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This is a place for discussions about sex, intimacy & relationships from a holistic perspective – spirit, soul and body. Prophetess Laneen A. Haniah, better known as Dr. Intimacy, uses her extensive personal experiences, the insights gained from her encounters with thousands of clients and followers, along with 15 years of research to give an enlightening look into this topic from angles probably never before considered or understood.

Are sex demons real? Can a marriage heal after infidelity? Are there clear answers in the Bible about sex? What is the relationship between sex and worship? Is it OK for a Christian to masturbate or have oral sex? Is there help for women that have trouble enjoying sex? Is there any preacher out there telling the real story about his or her sexual struggles? How can exploring this subject matter improve your intimacy with God and with the people around you? You can get answers to these questions and so much more when you visit this blog!

If you have a basic question about the Bible, relationships, sex or Dr. Intimacy personally; if you would like for Dr. Intimacy to post information about a particular topic; or if you just have a general comment about the blog, this is the page to post such in the comments section. If you need insight concerning a particular personal matter or have a specific question please leave a more detailed comment on the “Ask Dr. Intimacy Page“. Give enough detail for Dr. Intimacy to accurately address your need, but not so much that she will be reading until her eyes tear (lol). Dr. Intimacy also recently started a YouTube channel. All of your questions, comments and insight needs will be reviewed for a possible featured response on the “Insights From Dr. Intimacy” YouTube show! Please be sure to visit the channel.

This blog will be taking over as Dr. Intimacy’s primary medium of interaction with her followers. There is no need to be shy, forget feeling embarrassed! This is a place for mature, honest conversations covering topics that everyone wants to know more about, though too afraid to ask the questions. So please, feel free to share openly (with decorum and respect). Comment anonymously if that is what it takes – just join the discussion. Whether you agree or disagree, if you have a question, a comment or just want to share an experience, Dr. Intimacy wants to hear from you! Please subscribe for updates and visit often.

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11 thoughts on “5. Insights From Dr. Intimacy – Blog Overview & General Comments Page

  1. Rob says:

    Is there a subscription page to get notified when there are new posts here. I have no doubt that you coming into the finest hours of your ministry!


    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Thanks Rob. It is such a blessing to connect with you. You have been a great supporter on ur blog over the years! Yes if you look on the lefthand panel where you choose links to view, all the way at the bottom of that panel is a place where you can subscribe. Thanks again. And check out my brand new book that just hit the market!

    • Dr. Intimacy says:

      Sorry forgot book link, lol. http://Www.drintimacy.com. click on books icon. The spirits of sexual perversion reference book is the new onw.

  2. Aidan Hobbes says:

    Enjoyed looking at this, very good stuff, thanks .

  3. Richard says:

    I am a young man in my 30’s now , when i was in my 16 i was jogging at the sea side as usual , one nite i had a dream of a beautiful mermaid had sex and i discharge. Awake wet i remember wht happen , i ignore it but it continue to happen for 3 consecutive nights and as a christian i pray and i was ok , eversince , i been very sexually active and experience lustful desires regularly . I am indian but i am only attracted to white skin women including chinese and only slim women petie type.
    In night sometimes i will perform crazy sex with my wife and dnt remember . I wonder whats happening to me i will be arouse regularly and feel crazy sex desire and will specially go places to pay for sex .
    Is there any help or advice for me ?

  4. phil1 says:

    I’m trying to buy a copy of the sexual perversion book and paypal keeps sending me back to your homepage is anyone else experiencing this. If so is there another way to buy or download this book.

  5. smokeyb2014 says:

    Since finding this sight my life has not been the same and I know it never ever will be the same again.

  6. Mary Maddox says:

    Dr. Intimacy,
    My name is Mary and I was actually doing a study of the names of spirits as the Holy Spirit gave them to me. When I started researching information or definitions of these spirits, I came across your site. The spirits I was looking up was succabus and incubus.
    I was delivered from homosexuality a little over a year ago. My sister invited me to church and as the speaker was speaking I felt the overwhelming conviction of the Holy Spirit and raised my hand. He stopped talking and I told him I was ready. He then led me into repenting and then proceeded to call every spirit out of me that he saw. After that I prayed with him that God fill me with the Holy Spirit, and He did.
    Since then I have never looked back, I have some dreams and write them down, I hear words spoken and I am starting to obey what I hear more. I pray for people and some are healed. God has given me a job and I am currently doing what He wants, but I still know there is more. I want to go deeper. In my dreams, I am laying hands on many, many people, casting demons out too. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your answers and your blogs. Somehow I feel a comfortable connection to you probably because I have used these same war tactics to keep myself clean. My spiritual father who delivered me gave me a book and it helped me to fight spiritually. So I am a witness to everything you said and I am also a witness that the only way to stay clean after deliverance is to fight spiritually. Learning who you are in Christ is key to getting, staying and living free of any darkness.
    God bless you my sister as you continue to do the work of the Kingdom. I especially enjoy reading about your children’s ministries. They are the next generation who will be walking in this lifestlye day and night, they are the ones whose shadows will heal people! Blessed be the Father in Jesus name!

  7. Hi Dr.Intimacy. I am so glad i found this descriptions of being sexually active sometimes even without a person’s stimulation normally, but just that a situation of a sudden strong urge to want to release for no reason. GOD Bless you! Right now, i feel like crying. I wish i could cry out all the tears i needed to cry out, and just maybe leave this world to rest. I am so glad that your writings are giving people hope, that no matter whar Jesus christ is Lord! Forever and ever! Amen! I have a story to share, and i would love your advice. I’m from a Musical family. My dad thought us how to play the piano, and ever since,Music has been my passion. It’s been my dream to compose music and perform with an orchestra. I’m 27yrs old now, Somehow i know i should be composing with an orchestra now, but am not. Right now, it’s like i’ve lost everything i knew. The feeling of being human or being alive isn’t there anymore. Let me start from what i can remember and what has being troubling my mind. I was sexually abused by a boy a little older than me when i was about 8 or so. I can’t really remember, but i know it was before i went to secondary school by age 10. I got addicted to the act and likended to meet the boy without others knowing. I wish i knew what it was and i wish i had stopped it from ever happening,but i can’t change the past. I feel so disgusted by the memory. Somehow i can’i remember what happened but, i didn’t see him again. Then i strated masturbating on my own. To think of it, i’m now asking myself, wether he taught me or how exactly did i know how to do such an act? I went to a boarding secondary school and then i did the same act to some boys. I struggled with this wrong act coupled with masturbation. I am thankful to GOD for one thing, I never turnd out to like the same sex, but i liked girls. I am truly grateful to GOD for that! But i’m still struggling now with masturbation. I know it’s wrong, but somehow, i just still do it when i feel like doing it. Many things have happene in my life, and right now, am at the point of just asking GOD to take my life away and let everything end for good. I never want to hurt anyone. Sometimes i ask myself and even just try to accept that everything that was wrong was my fault. I’m not depressed, if i sound like it. I’m just confused. I lost my mom in 2008, as a result of cancer, something we had no idea how it just came up.Another troubling thing in my mind is my dad. He’s a Rosicrucian. A member of AMORC. I used to go there when i was younger but i ‘ve stopped. My mom seemed to even stop going there at a point in her life. I don’t know much about AMORC but, I know that no matter how good my dad talks of the association, we know that it hasn’t helped him to change a particular area of his life and that part involves Morality. I can’t go into full details, but it involves him liking women. He talks about how good the order is but has not changed from having things to do with women. Dr.Intimacy, please i need to know what you can tell of what am experiencing. I need hope now in my life. I love classical music and film music, and i’;ve been composing and sharing them, but right now, i’m now asking if my composing music was wrong? Because i shouldn’t have done it in my university? I have no girlfriend. I dont know what it feels like to be kissed by a girl. I dont even have girls that i like that i could be close to, the ones i had, somehow, i just had to try and disconnect from them, because, what i wanted wasn’t just there. I need your prayers please. Please help me.

  8. Dr. Intimacy
    Hello, I’d like to appreciate the work that you do on this site.
    I’ve been addicted to masturbation for as long as I can remember. When I was about five years old some guys molested me and practically introduced me to masturbation.
    I have sought for help several times but I keep falling back to it.
    Sometimes I get sick of it and I force myself to stop but I get abnormally strong arges and easily aroused to the point where I can’t concentrate on my studies and my mind also gets consumed with sexual stuff. But once I give in I get temporary peace of mind.
    The last time I got help I stopped masturbating for 6months but I started feeling lost because my whole life has been rotating around this and I don’t really know how to live life anyother way. ( these were the thoughts I was having during that period)
    The demons punish me for resisting, severe anxiety, they play with my emotions and I am scared of them. There was a time when something evil actually sat on my bed and I called out the name of Jesus and it left.
    I am a twenty year old girl brought up in a christian home. Each time I fall back it’s worse for me. Could you please help me get out of this for good?

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