. You can have sex with a person that has herpes, or AIDs, or HPV, etc… and not be infected. There is a great chance but no guarantee. Demons, like diseases, do not find a sure path into every person they come in contact with.

      Also, very important to know that just because your mother never molested a child (to your knowledge) it does not mean that the spirit of molestation did not attach itself to her. Spirits of perversion are often more likely to manifest in character traits then actual physical acts of sex. You can learn much more about this in my book, The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Reference Book

      Thanks for asking,
      Dr. Intimacy

      • Tin Htut says:

        Dear Dr Intimacy,
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for all the inputs of those who have experienced sexual encounters of the third or fourth kind. I do believe in such encounters as I have experienced it myself; it was during broad day light and not only at night while the subjects are half asleep to dismiss them as having nightmares. Even more so, it was not a tactile hallucination as some psychiatrists might put it. I am a psychiatrist myself! It started back in 2001 April when I was doing locum in a GP surgery. The owner of the surgery happened to be my friend and my classmate, so he let me use the upper floor of the surgery to stay during the Easter holidays to do some research work.
        Let me tell you a bit of my background. I was a research fellow working in a university when my contract ended abruptly due to some political reasons. I am medically qualified from an overseas university. I was doing locums to meet ends while I was trying to get registered with the GMC. I was a practising Buddhist with loads of experience in meditation aiming for enlightenment when I lost my job. So, I decided to switch over to a more mundane type of meditation to gain material benefits as I needed to support my family. This type of meditation seeks help from deities who have supernatural powers which can help with mundane matters.
        It was a Sunday afternoon while I was on my own in the whole building. I was meditating on my bed when I suddenly heard the TV being switched on. I opened my eyes to check and found that the TV was switched on by itself and the remote control was on the table in front of the TV. Then, I felt someone touching my private parts, but there was no one around. I was aware of the existence of unseen entities but have never experienced it myself before. I wasn’t anxious or afraid as I have requested myself for such deities to contact me hoping that they could help me out with my existing difficulties.
        I could not see the entity that touched me but I could have the smell and feel the touch. It smelt of some fragrant flowers and the touch was very soft and gentle. I asked who was touching me but I had no answer. Then, I realised I could not hear the voice; so, I tried to communicate using signs to indicate yes or no answers. I managed to get in touch with the entity that had contacted me and came to know that she was a female deity belonging to the realm of Asura or Fallen Angels if I may translate it roughly. They live in a parallel world with humans and have the power to travel great distances instantly and through closed buildings. She asked me for sex and has agreed to help me out of my recent misery. We then, made an agreement to allow her to have sex with me only if she could help me find a substantial job within six months.
        We had sex a few times a day as if I was having sex with a woman, but her on top only. She stayed with me and followed me everywhere as if she was my guardian angel. I went for several job interviews and she followed me and tried to help me out but was unsuccessful as I was either too little or too much qualified for the jobs. After six months when I did not get a substantial job in research post I told her to leave as the contract was over and I am married. She refused to leave and started to annoy me with more demands for sex. I was so annoyed that I started to become aggressive and denied her approaches.
        She then, became agitated and started to arouse me almost constantly, making my life difficult. I tried every possible means to stop her annoying me but she could not be stopped even by the most so-called powerful monks and persons of this field. To cut the story short, I was visited by many different entities and was raped repeatedly forcing me to have sex with them. This has ended only when I met Jesus in a strange circumstance, and after I have fulfilled my duty towards Him I was relieved of this menace. I managed to get through the exams to get registered with GMC and became a psychiatrist after my encounter with Jesus. I am still having the ability to contact unseen entities through the portals I have mentioned earlier and have a very healthy sexual life.

        Dr Love

  124. jeremyrmro says:

    It’s very clear that the author of this post has years of research .

  125. i need to speak with you doctor.. i have a lot to share and interrogate with you cause of the study you have presented me through the above paragraph’s . the reason i really want to speak with you is because i have really experienced and indulged in ten condition’s mentioned above (except for fornication and witchcraft ) but the person who had tied me forcefully with him does practice witchcraft and want’s to prince my soul, he is also using power of a supernatural force by begging to the wrong part of this universe.. i have a very bad history of my life and the life i have lived and the thing’s i have done in my past..(real bad, estimating from the ten condition’s i have been into).. it’s like karma is getting to me through human’s who have forgotten humanity by doing these horrific deed’s such as manipulation, sending demon’s to take over me with help of spell’s and attempting to sacrifice me for an evil spiritual gain . . the reason i need to reach you is serious because i have researched about the thing’s i have mentioned above and have confirmed proof of the thing’s the disguised friend of mine is trying to do with me . this inhuman gay guy is also bisexual and has indulged in all the 12 bad activities you have mentioned.. ( except for direct physical molestation, but the gay evil worshiper is doing it through the help of astral projection (grey demon’s), by praying i have only saved myself from insomnia and starving cause of loss of appetite, but i am worried about my family, afterlife and further generation’s. I am not a psycho or i do not suffer from any mental illness (certified and studying science, first year junior college) i am also not encouraging you or me to victimize myself but just trying to help myself out of this warfare since i have been forcefully locked in this cage for 6 month’s .
    Please do not neglect DR. hoping for a reply asap. good night. 🙂

  126. courtney375 says:

    IMPORTANT!!!!! There is a way to get some relief from these demons. It won’t go away until deliverance takes place but it’ll help. Am going through the same thing and through prayer, fasting and reading the word it was revealed to me that if by faith you pray over a small to medium size rags and ask the Lord to anount it with fire and let it represent his blood u can actually use it to put over your groin area. I use 2. One at the butt and one at the front. I’m not kidding. Let them hang down past your bum and also pass your genitals. The demons can’t pass it to have sex with you because it’ll act as a shield against the forces of darkness. I don’t know if it depends on your level of anointing but it eels for me. Use up up your faith and don’t ever give up or give in. The Lord will come through for you. Be blessed. *praying for all you guys*

  127. queeny99 says:

    I have been a victim since 5years ago,as a fact my mum nd all my siblings aregoing through serious attack from incubus nd succubus spirit, nothing seems to be going on well with my mum’s lineage.it like my family don’t go for marriage.after the divorce from my dad, my mum has divorced twice still it couldn’t work..any man that comes into my life comes for cimes for disappointment nd failure, nd whn they leave my life , things get better for them.this incubus made me prace lesbianism nd adultery. My mum will tel me she feels like she’s is wearing a ring , nd after somtime I could feel that too,.I can’t be in a relationship, I start n it like he has to force me to love him, or he create issues n we break up.I have visited places to seek deliverance but noone which to enlighten me untill de holy spirit direct me to do a search on de internet.my mum parent also had a divorce nd brought in a step mum, this step mum to my mum happen to be a witch nd recently conversed to her grandson, this woman will always maltreat my mum nd call her beautiful but naffin good cones out of her, my mum will see her nd her dad giving her hand out to a man to marry.nd recently I had a dream of this woman making sure my marriage with the incubus spirit becomes a success.secondly , my mum also conversed that her late mum died young because, she contacted a water spirit to sell her goods nd sometimes her mum will ask her to put banana down for that water, nd sometimes she does that even whn she was mentrating because she was a young nd ignorant about wht she was doing.now am in a delimar because I don’t really where this spirit came from to distroy my mum’s lineage, am not happy because I see nothing better wit my mum myself nd my siblings but we all have been hard working but our wages comes zero.I tried to renounce nd divourced this spirit once nd it came back.because I ffornicated again .nd dis spirit married me again.my deepest worry is my 5yrs old boy, while I was pregnant dis demonic spirit woll still sleep wit me.wht do I do am scared nd worried.I just had to share my experience here aswell because I need spiritual help.our familywere blinded nd I had to open their eyes rough my prayers nd research.I need guidance nd directions.am alone nd devastated.I an in de process of renoucing nd breaking of all engagement nd vows I entered into by dis domonic incubus spirit, and also doing my best to stay clean nd holy nd I have pronise God that whn an delivered, I will do his work only nd serve him only, nd used my experience to help other ppl who need such spiritual need nd are ignorant abt wht to do in my area, soo help me God.

  128. BT says:

    My first encounter was as far back in high school which is about 8 yrs ago.I had an abortion back in high school; however I cant recall whether my encounters began before or after I had it. I was also raped by 6 men 2 yrs after. Each time I have these encounters the male figure takes the form of my ex partners as well as strangers. I would wake up with tummy aches and feeling bruised.
    I could remember one night while at my brothers’ house as i lived with him for a year. In my dream I was met by a tall man in a tower who cornered and said to me “You think u get away?” he them puffed a green gas in my mouth n i wake up coughing. The dreams persisted. Sometime after, I went to a fasting service and was told by a sister that she saw a man and a woman sitting at each side beside me. It was later during the same week she told me about my experiences of waking up and feeling as if i just had sex. I said yes, it has been happening to me. She told me it was a sexual demon and it is causing me to loose weight. At that time i was a christian, however I am not anymore.
    When I started college in 2011 the occurrences ceased, then it started again. For about 2 yrs now I have become extremely fearful of the dark and even closing my eyes. Whenever i close my eyes I feel like am surrounded by persons. Even when washing my face I have to be washing sections of my face, I don’t feel comfortable turning my backs to windows and doors. At nights I cant crawl in bed hoping to fall asleep; i have to be doing something like watching a movie to eventually put me to sleep. I was once a lover of horror and mutation movies; i would getup in the nights and watch these movies but since recently I’ve gotten too scared. For this semester I have been living on a different hall and things were going ok then it started again. Its like each time i move to a different environment it ceases for a while.
    My last encounter was lastnight. I went to bed around 8:30 pm and got up about 11:15 to snack. I snacked in bed and went back to sleep on my side without covers. I woke up this morning with cramps and the feeling of just having sexual intercourse. My encounters however varies; from 4 times per week, once per week and sometimes no occurrence for a month.

  129. momof41014 says:

    Hi this my first writing about this issue. I too, have been plagued with sexual demons/spirits. And it is affecting my body (sexual organs in my vagina), resulting with a prolapsed uterus and foul odor from my vagina. Which I have never had an issue whilst growing up. It is uncomfortable to make love to my husband and my sexual appetite has diminished as a result. Which was never a problem in teenage years.
    I have dreams of sex and my body is aroused and I can also climax whilst sleeping/dreaming. And I feel a presence when I am a sleep. It is either a familiar spirit or demon that is either in me or around me. I am not too sure.
    Let me go back into my childhood:
    I grew up in a divorced home. My parents divorced when I was fairly young so I really don’t remember much. My dad was never around. He was an alcoholic and died an alcoholic too. He and my mom divorced of his drinking and beating her and he also couldn’t keep a job. So I harbor alot of bitterness and anger towards my dad too.
    I was sexually abused as a child by my older cousin who had lived with us for a brief moment. He is still living, but now that I’m 32 years old I have only anger and hate for him. As that dark period in my life has set into motion all these afflictions. It’s opened up doors for Satan and his demons to attack me. With the result of the abuse, I fell into watching porn at a young age. I would masterbate at least 2 times each day. My body would want sex. Though the abuse was not the actual act of sex, it was fondling of my vagina while I was asleep or he would ask me to things to him.
    I was not promiscuous as a teen and never dated (which I thank God for as I would’ve probably fallen into more sexual sin), but my appetite for sex would grow more and more. I would have perverse dreams. Dream of people having sex in orgies. It felt like my body was astral projected and I could feel myself floating.
    I would feel a presence laying on top of me as well.
    I grew up in a Pentecostal church. I was saved and gave my heart to Lord when I was 14 years old. But that spirit has stuck with me. Til this day as well.
    And I married my husband who is a recovering alcoholic as well. He too was sexually abused by his aunt. He forgave her and has moved on. But he watches porn each day and masterbates as well. He grew up Baptist and believes that watching porn is no big deal. I know it’s a sin to watch and partake in porn but he doesn’t see it like I do.
    I too, am addicted to watching Horror flicks. I have been into horror films since I was a kid.
    Now that I’m older and married, I feel this entity won’t leave me, so it feels like my sex drive has diminished as it may be jealous of me and my husband’s love making sessions. Making me not wanting to have sex. I always chalk it up to me been on the birth control pills. Or of my work and family life.
    I really need answers and pointers to know what I’m dealing with. So I get delivered of this thing.
    Thank you…

  130. jonah302 says:

    I was subjected to sexual incest and pornography at an early age. I lost my virginity at the age of 21. At 35 I married and have 2 children. I have had an addiction to pornography for the past 15 yrs. I have had what I think are demonic sexual spirits acting on me telling me to pursue acts of homosexuality in adult book stores which I have done a dozen times in the past 10 yrs. This has caused great frustrations for me and my sexual intimacy with my spouse has disappeared. I am in the process of trying to recover from the evil acts of defiance I have done but need help. My wife must suspect something is wrong if not just due to the lack of sex but due to finding her lingerie left in strange places in our home on two occasiond. Nothing has ever been discussed of this to date.

  131. I can’t thank you enough for this article. I’ve been a sexually celibate woman for about 15 years and out of the blue I started having this, fantasy I guess, of this man who fell in love with me and I met his family and we planned on marrying etc… I mean it was like a novel being written in my head. I suspected something was wrong and asked a holy lady friend I have and my priest. They both gave me proper council. I finally asked God for all the help and I was given it. But then I became so depressed and missed this “family” so much that I allowed it to start again.
    Now I’ve found this article. You are truly sent by God to me today.

    God Bless,

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